Virgin Media UK prices iPhone 5S, 5C ready for release


The majority of the UK mobile market offer their customers the Apple iPhone and have been doing so for years now, but customers of Virgin Mobile that wanted an iPhone would have to purchase one away from the carrier at a higher expense. Now though Virgin Media UK prices the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C ready for release.

Earlier this month we brought you the news that the carrier which piggy backs onto the EE network would finally offer its customers the new 2013 iPhone models. At the time there was no pricing made available but that has changed ready for the release this coming Friday, November 22nd.

The iPhone 5S will start at £69 with a new two year contract for all three storage options on the handset, while the iPhone 5C will set you back £29 for the 16GB model going up to £69 for the iPhone 5C 32GB option, and of course this is with a new two year contract being agreed to.

Monthly contracts for the iPhone 5S begin at a lofty £41 each month but for your money you get 1,200 minutes of talk time, unlimited SMS messages, and 1GB of data downloads. The company is also offering the iPhone 4S for the first time as well with no upfront cost on a contract costing £23 each month.

The only trouble is these prices that the carrier have released are for those that are already customers of Virgin Media with a home phone, broadband, or TV service so other customers including those already using the mobile side of the business will have to pay more.

Will you get an iPhone from Virgin?

Source: Virgin.

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