O2 network problems ongoing after down time


If you’re an O2 customer then you may be well aware that there were some O2 network problems a few days ago, with many people being affected by an outage. Although the official line from O2 seems to be that the issue has been resolved, we’re seeing users reporting that their O2 network problems are still ongoing after the down time.

On Thursday Twitter was alive with tweets from O2 customers complaining about the latest down time. Some were having problems with data while others were having difficulties with texts and calls. The problem wasn’t affecting all users, but certainly involved thousands of O2 customers from all areas of the country.

At that time a message on O2’s live status checker page acknowledged there were some issues and said its team was working hard on a fix. This outage lasted over 12 hours for some users and the next day O2 issued a statement to say that around 1% of customers had been affected, due to unexpected congestion during routine upgrade work.

The figure of 1% may sound insignificant, but of course with a customer base as large as O2’s that number accounts for many thousands of people. We should also take into consideration that if you were one of the 1% affected then the problem was certainly not insignificant to you.

When we first wrote about the O2 down time on Thursday, we received comments from users venting their frustration. However, we have noticed that although O2 seems to feel the issue is fixed, we are still receiving comments and also emails from O2 customers who say they are having problems.

In the last day there have been comments from people who are still receiving an intermittent service, or those who still have no access to texts or phone calls at all. We’ve checked the O2 live status checker again but there is no acknowledgement of any further issues, just the usual page where customers can input their location and details to find out about the current signal in their area.

However, we’ve also just taken a look at O2’s Twitter account and within the last few hours there are plenty of people tweeting about various problems with the service. Although some of these are likely to be issues of the day-to-day variety, it looks as though problems with the network are a big issue for some customers who are still facing difficulties today.

We can see various comments from people just in the last hour who say they have no service, or are not receiving texts or calls. The standard response from O2 to most of these customers is to check the status checker to see if there are local issues.

In a couple of instances customers have been informed that the issue that they are referring to has already been resolved, and O2 has asked them to check and see if anyone else in their area is still having problems! We’ll be keeping an eye on this but would really like to know if these are isolated incidents or if there are many customers still being affected after the recent O2 down time.

Are you an O2 customer still having issues with the network? If so, are your O2 network problems intermittent or is your service continually affected? It would be good if you could also tell us your location in your comments, to see if these problems are confined to one area or are a widespread issue.


35 thoughts on “O2 network problems ongoing after down time”

  1. Cheesed off says:

    I am in Plymouth and have not had the network coverage to receive/send texts and the same goes for phone calls, this has been going on since 8pm last night. O2 give the usual rubbish about checking network coverage blah blah.

    Fed up.

  2. Mike North West UK says:

    I’m in Leyland, Preston and having an absolute nightmare. No calls, texts or iMessages! What’s going on? O2 aren’t replying to twitter either

  3. debs says:

    I’m in Tf10 and have had no service since midday 6th Oct. No calls, text or internet. What is going on? I’m actually with Tesco mobile who use Of and they have no.
    knowledge of a network problem but think it ‘most likely’. Communicate people!

  4. sheepcolliemum says:

    I live in CM23 and have not been able to use my phone all day!! No alls, no texts absolutely nothing. O2 say there aqre no problems in my area! Please can I find an answer??

  5. Re6/6 says:

    I live in TQ4 area and my contract phone doesn’t work at all, yet my pay cell seems to be working but with a fluctuating signal strength. All very irritating. Certainly not good enough to say that it’s fixed when it isn’t, as I don’t now use a BT line.

  6. C Gannon says:

    Live in New Forest: had a whole day last week with no phone calls, but email OK- today from about 10am, I have SOS only, no calls, texts or emails. Cant get through to O2, their website doesnt have any way of reporting faults !!!

  7. Mary says:

    Live in Manchester. Service still very intermittent. O2 told me the other day it was due to a mast fault nearby, but explanation doesn’t match problems. Not recieving most calls & texts. Difficult to make calls and texts even when signal is better. Getting beeps, silence or network busy message. Tried ringing o2 over weekend-couldn’t get through. Online chat unable to offer any helpful advice.

  8. Marie mills says:

    I’m in south west in Dursley no signal at all I think their should be a discount on next month bill being taken off. This isn’t any good if this is your only form of communication

  9. NPW says:

    From York, had not data since 22nd Sep
    9 calls to o2 and still not sorted !!!! Answer = we dont understand why its not working sir
    On the Landline now to o2 tech support again
    As a business customer needing to use emails on the go, its really causing me issues and costing my business money 🙁

  10. Ruth says:

    I’m in Alness. Not been getting proper texts for days. My dad sent me a text this morning and I still haven’t got it! been having issues since last Thursday.

  11. Pinger says:

    In FK19 with a mast 100metres away. Neither my daughter nor I have a signal. Status checker says “Our network is currently working fine”. No ….. it ain’t.

  12. Alan Phillips says:

    Noticed hopeless service for last 48 Hours I’m in ME13 no signal or maybe one bar for a few minutes before it drops out again and again. Friend came over his phone has same problem. O2 I won’t be staying in February when contract is up, your service is a joke. According to your website everything is fine in my area “really”

  13. Tony says:

    Very flaky service since outage last Thursday in Manchester, M19. If o2 won’t acknowledge there’s still a problem, then I am to assume this is the service I’ll be getting from now on and will look for a new provider – I can’t risk my business on an unreliable mobile service. Real shame as been with o2 for a decade now and never had any problems. Is o2 putting everything into 4G and leaving us 3G customers behind?

  14. Cat says:

    Living in London, visited parents in Cheshire over the weekend – haven’t had 3G service since last week. Very inconvenient, and considering how much O2 contracts cost, it’s ridiculous. I hope they are planning to reimburse customers who have been unable to use their phones properly. What good is a smart phone without internet access?!

  15. Freddy says:

    I’ve had no 3g for the last three days. I won’t be renewing my O2contract when it comes up for renewal. Will we get a refund for our days without 3g coverage? Probably not.

  16. Jan says:

    I live In Lincolnshire – the last few days intermittent emails being received on my mobile (can wait over 5 hours for emails to come through that have already appeared on my laptop). Also quality of voice calls often break up so badly you cannot continue with the call.

  17. Cat says:

    I live in Scotland and have phone signal but I’m only getting 5 minutes of signal on my mobile broadband. Both are on o2 and ringing customer service is useless.

  18. MrsF says:

    O2 Business and no signal in the office for the last 2 weeks – Peebles, Scottish Borders – mast problems with no idea of when it will be fixed. Very very frustrating. No idea you’ve been left a voicemail until you get home 6 hours later.

  19. Stuart says:

    Still almost no reception in the M19 area, Manchester (since network down-time over a week ago). O2 will give no estimate for when mast will be fixed (they say this is the problem). They say they are under no obligation to provide any network coverage/signal in their contract. Looks like I’ll have to change network, even though I’m still paying for my o2 contract.

  20. shirley says:

    I have been unable to send /receive messages along with my son who is on 02 every night when we get home. We have never had a problem at home before and this only started a few weeks ago. Its shocking when you phone o2, try to say its your phone and to upgrad! ! Nice try guys but my phone is only 3 months old!!!

  21. CB says:

    Absolutely sick of no signal or full signal until you try and send a message or make a call. Can’t wait for all contracts to expire so i can change network. CB Lincs

  22. Saj says:

    I’ve been having issues with phone calls not getting through for the past 4 weeks. The only time I know someone has called me is when I receive a missed call alert. Both my brothers are on O2 and are also experiencing the same issues. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

  23. susan payne says:

    Still no service from the Fron,Caernarfon transmitter,into the 5th day now,downright disgrace,hope they’re going to knock some off the bill !!!!

  24. sarah G says:

    I hadn’t had problems before Friday. Not had any network connection since then. I’m in Buxton Derbyshire. This is my work phone and I’m self employed not happy 🙁

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