Sony Xperia Z1 display problems using camera


The new Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone is grabbing a lot of attention at the moment, especially for those who want a serious camera set-up with their device. It’s one of the key selling points of this phone, but a new video shows some Sony Xperia Z1 display problems using the camera.

The Sony Xperia Z1 has been well received and has gathered some great reviews, but from time to time with new devices, problems can soon come to light. The three-minute YouTube video that you can see below this story appears to show that there is an area of concern.

The video shows the dedicated camera key being used and a random problem with the display. The camera flash goes off several times and there’s obviously something amiss. Check out the video for yourself to see the issue demonstrated.

This is a rather intriguing problem to have with the camera app, and we’re not sure if this is an isolated incident or something more. Also we don’t know if Sony has acknowledged any such issues with the camera app on the phone, although we do know that the company previously warned that the Xperia Z1 camera would not work if the bootloader on the device was unlocked.

This is where we’d like feedback from readers. Have you noticed any problems with your Sony Xperia Z1 since you purchased it? Maybe you’ve noticed a different issue is affecting your handset? Of course, you may be one of the many people who are completely satisfied with this notable phone? Let us know with your comments.


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    1. Sici Chong says:

      i bought my z1 for a week only, but the screen off by itself,however, i still can feel the vibrate..and must force z1 shut down to make it restart..any advise?

      1. that happened to me once, my friends ultra had the same thing. Just use Hard Boot ( volume up + power button). It switches off the device immediately. And then you can power it on normally using your power key.

      2. was your device backlight on? like a dim greyish/whitish display, and nothing works, even holding power button for like 15 secs doesnt help. That is likely the infamous xperia z series issue, the Sleep Of Death (SOD). It is said to be a firmware fault, hopefully updates will fix it. I faced it only once over the 2 weeks of use. Fortunately, the frequency of this issue isn’t that bad for me as other users have reported. One probable cause for this, issue is disabling the optimized backlight option under phones display settings. I faced the issue after unchecking(disabling) that option and many users claimed it to be the root cause of the problem. Leave it as it is, enabled(ticked/checked), until Sony fixes this fault.

  1. Steve says:

    This phone has issues……..compared to the iPhone 5 and HTC ONE, it has issues.
    1, keeps turning its self off.
    2. Takes ages to turn on, like 3 minutes.
    3. Camera is laggy.
    4. Browser slow.
    5. Bluetooth not great.
    6. Wifi rubbish.

    Apart from those issues I love it.

    1. I agree about the wifi being weak(compared to my S3 int the range and auto connect speed is quite low), but never encountered any other issues. damn, i was hoping the WIFI to be some minor issue hopefully software related, but since even you found it to be rubbish it might be the packed device design interfering with the WIFI. btw, leaving the optimized backlight option under display settings is said to improve the boot time. also all these are software issues, which sony might fix by rolling out an update, hopefully, soon.

  2. ozzie says:

    Yeah I had exactly the same problem so had to reset the phone. but for the past two weeks I’m having problems with network connection. It just seems to lose signal and the network provider has no idea how to solve it. So annoying!!!!

  3. a sony xperia z1 owner says:

    This guy put the phone into beer!! To test out the waterproof even though its only waterproof to fresh water!!!! After it messed up he blamed it on the phone it self when he is the one that fu cked it up!!

  4. 2nd-day-owner of z1 says:

    i have the same problem with display, plus, while using the social media application of my new Z1, the battery heats up continuously, also while using the camera suddenly something pop up on the screen that “the camera will automatically shot down due to high temperature” & it does. Please advice if i should return & replace with a new device.

  5. Chris says:

    My Sony Z1 has a camera fault. Sony SORT IT OUT!!! When recording video it glitches and the image freezes for a second before beginning to record again, however the audio of the recording is smooth and unaffected… This is now my second Sony Z1 as i exchanged the first for this problem. To begin with the replacement seemed ok, but is now doing the same thing. I will exchange again and if the 3rd Z1 still does it then i will sell this phone… Real shame as the camera is the main selling point BUT DOES NOT WORK… What a shame on an otherwise faultless device 🙁

  6. Kwabena obuobi Agyei says:

    My z1 camera is not working. The screen goes blank when Launch it. I contacted Sony an . Was told to update the phone, which have done but the problem is still there.

    Any body got a solution? Please help

  7. sud says:

    My xperia z has also the same issue of camera.some time it shows unknown error and some times unfortunately camera has stopped working.i went to sony customer care and they have format the device.for 1day camera runs smooth but again same problem persist.please advice what to do..if anybody can help.

  8. gary says:

    my sony z1 has frozen wen trying to just show my daughter a photo , its now frozen for 3 hour , will be telling them I want new phone and not a sony I got it for the camra but if theres problems I mite as well get an htc 1

  9. steve says:

    my sony z1 has problems with the keyboard in the calendar app when you start to type in the events section the keyboard changes the ENTER key to NEXT or Done does any one Know why this happens ??
    normally the enter key would move down the page
    but this no longer happens
    could any help ??

  10. K says:

    I have the same problem with my camera often not launching or, when I take a picture I freezes and then none of the pictures show up when it finally un freezes. I love this phonebp but I’ve had it for less than a month and I’m pretty frustrated about it since I bought it mainly for the quality of camera it has.

    1. Hans says:

      I thought i am the only one mate… this device isn’t worth at all, even if camera somehow manage to start the front camera taking image upside down, the back camera quality also is not that amazing, i say it worse…..
      We’ve been victim from SONY…. just had to live with it??
      And if you ever contact the customer support, they just told you to do factory reset via PC Companion… and the result after several factory reset….
      Voilaaa…. nothing and doesn’t solve it…
      What a great device this Xperia… yeah GREAT DISSAPOINMENT.

  11. inga says:

    I bought my sony Xperia z1 about month ago. Only issue and big issue as I enjoy taking photos is Camera. When I see something worth taking my phone out, camera decides not to work or actually takes photo and then freezes. nothing else on screen works, only locking unlocking phone does the thing but photo is not there. Had this issue today as well. Tried to take a photo for 10 minutes changing it from just camera to whatsapp, messages or trying diff types of camera, still nothing. restarted phone, its ok until moment when it starts to do the same thing again..

  12. Paul Edwards says:

    Wel the only problems I am having on the Z1 – a long with a whole lot of people – is the yellow tinge on the main screen – basically all whites are yellowish. I also have the original Z and right now its display looks far more sharper becuase of the good contrast between whites and blacks. Im not happy.
    P Edwards

  13. kate says:

    The flash of My Xperia Z1 won’t turn off even you already turn it off on the setting. I don’t know what happened, also there’s an error showing Unfortunately camera stops.. I don’t know what happened i just updated it into Kitkat.. any help please? thanks..

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