Asda phones selling T-Mobile Alcatel 1010 for £5


Christmas is coming and it is the time we have to all dig deep into our pockets to purchase presents, but this year does not have to be expensive at all if Asda Phones has anything to do with it and its Alcatel 1010.

The great news is that Asda is still selling the Alcatel 1010 for only £5, we thought this would have been a weekend special, but it seems like this price is going to stay for a while yet.

The Alcatel 1010 is one if the cheapest phones on the market and we have titled this the ‘World’s Cheapest Phone’, it is a phone with a built-in MP3 player, if you are expected some really good features you might as well stop reading now, not going to happen.

This is a handset that is basically a phone and that’s it really, it has 3MB of memory, wireless FM radio, you DO NOT have to buy a £10 top up to purchase the phone like most stores require, its simply give Asda a fiver and the Alcatel 1010 phone is all yours.

This is a feature phone and not a smartphone, this is a perfect handset for those waiting on their new smartphone to arrive, or if they have broken their expensive smartphone and waiting for its return from the repair center. It is also a great handset for those that want simplicity.

There is no social networking, no WiFi, no Games, it makes calls and can send text messages, what do you want for a fiver?

Head on over to Asda Direct now and buy the Alcatel 1010 phone right now for only $5 — Would you buy the Alcatel 1010?

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