iPhone phablet desirability vs. Galaxy Note 3, late 2014


Those of us that want a larger sized smartphone arguably the best handset that money can currently buy is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Trouble is not everyone wants an Android handset so we are now looking at iPhone phablet desirability vs. Galaxy Note 3 for late 2014.

There are still many iPhone fans that hanker after a larger display and feel that the 4-inches of the current model just don’t cut it in 2013. There are hopes and rumours that Apple is working on a number of display sizes for the iPhone 6 release next year.

We have heard talk that the company is looking at the possibility of offering its own phablet sized device next year in a move to compete with the likes of Samsung, Sony, and HTC that have launched larger sized displays this year.

Samsung brought us the Galaxy Note 3 that saw an increase in screen real estate without making the handset any larger than last year’s model despite the larger touchscreen display. Those that have already purchased the handset have been singing its praises saying it’s the best device they have ever owned, and not all of them were originally fans of the company.

We have already heard talk that Apple could again release two new iPhone models next year, but unlike 2013 both handsets are claimed to be flagship models with a shorter timeframe in between each model.

So have you decided to skip the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 this year in the hope of an iPhone phablet being released in 2014?


4 thoughts on “iPhone phablet desirability vs. Galaxy Note 3, late 2014”

  1. Truffol says:

    The iPhone is at 4.0 inches. Even if Apple was to release a phablet in 2014 they are now only rumored to be at 4.8 inches. I doubt Apple would jump right away from 4 to 5.7 inches. It took Samsung some 3-4 years to get there (from the original 4.3 inches).

  2. Chip Timber says:

    Has no one reported on the Polish Fone570Q yet? I have no problems with mine, no more than the iPhone anyway, and what a bargain, including case, screen covers, memory card etc. All for 350 quid sim free. Oh, and dual sim to boot.

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