HTC One Mini vs Galaxy S3 vs Note 2 speed test


Mini versions of flagship smartphones often have lesser specs than their larger counterparts. The HTC One mini recently released, and we thought it would be interesting to show how it compares with two Samsung flagship devices from last year when booting up. Hence we’re looking at HTC One mini vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Note 2 speed tests.

Smaller models of successful flagship devices are becoming increasingly popular, despite their often-downgraded specs. While it might not be fair to pitch the HTC One mini against the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 that both released this year, it seems fair game to compare it against the Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

The first YouTube video that you can see below this story features the HTC One mini against the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a bid to see which is fastest. First the devices are shown booting up where the S3 is noted to be quicker and then the same test is shown where the HTC One mini has the fast boot mode on.

The second video below features the HTC One mini with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in a boot up test with the HTC One mini’s fast boot mode off, and then repeats the test with fast boot on. Again there’s a noticeable difference in how quickly the HTC One mini boots up when fast booting is enabled.

The Galaxy devices are both quicker booting up when the HTC One mini has fast boot off. However, the HTC One mini is noticeable faster in booting up once the fast boot mode is enabled, beating both of the Samsung Galaxy phones.

It’s an interesting look at the difference made by the fast boot mode of the HTC One mini. Are you impressed by the fast booting time? If you have the HTC One mini do you usually have fast booting turned on? Let us know with your comments.

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