iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 needed after 7.0.3 problems


Almost as soon as Apple originally made public the iOS 7 operating system back in September the software has been beset with numerous problems, and since the last update iOS 7.0.3 was released is has been fantastic for some, but there are a few that have problems with this latest iOS 7 iteration with iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 needed after these problems.

There were many hoping that the release of iOS 7.0.3 would fix all the problems the operating system has been suffering, but new bugs have come with the latest firmware update. Since the update there have been reports that some iPhone 5S users have had issues as well as problems on the iPhone 4 and iPad mini.

iOS 7.0.3 did fix some issues though such as sending and receiving messages via the iMessage service, and it also brought with it the iCloud Keychain security feature. Apple though doesn’t normally pre warn users about impending iOS updates so we won’t know how long it will be before iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 will be released.

There have also been some complaints about battery life for some iPhone owners but for other users things have been fine. The latest update has addressed the sensor issue for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C that caused them to be two to three degrees off, or in some cases five or six.

The iOS 7 operating system has arguably been the most plagued version of the software to date that has already seen updates that have yet to iron out all of the problems that some users have been experiencing.

Have you had any problems with iOS 7.0.3?


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    1. Laura says:

      I had this problem too when my iPhone randomly restarted itself slightly after i turned it off! I had to send away for a replacement because there was nothing my network could do,they told me just to contact Apple about it.

  1. Матт Реякіпѕ says:

    So far my only issue with iOS 7.0.3 is they still haven’t fixed the battery drainage issue.

    I disabled everything I normally do in iOS 6 (3G, BlueTooth, iMessage, etc) plus disabled iOS 7 exclusives (Background App Refresh, Auto Updates) and I even turned on Reduce Motion and I use the “stills” wallpaper rather than the “dynamic” wallpaper. The battery still drains a lot faster in iOS 7 than in iOS 6. In iOS 6 I could at times squeeze out 12 hours of usage, now even with my settings tweaks I’m lucky to squeeze out 8 hours of usage. In iOS 6 I could have a standby over 24 hours (I fully charge before bed and unplug it to avoid overcharging, then put it into airplane mode until I wake up while keeping it into sleep mode), doing the same in iOS 7, I’m lucky to get 16 hours of standby.

    I understand that a new OS means it’s gonna be more power hungry but 4-8 hours difference even after disabling the iOS 7 exclusive features? I could live with just 1-2 hours difference but 4-8 is too much of a sacrifice on an iPhone 5 6GB.

    1. Jaden Levi says:

      You cannot overcharge a Lithium Polymer battery. Read Apple’s own site to see why. When it reaches 100% it stops charging. This is the price you pay for jumping with all the other Lemmings 🙂

      1. Real Talk says:

        Technically no. You are correct. What it actually does it drain and recharge a minuscule amount of battery to continue remaining at 100%. What is actually bad is keeping your battery at 100% since the power of the electric charge drains the life faster. That is why they tell you, if you’re going to not be using a battery for a significant amount of time, to drain the battery to 50%. I actually read an article that said the best amount of power in a charge that is conducive to a long battery life is around 80%.

        Again, anyone that tells u leaving your battery charged overnight doesn’t kill the power is technically correct. However, holding a charge at 100% for a significant duration of time will. Read your own information before “jumping with all the lemmings”

      2. Матт Реякіпѕ says:

        Jaden. You sound like the typical Android fanboy who buys a cheap Android device, then goes and looks for as little information on the topic as they can to come up with a response that’s rarely correct.

        Like your comment right now. No battery completely stops charging because all batteries have to let out some juice. Only turning off the phone will stop it from losing battery. If your phone is turned on even if charging it’s losing miniscule amounts of battery. Because when your phone is on, the operating system is still doing it’s thing, even if you’re not using it. This includes during charging and during sleep mode.

  2. Kayla says:

    My battery life was just fine until the iOS 7.0.3 fix and now it drains in one day. I use to go 3 days almost before I had to charge it. Just yesterday I let the battery drain completely on its own and recharge it fully but that did not help. I finished charging my phone 8 hours ago almost exactly and I am down to 58% already and I have only sent a few texts! I make sure I shut down all backround refresh. I am super annoyed 🙁

  3. DuChapeau says:

    My iPhone 4S had decent battery life until the day I did the 7.0.3 software update.
    Since the day I did this update, my phone’s battery life is TERRIBLE. It drains at a rate about 2.5x faster than before.
    Apple – Do an update to fix this terrible problem, or lose this customer. Seriously.
    Fix this problem NOW.

  4. Chad says:

    This is a terrible operating system – Apple is descending into the realm of Microsoft – what a tragic departure from a once solid brand and experience

  5. hazzy says:

    no sounds for phone tones at all vol up button no go, and mute button doesn’t work either. I can play a song no problems but messages alerts and calls are all silent,,also when in call to put it to speaker is faint and quiet as the default vol level is just above 50% this is the worst update yet. I cant do anything and miss all important calls… thanks

    1. Ali Rahat says:

      Even I have updated to 7.0.3 and most of the times I keep my phone connected to wi-fi but I am not facing this battery draining problem. My battery is responding well.

    2. Pablo says:

      I totally agree have the I Pad 2 and after iis7 version 3 my battery life is appalling I have to charge every day at least onece, no other issues. Might be a very clever ploy by Apple to get you to purchase a new piece of hardware… Wish had never updated software. Hey hoy..

  6. lynll1 says:

    i hate it….. can not believe the problems i have had when i done the ios7 updates it put my phone into recovery mode, the only way i could get it out of recovery was to connect to my laptop and completely restore, which meant i lost everything on my phone, which wasn’t to bad as my laptop backed everything up well that’s what i though until i turned my laptop back on and it had total locked me out of my laptop and i had to restore back to factory settings, so yes i did loss everything and ever since my phone has run very slow and i keep getting messages saying i clouds does not have enough memory to back up , my phone is due for an upgrade and i can honestly say i will be staying well away from iPhone from now on

  7. Rohail Malik says:

    I have the problem! That happened once last week on my iphone 4. I was at around 25% battery life and it shut off. I charged it back up and it hasn’t happened again. If I continues to happen I would make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple store. It lags so really bad over all. So it pissed me off!

  8. Johnny Peralta says:

    I love ios 7 but i miss the super speed my iphone 4s had with ios 6 its been greatly improved but honestly im mad that they didnt optimize it as they could have….well doesnt matter im upgrading to the 5c in a month but i feel for the people who cant upgrade yet and are on ios 7

  9. ios7 - not fully baked says:

    ios7 is a joke of an operating system. the range of problems and issues is ever expanding. From was of use to interoperability to design/re-design and look-user experience. Changing the look of everything to the screen, to the icons, to colors & brightness is an abject failure. Apple has lowered it’s standards to the lowest common denominator and put no apparent effort into the most basic of Apple’s founding principles. Worse yet things that worked badly (or not at all) have gotten worse. Things that were intuitive and well known to iphone users got changed and are absolutely un-intuitive. Stability issues abound and Siri has gone rom being a ‘work in progress” to an incompetent nincompoop. Another staple of Apple’s the ability to personalize and customize is now ‘this is what ‘most’ people want”. Well most people have no idea what they’re talking about and shouldn’t be asked for their design input. Most of the world around us that is designed is ugly, derrivative and purposeless. Even the features that purport to allow customization don’t work properly or consistently. Dynamic text doesn’t affect all text. The hue of reverse text is garish. Instead of simplify and economy of function it takes two to three more steps to accomplish a task and the navigation steps are senseless. Their dramatic step to do a complete re-design inside and out is both arrogant and stupid. ios6 was fine. A couple changes here and there would have been enough As a long, long time customer and user (and previously advocate) of Apple products it is embarrassing and a shame how Tom Cook et al have driven this company into a ditch.they need to issue a monster apology (yes, another one) allow anyone who wants to to revert to ios6 and get some developers and designers in hourse (and some executives) who have a clue about getting back to Apple’s roots and high standards. I hate ios7 so much that I am now forced to think about what do I migrate to…argh, what a terrible choice to have to pick from the bottom of the barrel of mediocrity.

    1. RickT says:

      I totally agree! I guess I should be somewhat happy that I haven’t had too many technical problems.
      But dang!!!! I hate the whole new design. Looks like a significant downgrade. Had to get a new calendar app and still can’t use maps app. I was hoping for a good alternative to pandora but they completely failed with iradio. Why can’t I listen to the music I own and pay to have in the cloud without downloading to my phone?!?
      Wish I never “upgraded”. Had planned to get new phones for me and my family but definitely having second thoughts. Contract is up and need to start expanding my horizons with other companies.

  10. artappple says:

    Ever since the 7.0.3 update my WIFI is not working at all. The swipe tab button is greyed out and it won’t allow you to turn WIFI on. I have done all the necessary troubleshooting from restoring it and etc. STILL SAME NO WIFI AND BUTTON IS GREYED OUT! Please fix asap!! This is by far the worse update.

    1. Martin says:

      i have a brand new 4s here… As soon as the update 7.0.3 finished the wi-fi is grayed out !

      THat is soo stupid …paying that amount of money for something that you cant use !

  11. Anzar says:

    The transitions are slow .. When coming out of the app there is a lag to when u can actually use the screen … There is a bug in phone app as when u try to delete individual calls by swiping u are sent to the call summary page … I am using unlocked iPhone 5S

  12. Katy says:

    I can connect to different wifi except my house wifi. and theres nothing wrong with the wifi in my house. and my battery dies fast. Apple needs to fix these issues.

  13. I'm me says:

    Ios 7.0.3 not sending notification on find my friends when there set. I use this on my son iPhone so when he get to certain places it will tell me on my iPhone but this is now not working on ios 7.0.3 grrrr

  14. Kelvin says:

    Safari crashes every so often since 7.0 including on 7.0.3. SMS messages get sent as text to another iPhone yes the response from the person comes in as an iMessage.

  15. Ahmed Demi says:

    iOS 7.0.3 worst on iPhone 4S. Poor battery. Poor performance. Way back in iOS 6 I used to get around 6-9 hours. But now I get only around 3 hours and it’s painful. Too many bugs. I don’t even care about the bugs but battery life is making me think of switching to android. Please suggest me tips to attain the maximum battery life. I’ve even turned all the battery consuming settings off. But then too no use from it.

          1. jmpricesr1 says:

            You are right I thought I said Note 3 but didn’t proof read. I forgot that Note 4 may be coming out around that time so I’ll wait and see what it does. either way Apple needs to do better !

  16. gate106 says:

    In short, I am still runing 6.0.1 on my 4S. I have been waiting for most if not all of the problems to be fixed before jumping on 7.0.3 or whatever. However I did have a problem where I was getting ghost app updates on the App Store app. When I went to apply them they weren’t there. Very annoying . But , this problem disappeared when the IMDb app was updated on 10/31. The point is, it’s possible that some apps may be causing issues, especially with all the app activity for IOS 7. IMDb was also updated 9/23 and 10/7. I didn’t make the connection to IMDb until the 10/31 update and the issue disappeared. I will jump on the IOS 7 upgrade—soon.

  17. Guest says:

    On my iPad mini, after the update to 7.0.3, the battery goes in less than three hours. The device has basically lost its utility. I wonder if the 7.0.3 update isn’t a part of the Apple policy to bring you to buy their most advanced products (such as the new mini iPad, iPad air, 5c or 5s where that update runs amazingly good).

  18. Takir Hossain says:

    i m using iphone4 & i m facing some major problems like as battery,speed,performance etc. what may be the solution for me??? can anyone suggest me what to do now please???

  19. mwanderson says:

    For me the only problem is that at exactly 19% battery my iPhone 5 switches itself off, believing itself to have no more juice left. So, as is the usual case, I’m going to do a full restore and hope it solves the problem. But I’d love to know if anyone else has had this exact same problem?

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