Galaxy Note 3 reboot problem emerges, update needed


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been available for a few weeks now in many markets and the device has been pretty much well received so far, but now for some users a Galaxy Note 3 reboot problem has emerged with a software update possibly needed.

Soon after the handset become available we heard about the region locking of the device that was putting off a lot of potential purchasers of the device, but now there is a growing thread over on the XDA-Developers Forum with owners reporting that the handset getting stuck in a reboot loop.

There are a number of users that have suffered from the problem with the thread starting on October 2nd and at the time of writing has reached 18 pages long. A number of the theories are given along with a variety of different solutions to the problem.

Once the device gets stuck in the loop owners have had to remove the rear cover and take the battery out, and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a proper solution to the problem. The latest fix that was put up by a user today involves taking off the rear cover and removing the SD card before inserting the battery and booting the device back up.

Then you need to select the System Settings then onto Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced, and then un-checking the Always allow scanning option. Then you are instructed to use the back key to return to the home page and then switching off the handset.

After this the SD card needs to be replaced and the rear cover put back in place before switching the device back on, and the user ketani73 confirms that this has worked for them. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was also plagued with a rebooting issue shortly after it was released, so hopefully Samsung will quickly provide an update to fix this problem.

Have you suffered from this problem on your Galaxy Note 3?


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    1. Waffler says:

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        1. Waffler says:

          No, I use all mobile devices and operating systems. I’m not particularly fond of Samsung, but I’d rather someone state facts over sprouting nonsense. Just saying. 🙂

          1. Fallego says:

            What a pathetic scumbag jackass you are beatles. I know you are probably young but that doesn’t make it that you have to express yourself like a moron.

        1. Waffler says:

          Obviously, my attempt to at least speak some sense into you failed tremendously – though, in all honesty, I knew it was a fruitless endeavour. Trolls shall be trolls. (:

          1. beatles says:

            last time i check you out you’re a genuine troll, don’t try to mince your words, you love crapsung do you?

          2. Waffler says:

            You should attempt to re-verify the information you’ve obtained – I don’t troll. 🙂 I state a factual bit of information, followed by evidence and proof (it’s called objectivity). I’ve only used two Samsung devices (Note II and S3) as “daily usage mobiles”. TouchWiz is a bit too bloated for my likes and it mangles the Android UI. But *that* is a subjective, opinionated, statement that’s filled with nonsense. The truth is, Samsung makes devices that people like to use – just like Apple (both are the leading mobile brands in the world right now, so there’s a bit of an objective, data-based fact that they both are “premium products” [note the quotation marks, another subjective usage of grammar! :)]).

            But, that’s fine. Do as you wish, just know that you’re being rather ridiculous and silly.

  1. Thatchmo says:

    My wife’s Note 3 that she got through Sprint has the same problem. We replaced the first phone and now the replacement does the same thing. It takes about 5 to 20 minutes of playing with the battery to get it to stop. We’ll try the alternate method described above. Other than that, she loves the Note 3 over her Note 2.

    1. westonfrontss says:

      I. had this problem . Samsung Released a Software
      update that Resolved it . once the update downloads do a restart and it will
      Work .hope you get the Update soon

  2. Doubleonegative Enloe says:

    I ran into this issue. I solved ii by taking out the sim and then rebooting the device without the sim. After rebooting It started fine, I reset.to.factory default and then disabling the scanning as mentioned in the above post. Reboot with sim and now all is good.

  3. cncjerry says:

    yes, reboot during playstore app install after the download. Solution is to remove the class 10 (in my case) microSD card. Apparently I debugged this for Samsung as they have had a number of complaints from users that get stuck in a reboot loop with no fix other than hard reset. The loop starts when during app install, the user installed microSD card timing interrupts the install causing the reboot. When playstore restarts, the app install is stuck in its queue causing the reboot loop. Why some apps write to or check the external card is beyond me. The main culprit in my case was Dolphin browser.

    Remove the microSD card and loop ends, app installs and off you go. Put the microSD card back in after the install and it all works, including being able to play movies off the card. Love that 64gb card.

    There is clearly a timing problem the way the phone handles flash. It could also happen intermittently without an external microSD installed as it could have the same problem with base level flash.

    I suggested to Samsung they owe some serious cash for all the debugging I saved them and they gave me lifetime phone upgrades with a new two year contract from AT&T…

  4. Paul says:

    Yep, same problem too. I did manage to get the Note 3 to reboot but only after removing the memory card. I even ran a check and reformatted the card just in case but problem kept reoccuring.
    I then noticed that around a dozen or so Apps that I had previously installed (to the phone not the memory card as far as I’m aware) were showing as ‘uninstalled’ so I went to the Google Play store and reinstalled them.
    Lo and behold once I rebooted… the Note 3 got stuck in the boot loop once again!
    Again, I removed the memory card and it started working OK so this time I deleted all the Apps (which, once again, were all showing as ‘uninstalled’) popped the memory card back in and, touch wood, no more reboot loops!
    Not overly impressed (I cant recall what the apps were that I deleted now but I’m pretty sure I paid for at least a couple of them (and they all worked fine on my Galaxy S3) as this problem seems to be pretty wide spread!

  5. Sperafucile says:

    Yes, me too! I have sorted out the problem (hopefully!) with the fix mentioned but I am very far from happy to have such a major problem having just spent over £500 on this phone! Come on, Samsung! Get your act together and deal with this problem!

  6. min says:

    Today, I found the reboot issue in my galaxy phone. I reset the phone, don’t login to the google play so that there is no change for these preload applications to get upgrade, now it continue work without reboot. so it is really those preloadded applications screw up my phone.

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