BBM for Android, iOS claimed a huge success updates promised


After months of waiting and seeing some false starts BlackBerry released its Messenger service to rival platforms recently, and after only a few hours of being available the BBM app for Android and IOS is claimed to be a huge success with future updates promised to provide more features to the service.

Andrew Bocking has provided an update on the BBM release for Android and iOS and has revealed that over 10 million downloads of the app have been carried out, and stated that the team behind the app are really pleased with the success of the apps launch.

It has also been revealed that the app quickly took the number one spot for free apps in the Apple App Store in over 75 countries, which included the likes of the UK, US, and Canada. Both the Google Play Store and App Store have seen a number of positive reviews from users, while on Google Play there are 60,000 five star reviews out of a total of around 87,000.

Six million users pre-registered to find out when the App would first become available which also meant they had already reserved their place in the queue to get access to the app, although a work around was soon found to beat this.

Blocking continued that the team behind the app are working on the Android and iOS versions to bring them in line with the BB10 offering, which will mean we will see BBM Channels, BBM Voice, and BBM Video added to the service at a later date.

There are some other features promised to be in the pipeline for the future and if you need some guidance on how to get the most out of the BBM app check out our earlier article that contained a number of instructional videos.

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