Galaxy S3, S4 Android 4.3 update problems persist


The ongoing process of Samsung updating both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system continues and despite a supposed fix the update still comes with some warnings of possible problems with the software as problesm persist.

Samsung eventually pulled the firmware update for both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 in certain regions while other users continued to receive the Android 4.3 update, but more recently AT&T begun rolling out the new software for the Galaxy S4 and other users have reported seeing the Android 4.3 update for both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 in Europe.

Trouble is since these supposed fixes the operating system is still causing issues for some users especially in terms of fast battery drain. Pretty soon after AT&T released the Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 users began to report problems with their handset that affected the use of Bluetooth and battery life.

But problems are not restricted to the US though as some users in Europe that have recently received the latest version of Android 4.3 for their Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S3 are still complaining of battery drain.

There will be many users that will receive the notification of the new firmware’s availability but will be wary of starting the process of installing the operating system, but at the time of writing the update hasn’t reached our unlocked version of the Galaxy S3.

When it does we will install the software and report back first hand of any problems affecting the handset. Meanwhile one of our readers Rod Walsh has offered the following solution to Galaxy S3 users that have the bug ridden version of Android 4.3 installed.

“Hi All, I had the same problem in Ireland….phone was useless after update. One solution that has helped a lot is to clear the cache memory. Start up the phone in “engineering mode” ….by pressing the vol. up button, the select button, and the power button at the same time. The little green Android icon with “exclamation” mark appears and then the screen with a list of files. Using the vol. down button move the cursor to the “clear cache memory” line and press power button to select. After a few moments it’s done and you can re-boot the phone. Do not be tempted to “reset” as it will clear your memory etc but update will remain so no difference and you will have lost your stuff.”

While this process will have to be done at your own risk a friend tried the solution and can vouch for its improvement.

Have you received the latest version of Android 4.3 yet?


62 thoughts on “Galaxy S3, S4 Android 4.3 update problems persist”

  1. Mystery says:

    Download the last release of 4.1.2 and load that via Odin. I did and my phone is better than ever. Didn’t increase binary as I used a stock Samsung software. Make sure you get I9300XXEMG4 and you won’t get the IMEI corruption issue. All this information is readily available using google

  2. AnxiousUser says:

    It’s been almost a month since they released the buggy update for the S3. The problems are obviously widespread, and if Samsung is really serious about fixing it, I don’t think they should make users wait this long. An epic failure for Samsung

    1. prashant says:

      You are a jurk and pathetic lier
      . If you dont know a thibg about flashing dont say. 4.4 is not avalible for samsung and not in odin flashable package. There are custom roms out there but they dont use odin!! do some diging before posting

  3. matadorious says:

    My gs3 has been using 4.3 for one month now..custom roms are far better than TW the only thing i dont like is the pure android camera which is nothing compared to TW camera..

  4. Zeeshan Hafiz says:

    In 4.3 firmware the problem is with the launcher and UI. Install Go Launcher Ex instead of stock samsung launcher which will make it little bit smooth and stable of battery drain.. hope so it can make u little bit comfortable try it once

  5. mongering says:

    I have the samsung s4 and was prompted to download the new firmware two days ago. The handset is now very slow and glitchy.
    Very disappointing as before the phone was great

  6. Yousef Kh says:

    The worst battery life ever, mine is galaxy s4 and now it keeps rebooting itself some times. Waiting this update to see if its gonna fix it

    Yousef Kh

  7. Suegirly says:

    latest Galaxy 3 update has just killed my phone! Kill the bed! Battery is draining like a sieve, it keeps updating the same things over and over, it freezes and the Internet is glitchy! Called Samsung and they want to wipe my memory! How about you just fix the updates you idiots

  8. Alexandre says:

    the phone is great. The problem is Samsung programers. Install Cyanomodgen 10.2 with android 4.3.1 and all problems will be over. The phone will be rocket fast and no more battery drain.

  9. Niki-x- says:

    I’ve got the s3, im in the UK & after installing the 4.3 update, not only is the battery last life affected but the fone freezes, switches off, won’t show who is calling, lock screen doesn’t light up plus more. .. im so annoyed!

    1. Pierre says:

      The S3 ist definetely my last cell phone from Samsung. The Hardware is pretty good, but the software is so f….d up. Samsung keeps us waiting and waiting while others (HTC, LG) update their devices to 4.3 or even better 4.4 (KitKat). In addition to all that crap, Samsung introduces a Regional Lock (Note 3) and an original Samsung Equipment lock, which means, that you can’t use equipment other than Samsung.
      Not with me Samsung!

  10. Circleb says:

    After backing everything up and then saying a prayer I allowed the USCellular update to 4.3. I felt I had to because my S3 SCH-R530U had gotten very slow and froze constantly. Since updating I do have a little faster battery drain BUT the phone itself is a ton faster!. It has also given me back the ability to stay connected longer than a minute and signal strength improved. So far it seems I’m the lucky one and I love my phone again. 🙂

  11. markbrtz says:

    On canadian carrier Telus .. upgrade went smoothly (nov.27) and it’s been operating with no glitches. Headset and smart watch 2 working flawlessly on bluetooth. Not seeing any battery issues. Maybe Telus lucked out on the update version they used.

  12. Ed says:

    After taking the 4.3 update on Sat my Galaxy S4 no longer does data! It established connection, but the OS does not grant apps access to the connection. Apps like chrome simply show “error finding proxy server” despite good wi-fi or 4g connection!

  13. Gary Reid says:

    My S4 keeps loosing its SIM connection ever since the update. Sick to the back teeth of rebooting the phone. Sometimes it recognises the SIM. Other times it doesn’t and I have repeat the process over and over again. Anyone else got the same issue?

  14. Steve Sherry says:

    Unfortunately I upgraded to 4.3 and since my phone is useless. I cannot make or receive a call. My mobile data/WiFi switches off as it pleases and I have to hard reset the unit 3 times a day. All this and bearly 5 hours battery life! SHamefull samsung !!!

  15. Jacca Anderson says:

    I updated to 4.3 on US Cellular last week only problem is my data connection is in & out and chrome keeps blacking out and stops working. Other than that I love it. Hoping clearing cache works out problems.

  16. Jay Smith says:

    I’m glad I refused the update on my s4.. As soon it was re – released my phone straight away an hour after release kept moaning to update and every day since.. Been waiting for people on Internet to update if it’s actually working or not…. Clearly not … Don’t Samsung galaxy TEST their releases anymore? A while back.. Months ago, I used 4.3 android Google stock on my s4.. Worked PERFECT.. I went back to 4.2 as I missed the smart stay and s4 features.. So it’s CLEARLY Samsung own software they inject.. Like useless print plug in and chat on and Samsung push service that NOBODY uses…. The versions of 4.3 without the bloatware works PERFECT… Stupid Samsung.. Stop giving us crap.. We pay You for a phone and therefore SAMSUNG ARE LIABLE TO COMPENSATE US.. We buy/contract a phone made by them.. They break it with updates.. The phones are not fit for purpose… Therefore Samsung should give us all a decent compensation.. Each day the phones can’t be used… I’m just lucky. Don’t thing I’ll ever allow another update again until couple weeks after everyone reports no problems..

    I have officially lost my faith in Samsung.. Will go back to a nexus device again for my next phone.. Less features, but 100% more stable (ironically most made by Samsung but as no bloatware crap Installed it works perfectly fine)… Samsung, just stop all the bloatware then there will be no issues.. Or at least allow us to uninstall the crap!

  17. Andrew Sumowski says:

    Got the 4.3 update yesterday on sprint. I thought the bugs had been fixed since it took so long to get the update, but I was wrong. The worst problem I have now is battery life, or lack of. I am at 50% in 2 hours with moderate usage. I called samsung support they said clear cache partition and if that doesnt work system reset. Level 2 tech support said they haven’t heard of there being any issues with the update….REALLY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK? Do you really expect us to beleive that , dont treat us like idiots admit to your mistake take ownership of it . Of course the options they gave didn’t fix anything.

  18. WesternYeoman says:

    Had nothing but problems and with system faults, such as gapps & media have stopped, won’t come out of sleep, freezes etc, etc…

    If it weren’t for the cost & bluetooth issues (no transfer of files & music) I’d go to an Iphone.

  19. Gin Goodfield says:

    Recieved the OTA 4.3 os update. Phone worked fine before with just the occasional glitch. Battery power lasted over a day. Now I’m lucky to get 2 hours.. and that is moderate usage. Keypad no longer ‘learns’ and flow type. Is intermittent. Problems waking up from sleep screen. Even having to power down to reboot it awake. I was excited with the long awaited update. My hubby did his as well . And he also had battery issues worse than mine. Charging slowly phone running slow. I’m disabled so totally rely on my S3…..NOT A HAPPY BUNNY. But what can we do? :'(

  20. Andrew Sumowski says:

    I may have found a work around. I forced stopped touch wiz and installed another launcher. I chose action launcher. Since then I have noticed much improved battery life. I was sitting at 100% for a long time while setting up action launcher. I will keep watching it , but so far I think I’m seeing a big improvement. Touch wiz may be the problem that is causing the battery drain.

  21. Danny Coles says:

    I was never happier with a phone previous to this 4.3 update, now though due to the screen being next to totally responsive I am struggling to use even the simplest functions of the phone like answering a call. And the wake up time of the screen is driving me to crazy too and its not even worth commenting on the battery life, or should I say lack of it! I’m down to just under a quarter of of my normal drainage and having to take a old phone out with me as a back-up its ridiculous. I have mainly Samsung technology in my home yet now I am wondering if its time to change this, seeing as Samsung seem to be unaware by the uproar and discontent their consumers are having. Samsung should publicly via all the news networks connect with their product users offering reassurance that this is indeed being worked upon but also a time scale of the recovery time and what compensation will be offered, Along with a promise that if the deadline is not met either a refund of the S3’s in question or a free upgrade to a S4 as a goodwill gesture.

  22. Amr says:

    Updated s4 with 4.3 and faced hell. Battery life, unstable WiFi, some applications are not functioning any more, system restart, smart stay is gone. All in all a very lousy update. I don’t know when will have the next update. Petty Samsung used to be good, not anymore…..

  23. kerry says:

    Had nothing but problems with my s4 since the update. It freezes all the time. Theres a delay in txt appearing o the screen from when I type. It restarts itself. Really annoying I hope they fix this and soon!

  24. Guest says:

    Anyone notice the memory size once the software update is completed. i had 16gb and now its gone back down to 9.25gb. i have tried to check if anyone else has reported this issue but so far everyone talks about battery drains etc. Please if you have the s4, can you check your memory. Thanks

  25. cure says:

    Upated s3 yesterday and cannot mirror screen to tv using samsung allshare dongle. Phone states screen mirror connected but after a few seconds started Screen mirror has been disabled. What a pathetic update.

  26. lee says:

    i installed the new update this morning everything went fine like the last time…….but not this time around. when the update was finished and rebooted it went through the usual process until it gets to the flashing samsung portion which it doesn’t go past at all. i’ve tried the factory reset several times and still nothing all that has changed is the android robot looks dead with a red triangle

  27. Soulgirl says:

    I updated my firmware on Thursday and I’m absolutely livid. The battery drains within just a couple of hours as opposed to it lasting all day. I hope they find and roll out a fix soon as it’s unusable now.

  28. patientwiththisstuff says:

    I jus updated my s3 and my battery is draining fast takes awhile to charge and my wifi doesn’t connect when its supposed to even if im sittin next to my router

  29. Miz Firestorm says:

    I updated my phone yesterday anf I’ve had numerous problems with it. all the links I had set up now say “Firefox” and can’t tell which is which, phone seems to randomly vibrate on occasions when using keypad even though vibration is disabled. Phone book is totally messed up and has contact I’ve never heard of! Photo galary is vety ugly. on exiting apps, screen flashes up with a randon pink background that I’ve no idea where it’s come from. doesn’t tell me when I have new messages, facebook now keeps crashing. if I could roll it back I’d never install it! AVOID!

  30. pob06 says:

    Dont do it. Xmas eve 4.3 update for me (Galaxy S4 on Voda), battery drains terribly all the time already, keeps telling me its downloaded jpegs and files that I did a year or so ago, I clear – then it immediately comes up and says its downloded them again (no actual file when I click the file name), gallery messed up no settings to see all thumbnails etc. Getting operation issues with various saved shortcuts, facebook, forums etc and thats just what I’ve found so far :-(. Cant backtrack update and wish I’d known about the issues before as I wouldnt have updated.

    1. twicegreen says:

      Galaxy S3 on Sprint. I also keep being told of downloads from months ago. I clear them but then the same reports of the downloads reappear, usually within minutes. The update also changed all my default sounds for incoming phone calls, new Email, text messages, etc. I am also finding my battery is draining faster although so far it doesn’t seem to be too much faster than before the update. I wish I had not downloaded the update. Anyone have any idea whether it’s likely we’ll see a fix come along?

      1. John says:

        Hey Guys,
        I’ve had the same issue on my S3!
        But here’s the solution: Long press on the image notification in the status bar till ”App info” shows up, click on app info. It brings you to the Settings. Then click on Clear cache. and problem solved:D (only long press one of the amount of downloads/pictures and all will be gone)

        Notification bar>Longpress>App info>Clear cache

  31. Stefan Axiaq says:

    The only problem I am having which wasn’t present on 4.1.2 is the extreme battery drain. Having brightness set to low, no wifi, no BT, no Mobile data everything off. Also closing all unused applications. Battery is giving 12hrs average. Before it was giving 24-30hrs.

  32. super G says:

    I upgraded to 4.3 and I am having lots of problems. bluetooth isn’t working properly, wifi isn’t working properly, I fixed the repetitive download problem, battery lasts for about 3-4 hours, default sounds and other settings have changed. Alarm clock doesn’t seem to work properly.

  33. Big Mistake says:

    Updated my S3 a week ago and immediate problems. I’ve contacted Samsung but no response so dunno if they’re working on a fix or just not bothered.
    My phone repeated shows downloads I made yonks ago… No matter what I try the notifications keep returning.
    A friend updated his S3 and now he can’t connect his phone to car radio for music playing…. Presumably a bluetooth issue.

  34. Cocoa says:

    Updated my S3 and now I can’t connect to WIFI, my car hands free keeps crashing and it keeps downloading emails from over a year ago … of no use when you use it for business

  35. Reginald Phillip says:

    Ever since I updated my galaxy s4 I can’t install any apps it keeps saying unable to install app on so card and my battery drains real fast

  36. biopatches says:

    first i lost gyroscope so couldnt play most of the game i wanted racing hundred rooms etc etc so check that out guys, after a month of installing 4.3 the reboots started happening and for months i suffered this problem its just restarting ramdom points now my phone had completely died and wont charge turn on or show any indication that it has life. ive ordered a new battery to see if that solves the problem but so far not impressed with 4.3 should have stuck to 4.2.2 i loved it

  37. Scully says:

    S3 was the best phone I had ever owned. Pretty much flawless and better than my wife’s S4 in many respects. Upgraded software to Jellybean and wifi been a nightmare ever since – phone experience completely ruined. Keeps dropping wifi or just wont connect or won’t load pages – works fine over network (o2). Completely hacked off as i use this for work and pretty much everything – and seriously considering an iphone when contract is up as this has been several months now and no sign of a fix. Never post on these forums, but so annoyed felt I had to. Not happy with Samsungs lack of comment. Not a fan of Apple to be honest, but the issues with Android and compatibility across platforms seems to be such an issue that I am starting to question by policy of staying away from Apple.

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