BBM for Android, iPhone update to bring welcomed features


Despite delays and some early issues the BBM app has been downloaded and enjoyed by millions of mobile users since it was released, and in the coming months BBM for Android and iPhone is set to bring some welcomed new features to the service in future updates.

Both the Android and iPhone versions of the BBM app have recently seen some minor updates that were mainly to fix some early issues, but it has been revealed that in the future users of both versions of the app can look forward to being able to make voice and video calls via the service.

This information has come from BBM head Andrew Bocking who stated the extra features will be available within months, but the company is looking to make money from the service by targeting users with ads.

Before you head for the delete button though it seems that these adds won’t be added to the standard part of the BBM app, but instead to BBM Channels. This upcoming service is going to give BBM a more social feel where users will be able to connect to individuals or groups in real time, which could range from artists, brands, and much more.

BBM Channels is due to launch in the coming weeks but could remain a beta to begin with as the service is tweaked and added to.

Are you looking foward to being able to make voice and video calls via BBM?

Source: MobileSyrup.

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