iPhone 5S slo-mo vs Galaxy Note 3 video, update required


A lot was made about the slow-motion video capability of the iPhone 5S at its recent launch. However, today we have some news about iPhone 5S slo-mo vs. Galaxy Note 3 video, and it seems that an update is required.

If we had to pick the two smartphones that are being most talked about at the moment we’d probably say the Apple iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Both are notable handsets but recent testing has shown that although the iPhone 5S outputs video at 720p, it doesn’t actually capture video at 720p in slow-motion.

First a slo-mo video was taken using the iPhone 5S, and then the Galaxy Note 3 was used to record a regular 720p video. The results showed that the video taken with the Galaxy Note 3 was much more detailed than that taken with the iPhone 5S, as shown in these screenshots.


Following this the 720p video snapshot from the Note 3 was downsized to 480p and upscaled back to 720p again and this resulted in a shot that looked very close to the captured frame from the iPhone 5S. The conclusion to this was that rather than the iPhone 5S capturing video at 720p resolution, the video is actually being shot at 480p and then upsized to 720p.

The testing was conducted by GSM Arena who point out that the per-pixel quality is then much lower than we’d expect from Apple, and so the slow-motion clips are not as good as they should be. As you would expect, this is more noticeable when slo-mo clips are played through a TV or monitor than when played on your phone.

This seems to be an issue that Apple should be able to fix with an update, and hopefully that will be coming soon. Take a look at the images here of the iPhone 5S slo-mo and Galaxy Note 3 video samples, and see if you agree with the conclusion of GSM Arena? Let us know what you think about this by posting your comments.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 5S slo-mo vs Galaxy Note 3 video, update required”

    1. Richard Tan says:

      Yes. Indeed iphone 5S is built for dinosaur era. No Micro SD Storage, No Detachable Battery, Tinny Screen. Apple is going nowhere for sure. I have 5 Samsung smart phones, 1 iphone which I gave it to Kalong Guni man for free !!

      1. Rohnit Oberoi says:

        Cool man today samsung has given a tough competition to apple phones N No Memory Slot And No Bluetooth To Transfer Anything For I Ph U Need I Tunes

        1. Richard Tan says:

          There is absolutely No competition between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Iphone 5S. It’s a waste of time try to figure out a race between a Ferrari and a Kai !!

      2. Waffler says:

        I would debate that, actually. The “dinosaur era” would be those still relying on SD storage on their mobiles and the need of a detachable battery. While I understand the need for SD storage, that’s not the fault of the manufacturers; it would actually be the mobile carriers to blame as to why one *could* need an SD card. Without full coverage, it’s impossible to rely on “next generation storage” (aka “Cloud Storage”) – to top things off, carriers tend to charge an outrageous amount for data usage. SD storage is still too faulty; due having to tweak Android to make them function, there’s always the chance of corrupted data (losing all of data/having to format it).

        Samsung hasn’t really done anything _too_ interesting in the past few generations of their devices. The Note/S3 generation was probably the best for Samsung in terms of “new” and “innovative” (we use this word too loosely these days) technology (hardware and software).

          1. Waffler says:

            Not impossible; look at all of the services that already do that: Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go – to name a few. Not including all of the football, etc (sports) broadcasters that have Android/iOS apps that streams in 1080p. I use some of these apps and have zero problem with streaming “from the cloud” (ie: uploaded elsewhere). Like I said, it’s mostly the mobile carriers and their lack of support for the technological framework that has been developed over the course of time that is preventing “acceptable” usage of ‘the cloud’ via mobile devices. It has very little to do with the capability otherwise; as the HSPA/LTE both have enough broadband to stream 4K video with ease, let alone a “puny” 1080p one.

        1. Richard Tan says:

          Like I mentioned earlier, I have 5 top-of-the range different Samsung Smartphone models, all with microSD slot and it has never failed me. I downloaded massive music video, movies, documents and all work so well that I can’t give anything less than 5 stars. Indeed, If you try to save a little money and buy a untested brand of SD card, then you’re surely looking for trouble. It’s the same scenario when you buy a top end computer, then one day you can’t get into internet, you blame the fault to your computer and not the service provider !! It’s a free world just buy anything you like. You are not wrong to buy iphone instead, because this will make you a very happy person by owning it. It’s that simple…

        2. Angel Rivas says:

          You’re something else… SD cards ar equal to the quality of any usb flash drive and even the ssd (solid State Drive) if you wash by mistake an SD card your info still intact. If you add 64GB of the internal memory of a galaxy note 3 to the 64GB of the SD card you have your self a 128GB of storage of the future not past.. Comprende Amigo? BTW no history of iPhone shows internal memory beyond 64GB…

          1. Waffler says:

            I wasn’t speaking directly regarding any iPhone model when I was speaking about “cloud storage” versus hardware storage (SD cards). It’s more so the fact that someone mentioned that any model that doesn’t have an SD card slot is “dinosaur era” technology; which is false. As time progresses, we’re relying less and less on hardware for storage and more on “the cloud” or remote services. Just look at music players nowadays for Android: Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music – these are all cloud-based services. The data is stored remotely. With Google Play Music, you’re even free to upload your own MP3 files and stream them to your device (the others require you to rely on the media they already have – but you can micro-manage and create playlists). My complaint wasn’t with SD technology, just someone trying to say that it’s “modern technology” versus that of using the cloud (which it isn’t). Flash memory has been around for quite some time – so that, in and of itself, is a “dinosaur era” concept.

          2. Angel Rivas says:

            Not Verizon nor att offer the unlimited data now days, unless of course if you are lucky enough to have one of those grandfather unlimited data plan. Or maybe you are one of the kind that is able to stay home for long periods of time and able to take advantage of wifi.. 1080p on cloud in an airplane uffff no way José.. of course unless you pay a few bucks every time you fly. So back on the days (class 10 at 64GB micro sd?) I bet you that and sd-card is billion times more reliable than any cloud connection… 128GB sweet..

          3. Waffler says:

            Like I had initially said: It’s more so the carriers/networks that are causing the lack of sustainable/reliable usage of cloud storage – data caps, lack of network coverage, and charging an arm and a leg for even “mid-tier” data (6GB). I have unlimited data on two different networks (one in the US [Verizon] and another in UK [GiffGaff]). I would hope my International travelling would “debunk” the misconception that I linger on Wifi – this was a discussion concerning storage options for mobiles. I’ve configured two NAS drives on my network that I use for my own cloud storage (to elude the amount of data one can host remotely) – so I have full access to them. Your 128GB is nothing compared to my 8TB of storage that I can access whenever I want (due to being in areas that have great coverage).

            My gripe wasn’t with the actual USE of SD cards or their efficiency – it was the idea of someone saying (and I’ll quote): “Indeed iphone 5S is built for dinosaur era. No Micro SD Storage, No Detachable Battery, Tinny Screen.” I have been pointing out that “Micro SD Storage” isn’t new-age or even technology designed for modern day usage – cloud storage is (this is why all companies are cashing in on it – Microsoft [SkyDrive], Apple [iCloud], Google [gDrive], Samsung [S-CLoud]… just to name a few of the “heavy hitters”. I see the point behind using flash storage, just that not all people need to. I can’t fit all of my music, videos, and documents on 128GB of flash storage. I use FLAC lossless format for audio, 1080p for films (Blu-Ray quality), and deal with large Access database files that are hosted on my NAS drives. Now, if I were in areas that had poor quality coverage or not on Unlimited data .. I’d have to find some other solution (keeping about 10-15 different SD cards and be willing to swap them out).

            While travelling in an airplane, I generally will use my built-in onboard storage on my Nexus 10 for streaming films with an external battery pack (Anker Astro 15000mAh) to last the 7-8 hour flight.

          4. Angel Rivas says:

            Simple game: since back in the days it used to be a 3 wheel cars example (iphone) or (blackberry) history change with (android) in the market now days car have 4 wheels (micro SD card) and so on, unless they make a flying car; four wheel car will be king till that step. Conceder this.. “WHATS NEW ON iOS? Ohhhhhhh I Know (multitasking) old school for android… (maps) that take you where? Ohhh I know no where… Google Maps is by far the king on maps… and yes I Know there’s a way to download it to an iPhone, but is that what really apple wants? Come on really? And going back to cloud storage is simple…. I Own my house (SD Card) or I can go and rent a house (cloud Storage) comprende amigo) it is your choice…

        3. Angel Rivas says:

          And just and FYI I have 30TB or a trillion TB of cloud Storage on my server and still the same answer. . Unless you have unlimited data plan. Depending on coverage witch is not always 100% available or always hook up to a wifi and I’m sure what the answer will be to that.. comprende Amigo? (Apple Amigo)

          1. Waffler says:

            “And just and FYI I have 30TB or a trillion TB of cloud Storage on my server and still the same answer”

            Between the two responses to my comment, I fear you haven’t read my entire comment to where you can actually respond to it with accurate information.

            1) You can’t have “30TB or a trillion TB” – it’s one or the other. You’re not using fuzzy logic in this discussion at all. Yes, I’ve already mentioned that I have unlimited data *on two different networks* that are in *two different countries*.

            2) “I Own my house (SD Card) or I can go and rent a house (cloud Storage) comprende amigo) it is your choice…” — I own my NAS server that I use for cloud storage, that’s vastly larger than that of any SD card you’ll be able to put into your Samsung device.

            3) “comprende Amigo? (Apple Amigo)” – you’re still thinking that I’m defending Apple, I’m not. I’m countering against the idea that devices without SD cards are “dinosaur era” technology – when, in actuality, more and more devices are losing their SD slot. Majority of Android flagships *do not* have SD slots. HTC One, LG G2, Moto X .. for example, none of these have slots for SD cards. In fact, I’d dare say that it’s mostly *just* Samsung devices that still carry SD slot support. Also, I recommend you do read my posts – I’m currently using a Nexus 4 (16GB/Personal Mobile) and a Moto X (32GB Developer Edition/Work Mobile). So try to think before you claim that I’m an “Apple Amigo”. 😛

            4) In an attempt to troll, you devalued your own comment. But that’s a cool story, bro. 🙂

  1. Leali Del says:

    Do you really want to place your data in strangers possession which is what cloud storage is, you have no control over it. Anyone praising cloud storage is is a novelty moron at best, nothing beats internal memory or in this case no phone company can come close to Samsung when media comes to question. Bluetooth transfers, battery issues, lack of NFC, Itunes is major BS etc. Iphone is just another overplayed song that lags behind everyone in the market even Nokia caught up. Seriously when do the Iphonistas going to accept the fact that Iphone is no more…

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