O2 down again, frustration and status checker


If you’re a UK customer of the O2 network then you may be having problems with your service this evening. O2 is down for some users and this is an issue that has been continuing for some hours now. Social networks are buzzing with talk about the O2 outage, and as yet there’s no timeframe for when the problem will be resolved.

Users are reporting problems on the voice and data network although the issue isn’t affecting everyone’s service. This is now the third time that O2 has been down in 18 months, and understandably some customers are frustrated, angry or upset.

Some users are only having difficulties with data, while others are having problems with texts and calling too. In July last year an O2 outage that lasted for 17 hours or more led to some customers receiving compensation. Further to this there was another outage in October that affected around 10% of O2 customers.

O2 has acknowledged that there are issues with the service and the O2 live status checker was last updated at 8pm. A message simply states that O2 is working on a fix for the customers who are still having difficulties with their phones, implying that the problem has already been fixed for some users that were affected. At the same O2 page customers can check the current O2 signal for their area by selecting whether their issue regards text, voice or data and entering an address or postcode.

Also O2’s Twitter page is being updated with status messages, again acknowledging that some customers are experiencing problems and saying the O2 network team is working flat out on a fix. However Twitter and other social networks are filled with users complaining about yet another O2 outage.

The down time appears to have been affecting some users from around 10am this morning (almost 13 hours ago at the time of writing). The Telegraph says that thousands are having problems with reports of the outage coming in from across the UK including cities such as London, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Slough.

It would be interesting to hear how this problem is affecting readers around the UK. If you are an O2 customer having problems today we’d appreciate it if you could let us know the nature of your problem, where you are located and how long you have been without service. Please send your comments to tell us how you feel about yet another O2 outage.


20 thoughts on “O2 down again, frustration and status checker”

  1. Alex says:

    I live in Poole and have had no 3G since about midday. At around 21:00 this evening I lost signal all together. I’m definitely switching to EE when my contract ends. O2’s 3G coverage is pretty appalling compared to my friends who are on EE.

  2. Paul says:

    No Data in central London from 3pm, then no data, no texts and intermittent voice from 5.30pm and still ongoing — in Brighton from 6.40pm to now

  3. nicola dominey says:

    Nothing all day, as of 10.30 pm can receive texts and send. No voice calls out or in, I’m driving from Glasgow to Liverpool tomorrow morning, motherin law in hospital. I need to use my darn phone. Furious

  4. Simon says:

    No data since 11am and no calls or texts since 4pm. Seemed to be fixed by about 11pm but I’m still missing texts that people sent to me during these times.

  5. Disgruntled says:

    Not only 02 customers but those networks that use 02 e.g. Tesco Mobile. No point apologizing when an emergency phone call and text has not been delivered. Switching asap

  6. Bye-bye O2 says:

    I have just cancelled my O2 contract after nearly ten years of loyalty. I live in Wiltshire where the signal is usually strong, however, yesterday I was once again without any service at all, no signal, phone simply dead! This is about the fourth time this year alone! There was no getting through to O2 from another phone either, they had a recorded message on saying that they were getting lots of calls and then they hung up. Once I got through, the first person hung up on me (they have done this before rather than face a demanding customer)! I have now moved to Vodafone: hopefully the service is more reliable. And I am getting the same deal for less money too!! So long, O2, you have managed to get rid off a very brand-loyal customer: congratulations!

  7. b1014257 says:

    For three days now I have been unable to received phone calls and text, Sometimes for up to 5 hours at a time. this morning I received the bulk of my texts from the following afternoon and still people are unable to ring my phone. Unacceptable.

  8. Don says:

    My family uses Tesco Mobile on smartphones & GiffGaff for data on a MiFi. All using Telefonica/O2’s network for service. Voice & data appeared to be OK in my locality yesterday afternoon but text msgs weren’t getting through. When I checked O2’s service status in the evening, about 9pm, the status hadn’t been updated since mid-afternoon. I suspect they’re outsourcing network engineering the same way they’ve recently outsourced a significant proportion of customer service to Capita.

  9. pickles12 says:

    network been down for an hour in brighton, been affected each time it has a problem 🙁 not to mention the months where it was going down because of mast problems 🙁 they better let me out of my contract after this time!

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