BlackBerry Messenger app for Windows Phone desired


While the Android and iPhone platforms are miles out in front of the competition the Windows Phone platform is gaining ground as more desirable hardware becomes available to consumers, but a BlackBerry Messenger app for Windows Phone is highly desired by users of the operating system.

The BBM app was finally released for the Android and iPhone platforms a while ago now and have since had new features added via an update, but users of the Windows Phone platform currently don’t have access to the service.

We did hear previously that BlackBerry may possibly release a BBM app for Windows Phone at some point in the future, but users of the platform have been busy signing a petition to get the app released.

At the time of writing 27,676 users have requested that such an app is made available, and as the platform gains users it surely makes sense for BlackBerry to develop and release a version of the BBM app for the Windows Phone platform.

The app has proven to be hugely popular among Android and iOS users especially since the app was made available for more hardware. The success of any smartphone platform will be partly down to the ecosystem supporting it, and if Microsoft can persuade more developers to provide versions of their apps for the operating system it will in turn tempt more consumers to give it a try.

Are you hoping that BBM gets released for Windows Phone?


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