Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update also causing problems


It seems as if Samsung has not been testing its firmware updates sufficiently recently as not only owners of the Galaxy S3 been met with numerous issues with the Android 4.3 update, it is also causing problems for the owners of Galaxy S4.

We have seen the release of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update spreading recently despite issues elsewhere with the firmware for the Galaxy S3, and it seems that the S4 version is also suffering from some problems.

It doesn’t seem so widespread but the main problem with the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update for the device is the Wi-Fi connection. We have had a number of readers contacting us complaining of having problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network which were fine before the update was installed.

We have also had contact from a Rogers customer over in Canada that recently released the update who is complaining of huge battery drain since installing the software. The release of the update for the Galaxy S4 was a strange one as carriers in the US had already pulled the update, which followed it being pulled elsewhere for the Galaxy S3.

It doesn’t seem as if the Galaxy S4 problems with the Android update are as serious as the S3 issues though, but time will tell as more users begin receiving the new operating system. At the time of writing there is no sign of a fix or re-release for the international version of the Galaxy S3 though.

The same update has begun its journey for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and so far there haven’t been any widespread reports of problems for this version of the Android OS. Considering the amount of time handsets such as the Galaxy S3 have been waiting for a new version of the Jelly Bean OS it’s a pretty bad performance from Samsung.

Have you had any problems since updating your Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean?


165 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update also causing problems”

  1. Sigal Lifschitz says:


    I have just updated to version 4.3 on my S4 and my predictive text is not working. It is on but not working. Neither is my swipe typing. Any idea how to fix this?

  2. OMW says:

    also having huge issues with battery draining. Charged it this morning to 98%, was on whatsapp sending / receiving approx. 10 messages (no pictures) and then it went completely flat.

  3. Ian says:

    The update seems to have removed the ability to connect to kies via wifi- and the new version of Kies won’t allow syncing calendars and contacts with Outlook anymore. WTF?

  4. Manas says:

    Post android 4.3 update in my Galaxy S4-
    1. Massive battery drain.
    2. Can’t share music files via music player.
    And Samsung customer service people aren’t trying to fix the issue.

  5. Matt says:

    WiFI is a disaster since the upgrade. The german firmware got another recent upgrade of 4.3 to EMK8 but it does not solve the issue of network connection disappearing and reconnecting frequently.

  6. SafcPorto says:

    4,3 a disaster of an upgrade ruined my Galaxy S3 – no sync possible with Kies 3, no Outlook, music, contacts sync. Slow / impossible to switch on phone, battery drain enormous. Silence about issue from Samsung a disgrace . Back to Iphone for me.

  7. Anneline says:

    I’ve updated yesterday and since then I get the message “NO NETWORK AVAILABLE”. No calls in or out, no sms’s, no internet if I’m not in a wifi zone. What the heck am I suppose to do now??? The phone is useless to me for any use except browsing facebook at home!!??!

  8. Samsung s4 says:

    Battery life sucks, WiFi connection disappearing and reconnecting frequently. What ever happened to the mobile data on the notification bar when sliding down, bring it back.

  9. Michelle Allen says:

    I updated and my phone says no network, constantly freezes and turns itself off, freezes while im texting. So bludy annoying… Pay a monthly contract for a phone I cant even use.. WHAT A JOKE. anyone know who I can contact to get some money back from my contract

  10. FUNKITRON says:

    Well I guess its not only s3 and s4… I have the note 3 with stock 4.3 and have the same problem… WIFI is extremely unstable… I have to use my ipad to connect to the internet all the time!!!

  11. AceWall says:

    I am from Malaysia. Ever since updated my S4 LTE to JB 4.3 in early Nov, the problems are:
    1. Lagging on keyboard typing. I hv to blindly press the keyboard and wait for few seconds for the letters to pop up.
    2. Battery draining out in 4 to 5 hours. I hv to stand by my backup battery and charger with my sling bag wherever I go.
    3. The screen seems heating. Good timing for the winter heating. Wait! There is no winter in Malaysia.
    4. It is hard to connect to the home and office WiFi. I sway I pay the internet bills.
    5. The handset hang for a couple of times.

    SAMSUNG, pls get over a solution or at least make a fallback plan to JB 4.2.2.
    I am a big fan of SAMSUNG, dont make me roll over to SONY.

  12. kgum says:

    Constantly freezing on the lock screen. I’m unable to answer calls or open my phone. Also loosing wifi all the time. Have to reboot to connect. This sucks, fix it Google.

  13. Rick says:

    Since I updated on my S4 I have had a very unstable wifi connection. Since the update once wifi is connected most of my apps are unable to connect to a network but once wifi is disabled they work perfectly fine. These Apps include but not limited to Pandora, Slacker, Candy Crush , Hero Wars, YouTube and many others. Google Chrome works perfectly fine though.

  14. CelticBear says:

    Battery Drains so so fast! Not only that but I also notice it does not charge nearly as fast as it once did. Very disappointed that now auto correct seems to choose what I want instead of allowing me to click what I want or leave spelling the way I like. Things like “ikr”, “wth”, “imo” all had to now be added to my dictionary and there’s no option I can find to turn this autocracy off.

  15. Harry says:

    Canadian version has no problem.. I use a SGH-i337M to be exact. My battery drain is stable, and it told me my WiFi was unstable, but I just went to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap menu key > Advanced and enabled “Auto network switch”. Didn’t get any other problems tho. Knox is useless.

  16. Sonny says:

    I have S3 and I am having the same issues with WIFI which only works if i turn off the mobile data, notifications keep popping up, contacts don’t show sometimes, etc.

  17. Manisha B says:

    Yes I updated and now if I open any app the phone shuts down after 2 mins and refuses to restart unless I up it for charge….and that too even if my battery is 80%..how can I solve this issue?

  18. rhonnie says:

    Maybe it really depends in ur wifi connection. After updating my s4 to 4.3 i dont see any problem so far. It became more faster than before 4.2.2. Maybe when updating dont use ur phone until the installation ended. More functions became available. No bugs at all. It works smoothly. Goodjob samsung thanks for the update =)

  19. Red_Baron1234 says:

    Yep battery goes down. Not compatible with Kies 2, only with Kies 3 which shows no facility for contacts etc. Waste of time. Samsung is going from bad to worse. I had no problems with my Sony with updates etc.

  20. Pika Neko says:

    Too late for me updated my S$ yesterday and im srry i did. My battery that use to last around 5 days now lasts 5 hours on standby, this update is a major fail 🙁

    Extra note i have the 8 core i9500 might be different for the 4 core versions.

  21. xdaisyourfriend says:

    Some of the issues described here appeared on an S4 that I left at 4.2.2 and only updated the radios (US verizon S4, I wanted the AWS bands for LTE)
    I lost wi-fi (knox blocked it for some reason) the volume control buttons no longer functioned, and I didn’t get the LTE AWS service anyway.
    Point being, not sure if 4.3 is the issue, there’s probably modem/wifi firmware to blame for some of these issues. And Samsung. Android 4.3 (lol, linux w/ fake java), probably not to blame so much.

  22. ALi__ says:

    samsung s4, battery drain, apps not working, skype cam turns off, browser is slow, loading is slow, images freeze before it processes it… its a disaster… Very Disappointed in Samsung… z10 wasn’t as bad now that i think of it… might move to the next leading brand… LG NExus if this SH!T keeps up….

  23. Melzbar says:

    Since I downloaded 4.3 on my S4 the screen is unresponsive sometimes when i press the home/ power buttons to wake from standby mode. The touchscreen function still works and if I swipe the screen I hear it unlock but the screen stays black for like a minute.

  24. Cristhian Mejia says:

    I have updated as well on my Galaxy S4. I have no issues, phone is working fine. All I can suggest is to do what I did. I deleted all my user info using the option in recovery. But you can also do it from the storage option in the settings. This should help, if not try reinstalling the software again through Kies.

  25. Oz says:

    Yes i cant join onto my wifi at work anymore it connects to the wifi but then it cant authenticate this only started ever since i downloaded the 4.3 it really sucks with.

  26. Theo says:

    Issues with 4.3 update on my S4 (carrier: Vodafone Greece)

    – Huge battery drain (approx. 50% down!)

    – Alarm clock freezes systematically

    – Phone freezes occasionally

    – Phone temp often noticeably high

    – Some third party apps malfunction

  27. Androidknowledge says:

    Has it crossed anyone’s mind that the issue could be with the apps you have installed on your phone rather than the firmware, i suspect that most of the apps you have now aren’t supported for 4.3 yet, most of them will be for 4.2 or older so for everybody having problems on the s4 with 4.3 firmware do the following

    1. Back up all the stuff you want to keep on the phone
    2. do a factory reset then when it boots up don’t let the play store automatically re install your apps, do it yourself but only a few apps at a time and give it a day before adding more, this way you’ll find what apps are causing the issues with 4.3 as the firmware works flawlessly on my S4 with no issues and after 2 days of use it seems my battery life is better than it was before

      1. Androidknowledge says:

        no and the reason for that is I’M NOT WRONG, the same phone with the same update but quite a few different issues but OF COURSE it must be the update! it couldn’t possibly be the incompatible apps that have haunted every major android update since Gingerbread, however if you know better feel free to share your knowledge…..

        1. S4User says:

          You are wrong unfortunately. Apps installed on the device would have nothing to do with “Android system” using 91% of my devices battery in an average discharge cycle.

          This is entirely firmware related.

          1. Androidknowledge says:

            look up a bit and you’ll find someone who has followed my steps and guess what , it works! and please do some research incompatible apps WILL drain your Battery extremely quickly, when you updated your phone the apps you have on your phone were for 4.22 not 4.3 it only needs one app that can’t close properly to screw up your phone (and thats assuming all your apps are from the play store)

            It’s your choice but look at it from this angle, why is mine working better than ever but yours isn’t? there HAS to be a reason and i can assure you it isn’t luck, so what did i do different to you when i installed the new firmware………………..

            it’s your choice, i wish you luck.

  28. tingoo says:

    s4 after update battery drains in 2/3 hrs, phone get heated up badly while calling , sluggish operation, wifi missing and various other issues . i am in bahrain where to report

  29. switched says:

    I can’t connect to wifi or use mobile data since the update. Texting and phone calls still work but there is no internet access regardless if it attempts to access wifi or use data. Is there any known fixes with this, yet?

  30. Gabe says:

    Hi I just updated my galaxy s4 to 4.3 and I can’t use my default app for text messaging. I have to use hangouts is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

  31. luai says:

    Y noticed bugs in 4.3 update:
    1. Huge battery drain by android system or Google search.
    2. The launcher isn’t that improved and redraws allot.
    3. RAM consumption is only slightly improved.
    4. Keyboard does not return automatically to the letters after a message is sent.
    5. Air view doesn’t work on notification area anymore.

    I don’t think a big company like Samsung with the fact that rivals are working hard on their flagships (like Sony xperia z1) should let this be… It’s not even considered stable enough to be released.

  32. olearydc says:

    weeks ago, Phone life was just getting worse and worse until it started to last
    a few hours. Phoned Samsung, not much joy, did my own research and found issue
    with Battery was known and checked battery which was swollen and not flat no
    more. Had it replaced when I contacted Samsung again which was fair enough (also
    bought another battery on Amazon, just in case)…So just after that my battery
    life was approx. 26 hours or at least a full day. All Good

    Then Jelly bean came out..

    My battery now lasts approx.
    12 hours if lucky (tried on both official and spare battery that i have)

    Wi-Fi having issues at work.
    Home Okay…just at work

    Been told to power on/off
    routers and change settings J…Am
    sure IT at work would be impressed and Hotspots in town if I just ask them to
    change settings for little old me!.. That action plan is a bit lame really!

    Basically all of this has
    happened since upgrade, nothing changed my side, no new apps, no change of
    usage but now having issues where if I don’t charge my phone twice a day it is
    just a paper weight

    people report that they have had no issues after upgrade which is great but
    some people have and I think Samsung should be making a bigger effort to keep
    people informed on how they are going to fix or at least try to fix. I have
    phoned Samsung since regarding Wifi issue but response was its been recorded
    and no information regarding how it may be fixed so wont even bother now with
    Battery issue as I am sure I will get same response

    was a good mobile phone, now it’s a lot less mobile then before as its near
    enough always at the charger instead of my pocket..Which is quite Sad

    are more important things in life then this but must admit it’s a bit of a pain

    the best PR for Samsung…

  33. mo jo says:

    I have the samsung galaxy s4, it prompted me to upgrade a few days ago. Now the phone is slow, freezes and is really glitchy!
    Really disappointed.

    1. zeba gul janjua says:

      Thnx for ur comments nd suggestion . Can’t predict anything before , but let me follow the hectic procedure as suggested by u …. just on the hope that it fixes the issues .

  34. Question says:

    Ever since the 4.3 update my battery drains far faster with same usage. If I wanted a phone that had crappy battery I would have bought an iPhone (except I would want a working Maps program)

  35. zeba gul janjua says:

    Samsung galaxy S4 recent update a nuisance .Bad battery performance . This update is a battery sucker. Moreover while typing text it suddenly freezes for some while and then return to a normal function then again after typing a couple of lines it freezes and so on. It’s quite annoying and irritating . Even sometimes phone start acting in a mad way.
    uffffffff … disappointment and disappointment.
    There is someone pointing that its not update but the apps that are draining the battery. Sorry to say that its not concerned with apps . As apps are same as were before update . So how come they cast any impact on battery? Its just that update which is solely responsible for these issues.
    My set was performing much better before that imperfect update . I wish to have that old status again.
    Please address these issues . Otherwise its making me mad . Fixxxxxxx the issues not the consumer.

    1. Androidknowledge says:

      Sorry perhaps in my previous post i didn’t make it clear enough why it’s very likely to be your apps causing most, if not all of the issues, you wrote in your post it can’t be the apps as they are the same ones as before, but that is exactly why it might be your apps, to get to 4.3 wasn’t just an update being 789mb in size it’s a completely new O/S so how do you know your app which worked on the old O/S (4.2.2) will work on the completely new O/S (4.3) with out any issues? also a lot of apps in the play store have included updates to fix minor bugs with 4.3, but how many still have bugs? also if there wasn’t an issue between the apps on 4.2.2 why do bug fixes for 4.3?

      Just to be clear i’m only writing this to try and help people, not to upset them i followed the steps i posted and my phone is running 4.3 really well, i have the same s4 as everyone else and installed the same firmware as everyone else the only difference is i did a factory reset AFTER 4.3 then i installed the apps a few at a time with 24hrs between installing more and found 2 that would cause the phone to overheat and drain battery, international snooker and a darts game (world darts i think)

      Anyway its your choice but if you do try it just make sure to back up your data before doing a factory reset.

  36. kj23 says:

    I am somewhat glad this issue seems to be related to the 4.3 update. I haven’t been very satisfied with my S4’s performance since the update. It sometimes freezes and closes applications and there is constant “Unstable wi-fi Connections.” I hope this issue us sorted out soon.

  37. I use my phone as an alarm so in order to save battery I keep the phone on flight mode. Before the update, I only lost about
    1-2% by morning. After update? About 8%! Why? This needs to be fixed.

  38. stewpot says:

    Updated the software on my s4.
    Now its rubbish the battery drains.
    It constantly freezes when using or scrolling the screen.
    wifi is now glitching and hard to connect to pnes that it would connect to fine before.

    Trying to find a way of rolling it back as the negatives out way the positive of this rubbish update

  39. Lewis Hay says:

    Since updating 4.3 on my s4 the battery drains significantly faster, when I have the sound on the phone will turn itself onto silent, and when on silent it will randomly vibrate even when I don’t have any notifications, and every time I turn the phone on again after it being off the wallpaper resets. I loved my phone but now I absolutely hate it

  40. coolscorp says:

    Since updating to 4.3, my battery on the phone is getting drained even without using the phone much. Also the WIFI is getting disconnected again and again. My phone keeps freezing time and again.

  41. leonardlucky says:

    my battery go down wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to fast. fix? or at least update to a newer OS. I like the previous OS ( 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ? If im not mistaken. ). Pls do something OR downgrade?

  42. Rajan says:

    After upgrading my s4 to android 4.3 the battery draining is too high and as per the battery meter the android os is using most of the battery.
    Urgent action needed

    1. sapna says:

      my phn galaxy s4 lost its imie no. no netwok registerd….its saying pls insrt sim card….nd batry hs swelled like a bloon….mothr board is dead nd they r saying it dsnt cum in warnty……

  43. YL says:

    After Upgrading my s4 to Android 4.3, I have been experiencing freezes when I scroll website and even typing txt. Also delayed application response. The bump application stopped working.

  44. Ravinder says:

    There seems to be some problem with recent update for S4. Mainly the battery. Every morning I get my mobile switched off and when I try to start it the battery show only 5 or 6 percent even the phone was at around 80 percent and not used in the night.

    So I think there IS some problem with the update.

  45. Uzair Thakur says:


    I updated my Galaxy
    Note II (GT-N7100) via official 4.3 OTA update (India) and have been facing
    serious battery issues since then. I have tried the following:

    apps that were not important.

    Uninstalled KNOX.

    Disabled WiFi
    scanning all the time.

    Changing display
    mode to Standard from ‘Adapt’.

    Factory reset.

    And everything basic
    – reboot/killing apps etc etc.

    What are my options


  46. MoChesta says:

    I updated my Note 2 and battery life sucks, yahoo messenger crashes, camera crashes AND I had to install another launcher as the stock one crashed. WTF?

  47. Jj Bizzle says:

    I updated yesterday, all was working well till this morning. No 4G and could not connect to wifi period. Read to do a factory restore with I did regretfully, my phone is now useless as I believe restoring it bricked my phone.

  48. Gareth says:

    Dec 12th 2013. Ipswich UK. The last two software updates have totally f….my phone!!. Has frozen twice whilst writing this. Its constantly freezing and its so frustrating when trying to download, tweet, watch video or e-mail text etc not to mention when you need to make a quick Urgent call….lm also getting many pop ups and thats even when i’m trying to send a text message. Please Samsung sort out!!!! Thought you intended to be better than apple!! You .lose me and 1000s of others back to Apple…Ive got an upgrade and Im going to back to Apple if Samsung continie to provide awful hardware!!!..Battery drain completely changed for worse!!…reverse update! !!!

    1. Chris1oo says:

      Yep, same here. on vodafone UK with s4, got the update a few days ago and since then phone freezes every minute or so for a few seconds, consistently! no issue with battery or wifi yet but the freezing makes me think i will change from samsung as with their growth in recent years, quality has dramatically decreased. me thinks they are biting off more than they can currently chew. If you are researching as to whether to updated your software to 4.3 and haven’t yet, then DO NOT UPDATE 4.3 IS BROKEN!!!!!

  49. teestir says:

    Before the update I 100% loved my phone..after the update I hate it! My keyboard has a delay.says I have no internet connection when I have full bars.pop ups show up.I paid allot of hard earned money for this phone,I planned on buying my daughter one also but unless this bad update is fixed soon I won’t even recommend the galaxy let alone purchase another….

  50. Mikey Knott says:

    Yes, 4,3 being very bad on my S4. A lot of freezing issues on various areas, keyboard, camera, games, basically all operation is a hellish experience. Same goes for battery drain, which is the worst thing because I was actually very happy with the battery performance of my S4 compared to S2.

    I assume however as with all updates they will sort these problems out and release a fix asap (one would hope).

  51. spirits3250 says:

    This update is terrible. Before the update my phone worked great. Since the update my note 2 won’t automatically connect to wifi anymore. Won’t remember the password. Drops wifi connection randomly. Won’t download pictures anymore. Like others have said, battery drain is way too much. I need to use wifi all the time and this new wifi problem makes the phone useless to me. This shouldn’t be happening on a phone that costs so much. I’m very unhappy with it. I’m dumping it for a phone that works as it should. Terrible!! No more Samsung products for me.

  52. shin says:

    i recently purchased a samsung galaxy s4 from China which is on version 4.3, the phone is giving problems with unlocking it, my colleague bought the same phone but on version 4.2.2 but it was unlocked with no hassles. what is the issue with version 4.3? is there anyone who is experiencing a similar issue and have been able to unlock their phone

  53. Walt says:

    Phone was perfect for 3 months when I got it. Then the update. Since then phone reboots 15 plus times a day during calls, texts, web searches, sometimes when doing nothing, etc. without any real pattern. VERY IRRITATING!!!! I did the factory reset, put it in safe mode. Nothing has worked. I had problems with 8 plus Android phones on my last 2 year agreement with Verizon. NOT putting up with this ANYMORE! I’ll be switching to AT&T and the iPhone soon

  54. dazbo says:

    My S4 is a pain in the ass since the update! Sluggish, very sluggish, temporary freezes making me having to pause and wait in between doing things such as typing, battery drains faster and Wifi is worse! Please put me back on the previous firmware at the very least?????…………

  55. Not Happy says:

    Calls drop most the time. MAJOR PROBLEM even when I have full bars and reception since this upgrade tp 4.3. I can’t take ANY videos now. Actually, my Samsung S3 which is on Roger’s in Canada will record videos but every single video is totally corrupted only since this update to Android 4.3. Even tried setting video recordings to record on the device only and not on my SD card. Tried removing SD card and still bad video recordings that are useless! it also takes at least 10 seconds for the phone to even start dialing after I have typed in a number. Much of the itme the damn phone doesn’t even ring when people call me now!!!! WTF???? I now have an expensive paper-weight.

  56. mlrsparks1 says:

    2 days ago updated my Galaxy S4 on 02 wish I hadn’t phone keeps crashing & going into a loop, tried factory reset etc no joy ! only able to switch on if I connect charger. The battery level jumps down loosing 30% in 10 min wish I never upgraded

  57. reggiedog says:

    My ATT S4 upgrade has significantly degraded the phone re: wifi connections and web browsing.

    ATT is terrible at upgrades, which certainly makes me re-think them as a carrier going forward. I don’t want to buy a phone and expect it to last 2 years and either not be able to upgrade to latest software 6 months later, or have it downgrade my phone!

  58. Gizmo says:

    I have done the download unfortunately before I found about the problems. I have charged my phone for 12 hours then not even using it the batery lasted for about 4 hours, and that is with everything apart from sound and power saving mode turned off. Why oh why Samsung has this happened. It’s driving me mad. I need my phone for work when are you going to sort it?

  59. AlferZ says:

    Samsung software dept must be the WORST CASE OF INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT right after the Blackberry disaster… it is obvious that INSUFFICIENT OR NO TESTING AT ALL have been the root of all this and, frankly, for a billions dollar company this can only spell STOCK VALUE DISASTERS right ahead as massive recalls and customers just plain switching brands are going to have massive financial impact pretty soon…

  60. Simon says:

    I don’t think the Android 4.3 battery drain problem is just with Samsung. My HTC One lasts about 5 hours now. It drains even when it’s not in use.

  61. Leen says:

    Since 4.3 my phone won’t even turn on anymore. It froze once before when I first installed it but now all it does is vibrate, the charger symbol flashes on the screen then it goes dark and recycles the same screen. I can’t reset it, I can’t restore it, It literally does nothing. My phone is literally a BRICK.

  62. RAMY KHALIL says:


  63. tinkerbellS4 says:

    i just recently upgraded my s4 to 4.3 version…there’s no such problem so far…i was having a second thought upgrading it since i had read a lot of negative reviews..but since software upgrade always appear on my screen i gave it a shot..lucky me i prove to myself all the negative reviews was not for my s4…goodluck everyone! 😉

  64. jack says:

    true said..battery performance is like hell, it drains so fast.
    phone is also performing slow.
    Samsung please resolve this issue or it will down your show.

  65. stef says:

    I confirm that this up date is a shame my battery since i upgrade doesn t last more than a half day i have to charge my phone too time per day before this upgrade my battery was enough for 2 days it s an emergency that samsung release a correction

  66. marek says:

    Since i upgrade for 4.3 my S4 is freezing ,brightness jumping a bit all the time my clock showing wrong time even i set it and the phone is slower then before…. when the fix will come out?

  67. Dion says:

    Since the update, my S4 has been a piece of trash. Having a nightmare experience with simple tasks, like typing. How on earth do they think us customers will roll with it for a few months until the next update?? At least let us roll back to previous version. I went from the iPhone 4S to the galaxy S4, for all the little positive things that the S4 did well, this user experience has completely swung it back to the iphone for me. Never again, Samsung/Android.

  68. Dion says:

    Since the update, my S4 has been a piece of trash. Having a nightmare experience with simple tasks, like typing. How on earth do they think us customers will roll with it for a few months until the next update?? At least let us roll back to previous version. I went from the iPhone 4S to the galaxy S4, for all the little positive things that the S4 did well, this user experience has completely swung it back to the iphone for me. Never again, Samsung/Android.

  69. Dion says:

    Since the update, my S4 has been a piece of trash. Having a nightmare experience with simple tasks, like typing. How on earth do they think us customers will roll with it for a few months until the next update?? At least let us roll back to previous version. I went from the iPhone 4S to the galaxy S4, for all the little positive things that the S4 did well, this user experience has completely swung it back to the iphone for me. Never again, Samsung/Android.

  70. Joanne Wilkinson says:

    s3 udated on 02/01/14 the battery lasts 3 hours with me just checking to see what the battery percentage is this is just wrong, done a reset no different samsung need to get there act together..

  71. kay says:

    Since the updage I cant access mobile data without going through APN settings. And rebooting my phone. This is the second phone as I though the other one was faulty. Had this on 2 days and exactly the same thing has happened when I updated it. Everyone seems to have wifi problems.. thats fine just the issue with the data. My friemd with a s4 also has the same problem. Help!!!!

  72. GenerousKing says:

    I am having having similar issues with my Verizon S4. WiFi will not changeover by itself. I have to turn it off, and turn it on again, for each new or changed WiFi location (home, work, etc.).

    The phone also randomly restarts or reboots.

    Battery drain is also MUCH worse. I never do not have a plug nearby. Awful upgrade, and I resisted as long as I could.

  73. Peter Edwards says:

    Samsung galaxy s4 GREAT phone UNTIL update. now bugging its me simple crap takes long like typing, watching videos and overall slowness. It like every 30 seconds it lags for a second . Please post solution if known

  74. Simone Smith says:

    I updated my S3 and now I am unable to share my music for eg, via whatsapp. I was able to before the update. Am pissed cuz am in a LDR and I wanted to send a song for Valentines day and now I can’t.

  75. Ed says:

    My internet isn’t working when on Mobile data (not wi-fi), and if i leave it turned on, the battery die really fast (about 20% per hour) and the phone is heating a LOT 🙁

  76. Windey says:

    The update cause the predictive text not show up while texting anymore. Does any one know how to fix this issue? The prediction text is on but not showing. Also the security notification update keeps reappearing.

  77. Rappy07 says:

    I updated my S4 and now I am unable to share my music via whatsapp. I was able to do it before this update. Also very slow to type, frozen applications sucksssss Very disappointed with samsung.

  78. ark man says:

    my S4 is rubish update on the phone messed it up tep up the wall slower running time screen freezing load of rubbish samsung should do some thing about this.

  79. skull says:

    since this pafetic update my s4 freezez then i get no signal and in a phone call it jus cuts off doin my head right in how can i go back before the up date check check check your rubbish updates before you give them to us to test em

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