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Today, we have had one too many emails land in our inbox about BBM being on iPhone already, but apparently not your iOS device thanks to the app being pulled a few weeks ago by BlackBerry. This story is well known for those that follow all the BlackBerry Messenger news for Android and Apple devices, but the amount of people seeing BBM on an iPhone is starting to annoy a growing number.

If it wasn’t frustrating enough that you cannot download BBM on your iPhone at the time of writing, then how do you think some people feel when a friend or family member states “take a look at BBM on my iPhone”? This is the situation we have personally seen and keep getting emails about, or comments on Phones Review.

This morning the latest email read, “I am 15 years old with a new iPhone 5S running iOS 7, and I really want the BBM app on my iPhone. I am fine with waiting for BBM to release, but it is not good when you see friends at school showing you the very app you want but cannot download. This week I have seen two friends with BBM on their iPhone and I’m not happy with BlackBerry right now”.

Have you seen BBM running on an iPhone, and if so does it upset you that you cannot use the app right now?

We did see the BBM app go live on iTunes in New Zealand for less than a day before BlackBerry pulled the app after a leak. Did you manage to download the BBM app on your iPhone before the official download link was pulled?

The BBM app is currently in beta for Android, although this is the second beta and some fans are starting to lose patience with the wait especially when they see others with the app installed.

We cannot confirm if these apps really do work, or if BlackBerry has stopped the servers behind the apps, so feel free to leave a comment if you have BBM installed on an iPhone and it works or if you have seen it working on a friend’s device.


56 thoughts on “BBM on friend’s iPhone while you wait”

  1. tweEtsta says:

    you can get it to work if u sign in ur phone from friends id who has bbm in his purchase. once u download sign back in from ur id, bbm works flawless…

  2. Tony says:

    Yeah,I’ve installed bbm on my iphone,and it still works,everything is fine exept the nitification comes late sometimes,and the recent updates won’t update except you open the app.and invitation of friend request keep pending for some pins.and you cant open the pins that your friend has sent to you from sending contact.I used to use bbm for making status or change the display pict but on bbm for iphone I’m not interested to change everything.seems like I use another messenger app like line whatsapp and everything.I’ve downloaded this app by changing the store region into new zealand the night before bbm for iphone seceduled to be released.I’m in Indonesia

  3. Esmail Beguwala says:

    Mine is working perfectly fine, though it hardly serves the purpose if it doesn’t go cross platform and my friends don’t have it, I’m happier using whatsapp at the moment.

  4. Hanno Killian says:

    Blackberry you truely suck!!! You just proved agian why you are where you are en never wil be as good as apple even if the app get out i wont even bother getting it… Whatsapp wil be the new bbm.

  5. ChawuS says:

    BBM? What s that? Is that an app :p Dont be silly use Whatsapp! Yes BBM was king when has been released but it was many years ago. BB fate is going to be same as Nokia.. Thats why they done BBM for iPhone.. thats why they dont released right now as well..

  6. sahil says:

    I have the app on my phone. but every time I enter the apple id and password the app shuts. I have no idea what to do in that case. I have an iphone 5.
    Can anyone of you help me with this.

  7. Harry says:

    Sign in with the apple id : shai32@hotmail.co.uk and the password Sportscar12345 and check the region is new zealand, if not change it and sign out and then back in, go to updates, purchased and bbm will be there at the bottom. I have got bbm with this!!!!

    1. heisenberg says:

      its been pulled from eVERYWHERE incl new zealand.
      only if you had grabbed it early would you still have it.
      maybe, if you had a jailbroken device and someone uploaded the cracked IPA would be the only way i can think of others getting it
      but better just wait.

  8. heisenberg says:

    I live in indonesia, i managed to grab BBM as soon as it came out in my timezone (midnight), inserted my BBid, and it syncd all my bbm contacts flawlessy incl groups.
    its still working absolutely fine till today.

    for those that didnt get BBM, dont despair, it will surely come otherwise my BBM would have stopped working (if they abandoned the project).
    since its still working fine, that means they are still working on it.

    there are some bugs though, the notification system for bbm is not smooth yet

  9. youssef mohamed says:

    For android not working and i dont like in playstore alot and many fake bbm plzz remove it and for iphone i dont got it at all i cant find it but am still waiting for it cuz i love bbm and everyday am signing up 🙂 .. and am from egypt anyway and i already changed store to new zealand

  10. Jim says:

    I literally live 5 minute from all the blackberry buildings and as much as they would screw up the economy here I would rather have them just shutdown and stop wasting every ones time with every single product they manage to screw up the release date on. I have lost all hope in BB and don’t even want the app anymore.

  11. Ajay Muthreja says:

    I’m using the iPhone 5 and I did manage to download the app, it does work but only when the app is open. Most of the times the message you receive reaches your Notification Centre but when you open the app, there is nothing there. Recent Updates get updated only when you open the app. Servers are unstable, the app itself has way too many bugs. Biggest issue with the app working is there is no confirmation option before you update a Display Picture or a Status Message. BlackBerry really needs to step up their game and release a new app with way too many changes.

  12. Ben Cutts says:

    Hello, to anyone who has got BBM on there iPhone, please can I have your Apple ID or Password because I can’t download it without that, I swear I won’t go on ur account and I’m 13 so I can’t hack, thanks 🙂

  13. Iamkabeer says:

    I have on Iphone and was lucky enough to jus download before pullout, so yes m using it on ios7.0.2 and its worling perfectly fine, it does have some bugs which i feel will be updated when the blackberry will roll out bbm again, till then its working awwsomely on my iphone 5 (ios7.0.2) 🙂

  14. Juice says:

    Ya I got it from the New Zealand store in the morning. It works great and how bbm should however, typing on iOS when it corrects a word it doesn’t do a space so sometimes you have to back track because allthewordsgotogether…..

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