HTC M8 with Sense 6.0 is One successor


Many HTC One users have said that this smartphone is close to perfection, so what next?

Will it be the HTC One 2 next we super specs that will be pure perfection? No, we are guessing it will be the HTC M8 as the successor and thanks to @evleaks they have tweeted “HTC M8 will be the first Sense 6.0 handset.”

The HTC M8 will surely be the HTC One successor; details are very slim on the M8.

There are no details on design, release, price, basically nothing other than hearsay, so for now all we can do is dream up what we would like to see specification wise on the HTC M8.

HTC M8 Specs Considered
How about a 5 to 5.2-inch display, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, evolved 8-megapixel Ultrapixel camera, 3GB RAM and a bigger battery than the HTC One, would be nice to see smaller bezels.

What HTC M8 specs would you like?


13 thoughts on “HTC M8 with Sense 6.0 is One successor”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Good luck on those wishes spec wise. By the time the Htc M8 launches the Galaxy S5 would’ve blown it out of the water so easily. Matter of fact my current Note 3 already does that today

    1. Craig says:

      Samsung only “blow things out of the water” because they throw so much money at advertising – – giving people the illusion that they have a great product. Just because something sells in massive numbers it doesn’t actually make it any good. If you had actually picked up an HTCOne then you will experience a
      product that is far superior than the mass produced rubbish that Samsung
      feed to the masses

      1. saalnaz says:

        Exactly… It is like saying McDonald’s is good for you because it sells in billions… We all know McDonald’s is junk and poison.. HTC one is the best phone I have ever had… After 5 months it is still like new… With 2 major updates in the five months, you can’t beat it really… The phone has been great and there is no chance I’m changing anytime soon…. The battery after one month stabilised and it gives me a good 24 hours of daily use…
        The Samsung lagging seems like it never goes away even if they throw at it 10 gb ram… I don’t think the curved screen with fix it either.. Haha…

    2. squiddy20 says:

      1. As I’ve said repeatedly to your moronic claims that your Note 3 beats [insert regular sized smartphone], what you’re doing is no different than comparing an SUV to a sedan, a tablet to a smartphone, or a laptop/desktop to a tablet. Of course the bigger car/device will have more power, space, and capabilities. This is no different since the M8 seems likely to be a regular sized smartphone, as opposed to a “phablet”. Idiot.
      2. This is the same idiot who claimed to “know” the specs of the S4 weeks ahead of its unveiling, and turned out to be totally horribly wrong on all accounts. Stupid hypocrite. Why don’t you learn from your past and shut up about things you can’t possibly “know”, when even the journalists closer to the story than you, don’t.

    3. radiotrib says:

      Same old Yarrell … same old bullsh .. .same old Troll doing his best 🙂 .. do they pay you per post or just give you a free phone every year or so ???

      Cheap as the rubbish you crow about .. sad little boy

  2. Descb600f says:

    Why does the screen need to be bigger to make the phone better, the average hand isn’t getting any bigger. More battery life would be handy thou.

  3. anand nayyar says:

    It needs the logo to be a touch button or a finger scanner like on the max only in the front where it makes more sense and doesn’t smudge the lens.

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