Samsung Galaxy S5 build may share Note 3 design


There were some people that have criticised Samsung for providing new handsets that were hardly any different from previous models, especially after the Galaxy S4 was first unveiled. There have been many rumours about the company using premium materials next year for its flagship handsets, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 build may share the Galaxy Note 3 design.

There will be other fans of the company that would say that the design of the latest Samsung handsets are fine as they are, and why fix it if it isn’t broken? Now a new rumour is suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t be using an aluminium body but instead will continue the plastic trend but will feature the fake leather back that is on the Galaxy Note 3.

If this rumour is true it may not be a bad thing depending on what the rest of the handset brings to the table, and the Galaxy Note 3 is arguably the best Android smartphone currently available and for those that want something slightly smaller the Galaxy S5 with a similar design could be the perfect fit.

Samsung may see this design as the perfect combination and middle ground between an all polycarbonate body and a metal one. We have heard that Samsung are supposedly investing in production facilities for aluminium bodies, so it could mean the production lines may not be ready in time for the Galaxy S5 and instead an all metal handset may not appear until the Note 4.

We have heard a number of different rumours recently surrounding the Galaxy S5 that have included the likes of eye scanners, and even an earlier than usual release, but just like any rumour this latest one has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Will you still be happy if the Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t come with an aluminium build?

Source: GalaxyS5Info.


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 build may share Note 3 design”

  1. Karim Sumar says:

    I reckon Samsung Galaxy S5 will mimic Note 3 and simply be a scaled down variant. Perhaps a 5.2″ screen, with 3 GB Ram, an improved camera and high density pixels. The stylus may get introduced with the Air Command Wheel making full 360 option i.e more commands such as: internet, chat, contracts, music player etc. Wheel of fortune with customisation. A few cosmetic enhancements and that’s it!

  2. TAUSMC says:

    Who cares if it is metal or plastic. As long as Samsung keeps the removable battery and expandable memory option. People with metal phones cover it in plastic anyways. Also putting your phone in a case makes it bulkier and heavier which defeats the purpose of having a thin light phone. Metal scratches easier, it’s heavier, and is more expensive to replace. If my plastic (Polycarbonate which comes on your vehicles) gets damaged then I can go online and replace it for 5 dollars or less. I don’t put a case on my phone because I don’t really have to worry about it getting scratch up. If it is switched to metal then I will have to start putting my phone in a case.

  3. Mike Mike says:

    I have the Note 3 and love it! Many friends that have other brands of phones say they would change over, including isheeple, if the note was smaller because they can’t get enough of my phone’s OS, features, customization and look. So the S5 would have a broad fan base if they did do this.

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