Samsung Galaxy Round vs Note 3 vs iPhone 5S: unique differences


When it comes to smartphone innovation, what do you want? There are many mobile phones on the market as well as new upcoming ones that are different in their own niche way.

Three smartphones that have their own unique gimmick includes the Samsung Galaxy Round, iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note 3.

When it comes to unique differences the above smartphones contain them, the iPhone 5S comes with the new Touch ID button that allows users to use their fingerprints to open the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has an S Pen and the Galaxy Round is basically the Note 3 but curved.

Is there any real need for the Samsung Galaxy Round? What is so different with this smartphone that makes it stand out from the rest other than having a curved screen! We do not understand this phone at all, do you?

Curved display on the Samsung Galaxy Round seems pointless, the iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor is just a stupid gimmick, the normal 4-pin unlock worked well. If we had to choose one of the three gimmicks we would have to say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen is the most practical of them all.

Some may say that none of these features are good, do we really need fingerprint sensors, a curved screen or even a stylus! What feature do you prefer the most, is it the Samsung Galaxy Round curved display, iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor or the Note 3 S Pen?

Please take a look at the specs comparison below –

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