Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update problems continue to roll


Owners of a certain Samsung smartphone have been having quite a few issues over the last few days, and as the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update continues its journey around the world the problems with it continue to roll.

A few days ago we heard that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update was released in the UK to download, and it soon become apparent that a lot of users have been experiencing some major issues with the firmware.

For a while it seemed that the update had been halted but it is now available again in the UK after checking our handset again this morning. There were many reports the day before that the update had been pulled and after checking ourselves it was unavailable for a time.

One of the biggest problems that have been affecting users once the update has been installed is terrible battery life, some of our readers have complained of losing 50% in only 2 hours. Other complaints have focussed on the handset just freezing up and the battery needing to be removed to solve the issue until it happens again.

The Wi-Fi connection has been complained about and also a number of complaints have been made about the music player on the handset having a mind of its own. A lot of these complaints have come into us recently while others emerged as soon as the software went live in the country, while there were also many users in Ireland where the software was first released also experiencing the same problems.

Another issue that has been found with the 4.3 update has been the serious lag with the handset especially with the home screen, and it makes you think the company couldn’t have done a lot of testing with the software. Other users have complained that the KIES app no longer recognises their handset.

Many will be hoping that Samsung quickly provides a patch to address the problems and it makes you wonder how long it will be before the company publicly acknowledges it. Users are advised not to upgrade for now and wait until the bugs are ironed out of the software.

Have you avoided updating your Galaxy S3?


9 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update problems continue to roll”

  1. Brian says:

    I updated my S3 to 4.3 on 12/11/13 .I am also suffering from battery drain, flat in about 6 hours,could this be caused by Galaxy Gear compatibility? There is no way to switch it off, there is also considerable lag when using the home button,prior to update it was almost instant, multi window does not work now even though the icon is still present. On the upside can now move apps to external card and Swift Key starts at boot! Problem with music player it stutters and skips intermittently.

  2. Scott says:

    I am so dreadfully unhappy. I installed this alst night and my phone has been nigh un-useable since. Sometimes it wont wake, other times it take five or six seconds to wake. Notifcations do not clear and magically come back time after time. The battery lasts about four hours before going down to less than 20% from a full charge with the handset not being used. Also annoyingly the alarm doesnt work. That is of course if you can get the phone to last seven hours on airplane mode from a full charge.

  3. martin s says:

    Updated 2 days ago now and its absolutely dresdful my s3 now has a mind of its own. Main problems are the screen does what it wants during a call and then on Internet either mobile data or wifi the words… Unfortunately internet has stopped….oh and it takes an age for the home screen to wake. WHY???? SAMSUNG GET THIS SORTED OR ALLOW US TO DOWNLOAD PREVIOUS jellybean via a system update at least the old version worked
    NOT A HAPPY CHAPPY, samsung.

  4. Tracy says:

    Phone gets super hot in your hand. Battery drains immediately. You always have to be mindful of your ticking time bomb dead battery. Laggy. I’m not feeling any love from this piece. I’m over the cute commercials…I’m back on the Apple cart…

  5. GMorgan says:

    I’m having similar problems to all of you. My main problem is the keypad when texting. It’s gone like a keyboard and I can’t change it back to how I had it. Can anyone help or advise how to change back my keypad please?

  6. Jamie Jameson says:

    What a crock. I downloaded the new update all a tingle because I was getting a new update. What I didn’t realize i was getting was a constant barrage of music file download notifications for music that was on my phone prior to the update. No matter how many times I clear it out it pop right back up minutes later. I’m talking like 30 songs. This is ridiculous. Please Samsung, Google, whomever get this resolved quickly. I always had good things to say about android and while I’m probably not leaving the platform anytime soon this is just embarrassing! SMH!

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