Dell Venue 7 vs Nexus 7, specs and price undercut


The new Google Nexus 7 tablet for 2013 released just a few months ago and for consistency we’ll refer to this as the Nexus 7 2. The Dell Venue 7 tablet was just announced and will release later this month. We thought we’d look at the Dell Venue 7 vs. Nexus 7, specs and price undercut.

These are both devices that may be on a lot of Christmas wish lists, so we’ll highlight some of the key specs of each tablet so that you can see how they compare. The Dell Venue 7 is scheduled to release from October 18 in various regions worldwide.

The Dell Venue 7 is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z2560 dual-core processor, while the Nexus 7 2 has a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core processor.

There’ a 7-inch IPS display for the Dell Venue 7 with resolution of 1280 x 800. Meanwhile the Nexus 7 2 touts a 7-inch LED-backlit IPS display with resolution of 1920 x 1200.

RAM and Storage
The Venue 7 has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD to 32GB. The Nexus 7 2 has 2GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of internal storage, but this is non-expandable.

Camera Set-Up
You’ll find a 3-megapixel rear camera and VGA front-facing camera on the Dell Venue 7. On the other hand the Nexus 7 2 has a 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera.


The Dell Venue 7 totes a 4100 mAh battery while the Nexus 7 2 has a 3950 mAh battery.

The Venue 7 has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPRS. The Nexus 7 2 also has GPRS and Bluetooth 4.0 but has WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and an LTE model.

Operating System
You’ll find the Venue 7 launching on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean while the Nexus 7 2 runs the later Android 4.3.

The Dell Venue 7 is extremely competitively priced at only $149.99. The Nexus 7 2 starts from $229 (16GB) while the 32GB model is priced at $269. The LTE Nexus 7 2 variant (32GB) is $349.

As you can see, the Nexus 7 2 has the better specs for the majority of aspects we’ve covered here. However, the Dell Venue 7 does have expandable storage, and a slightly higher battery capacity. However, when looking at prices the Dell Venue 7 is clearly quite a lot cheaper and that’s something to take into consideration.

If you are looking for a new tablet device will you consider either the upcoming Dell Venue 7 or the new Nexus 7 for 2013? If you have already decided, have you opted for the Venue 7, the Nexus 7 2 or another tablet entirely? Let us know with your comments.


22 thoughts on “Dell Venue 7 vs Nexus 7, specs and price undercut”

  1. tendoboy1984 says:

    Dell won’t be able to compete with the big boys Asus, Samsung, and Amazon. Even HP has more compelling Android tablets coming out soon. It’s a losing situation for Dell.

  2. ker says:

    Dell doesn’t stand a chance against nexus 7-2 when it comes to performance. For some reason, the Intel atom seems not at par with android… Tried the Asus fonepad and transitions are choppy and performance not that good. Bought a nexus 7-2 to replace my old nexus, all I can say is that you won’t regret this device (considering you’ll just add a little bit on the price and you’ll have the better off the two!)

    1. Rod Butler says:

      the fonepad’s cpu is a single core with 2 processing cores and just one gig of memory..the dv7 doubles the performance…dual core with 4 processing threads and 2gbs of ram…any tablet with less than 2gb of ram will struggle in todays environment….yes…. even the n7 2013…one thing intel does right is hyperthreading….they’ve been doing it for years….what do you think made the i7’s such a beast

  3. Tech Head says:

    I bought the 2013 Nexus 7 prior to any knowledge of HP’s 7 incher and I absolutely love it. The full HD screen really stands out on supported movies and brings watching 1080p Netflix videos to a whole new level. The display brightness itself is a vast improvement over the first generation (which I also own) and there is no viewing difficulty in broad daylight. The processing power on the 2013 Nexus 7 at this price range is second to none with the most advanced programs running buttery smooth. I could go on to write a novel about the multitude of aspects I enjoy about the Nexus but I’ll stop here.

    -From a deeply satisfied customer-

  4. MinnesotaMom says:

    What do you think of the $199, soon to be released, UNU Snakebyte Media Edition 7 Inch tablet from a German company? Here are the specs:
    – 1.6 GHz quad-core processor – 2 megapixel front-facing camera and 5 megapixel rear-facing camera
    – 1080p@60fps, 1080p@30fps (3D) video decoder
    – 1 GB DDR3 RAM and 8 GB on-board flash
    – Micro SD slot to expand storage up to 64 GB
    – Capacitive 7″ touchscreen with 1280×800 HD resolution
    – 2 USB ports
    – HDMI port
    – Bluetooth capability Controller -with a remote control has a QWERTY keypad on the flip side

  5. steve says:

    i don’t know why every body is Dell bashing in my area the Nexus 7 is 100$ more than the Dell Venue 7 and for the specs i can’t justify 100$ more…its just a tablet not a computer …lets not get ahead of ourselves …you surf a bit, work a bit,and shop a bit, maybe a few games …you wanna watch 100 movies a week ..that’s what a 4K TV is for!!!

    1. player911 says:

      You’d gimp on a tablet but not on a TV eh? The Intel Atom processor in this thing is pretty bad and not compatible with lots of Android apps. Good luck with that. You’d be better off buying a Tegra 3 Asus MeMo 7″ that runs the QuadCore Tegra 3 for $129.

      1. Rod Butler says:

        let’s be honest here….the best thing about the dell venue 7 is the processor, 2gb of ram and the option to add memory via the sd card slot…the atom z2560 dual core with hyper-threading(4 processing threads) out performs the tegra 3 in the memo…it even bests the original nexus 7 in quadrant and antutu tests and not far behind the n7 2013….do yourself a favor…buy the dell venue and with the money you save buy the original nexus 7(prices are dropping fast)…i did

  6. shane says:

    I don’t like the nexus 7 for two reasons on micro SD and the case in my hand is cheap
    one more point the cpu my be a little slower in the dell but the cpu and ddr 2 ram and the 720 p should make up for it because it takes less power to run over all

    picking it up to day dell venue 8

  7. Jr says:

    What came first? The egg or the hen? Nobody has the absolute truth in their hands. if you are looking for a decent and very good tablet for less money, Dell venue is the answer. If you are willing to pay a 100 + bucks more for an extraordinary tablet then Nexus 7 is the answer. Simple as that, both tablets has winning points, its wise to consider any of them.

  8. Rod Butler says:

    the dell venue 7 is a viable tablet…everybody is saying “oh its a nice budget table”….what budget tablet comes with 2gb of ram?…..not many if any….the atom z2560 in the venue 7 has 4 processing threads which perform like a quad…true..the dv7 screen isn’t as nice as the n7 2013 but it is easily expandable…if the n7 had an sd card slot it would be hands down thee tablet to get…its hard for me to fork over almost $300 for 16gb of storage with 12gb usable…i don’t care how blazingly fast it is or how hd your screen claims to be,,,because in the back of my mind i have to ration what i place on it….sorry…can’t do it…kudos to dell for the expansion slot…2gb of ram, nice cpu and decent screen…..you have earned my money

    1. Kan Cacham says:

      Well it is a nice “budget” tablet. The budget term is excluding the device, and inferring to people on a “budget”, which means, a tablet that COSTS about 150-250 being a BUDGET tablet.

      KUDOS on the rest of your comment, excellent points, same conclusion I had about the Nexus, WHY WOULD THEY NOT HAVE AN SD CARD SLOT IN THAT??? It’s a shame it’s not HDMI ported aside the micro usb slot also. I’d love to own a Nexus 7 then!

      They believe that without ports, they can cause more and more people to start utilizing “cloud” storage, for everything aside from apps and progz is all.

      They envision a world where we are all constantly connected to some network, etc. Which we are a lot of the time, but come on, what kind of crap is no card slot?

      Even Hisense proved to have high sense when they put in dual ports for HDMI and card slot for their 7 inch line. I owed a Dell Streak 7 and hated it, these new Dell’s are making me start to love Dell again.

    2. Kan Cacham says:

      I’ve also been reading reviews that claim the Dell’s battery is lacking also. I think it’s a fairly decent battery. It would be nice to see like at least an 8000 in it, but you can also carry a small battery stick to double your battery when on the go…

  9. Kan Cacham says:

    I personally am looking at the Dell 7 IF it comes out with a LTE version with the same specs and maybe a 200$ budget price.

    I would upgrade maybe my 8 inch Pantech Element with the Dell Venue 8 LTE, IF the price was on par. I don’t mind waiting though until a gadgets been out for a year until I finally get it though.

    Nothing beats an LTE tablet with HDMI and card slot!!


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