Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 JB update restarts: Updated


The last few weeks have turned into a bit of nightmare for many owners of certain Samsung smartphones following a bug riddled operating system, but now the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update has restarted its journey out to end users.

Soon after the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update was released previously it was pulled by the company due to numerous problems affecting users, but now according to SamMobile the firmware has begun being pushed out again.

The update is of course arriving in a staggered fashion and is reportedly only in the UK at the moment, but we have checked our unlocked version of the device but it is yet to become available for us.

Hopefully all the various problems have been fixed but the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 firmware update still contained some bugs after it was re-released to the public. As soon as we see the software we will install it to our Galaxy S3 and report back about any issues.

The firmware update doesn’t currently contain the Samsung KNOX security suite but this should come in future firmware updates. Previously users have been complaining of really poor battery life along with the handset just freezing up needing a battery pull to restart the device, among many other problems.

Let us know if the new version of the Android 4.3 update has reached you yet and how it performs.

Update: As one of our readers mentioned and Samsung UK themselves they are only rolling out a patch for those that have already updated the Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3.


89 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 JB update restarts: Updated”

  1. Daniel J says:

    I live in UK and got my S3 update fix today morning for my unlocked version which was only 22MB. It has now fixed all the problems I know so far. No more screen lag when the device is switched off. Better battery performance.

  2. Darron T says:

    Just updated my uk s3 on orange. Unlock and music player issues seem to be resolved as for battery drain issues only time will tell but as yet all seems ok. At last !!

    1. Im_Only_Human says:

      I think the update servers are probably just overloaded Giz. They may manage traffic to the servers to try and prevent them crashing though it may be worth connecting your phone into Kies through your laptop and checking? I will be tryingi when I get home this evening.

      1. Im_Only_Human says:

        The rush is not knowing if your alarm will go off in the morning, being unable to hang up on calls because your screen won’t wake up, being unable to unlock your phone because the screen won’t wake up, being unable to type because the keboard won’t register key presses, being unable to go a half a day on a full charge when the phone is used moderately… do we need to go on. Samsung’s support and communication for this hiccup has been very poor, considering the inconvenience it is causing people.

        1. I like things says:

          Oh your bad i guess your one of the people who updated to 4.3 when you was warned not to. You only have yourself to blame i’m still on the perfect 4.1.2 so no rush.

          1. Im_Only_Human says:

            When was I warned not to?? I don’t spend my life reading forums so if there was any chatter at the time I updated, I wasn’t aware of it. Samsung certainly never contacted me! I had read that there was an impending 4.3 update but I was by no means actively checking for it. It was installed when it appeared as available to me (automatically check for updates is enabled – shock horror!). Stop trying to be a smart ass, it clearly doesn’t suit you.

          2. I like things says:

            I’m not being a smart ass im just in a better position than you. A quick google search and research before you update is not hard to do, as why are you here now, I hope the update gets delayed and your phone stays f**ed as your annoying

          3. Im_Only_Human says:

            I am here now because I called Samsung two weeks ago about the problems I was experiencing and they told me to keep checking periodically for updates as they had no information on when a fix would be issued, but that it should be soon. I read rumours earlier this week that Samsung were issuing a fix in other countries so have been checking every day since then. Today, when I checked for an update, I was presented with a message stating that the software update service is not available. This left me wondering if the fix was finally being rolled out. This page was one of the first results hence my reading it… and your childish comments. By the way, you are also annoying. Your grammar is particularly attrocious. Go back to primary school, little child.

          4. I like things says:

            People like you ruin forums, we are here to talk about the update, no one cares about your life story of checking everyday. You can go now

          5. Im_Only_Human says:

            So says the hipocrit who’s contribution to Daniel J’s comment was ‘What’s the rush’ and who then began laying into me for updating my phone too early?!! Get a clue!

          6. I like things says:

            Well im glad you found out the hard way we don’t need people like you on here so goodbye

          7. PaulWatsonLoser says:

            Paul Watson, the world knows what a little faggyt you are. We hope you die from intestinal bleeding.

            It’s not his fault the phone update is a joke. Get Samsung’s phallus out of your orifice.

          8. Sebilion says:

            mate you are wrong no one was warned until 2 days later when many people had already installed the update, I was very lucky to not be one of them but if an update had come I would have update it because no one knew something was wrong until they found out on their own…

  3. Paulwatson1989 says:

    I have a unbranded s3 and this morning a update came. Over the air and boo. The phone is back to to amazing self to be honest it’s better than it was when I naught the handset

    1. I like things says:

      Just made some correct to the post above if you didn’t understand:

      I have an unbranded s3 and this morning an update came, over the air. The phone is back to its amazing self, to be honest it’s better than it was when I bought the handset

      1. Im_Only_Human says:

        “..to be honest, it’s better than it was when I bought the handset” You’d hope so…!! Why would anyone bother updating otherwise!

    1. Mike Smith says:

      No disrespect, but if you could honestly go to an iPhone from an Android then why did you buy an Android in the first place? It clearly wasn’t for the NFC, wireless charging, USB OTG, expandable storage, higher-res screen, multi tasking, widgets, choice of launchers, keyboards and icon packs, the ability to automate just about anything, superior speech recognition, Bluetooth and WiFi Direct file transfer, access to the file system, the list is almost endless. Enjoy your Apple experience.

      Or you could buy an Android from a different manufacturer. .

  4. Chris says:

    Trying to update over air, it says the maximum number of roll-out updates has been exceeded, try using kies as sugested, and it tells me my phone is at current firmware??? I’m lost!

      1. Ben says:

        If you are on 4.1.2 there currently is no full update to access.
        The current release is the long awaited patch for the botched 4.3 update.
        The full 4.3 update should follow this patch release.

    1. Ben Evans says:

      Oh cool, are you on an unlocked S3 or is it set to a network? Mine is unlocked so I kinda thought I might have it already. I’m so nerdy and impatient when it comes to updates :/

          1. Sebilion says:

            from what I’ve realised right now the only available update is the temporary fix for users who have already installed 4.3 and it’s 23mb only. The official update will come… well, I don’t even know if it will ever come…

  5. hassan says:

    ive just tried to do a over the air update for my samsung galaxy s3 international and it says the over the air update has been over exceeded keep trying are update from kies. ps i live in uk

  6. josh says:

    My cousin mom and I all have the same phone the “s3” they both got the update yesterday but I seem to have not … is this update suppose to come at anytime?

  7. IMVISH says:

    Every time I tried it says “Software service is not available. maximum number of roll-out has been exceeded. Try later or use Kies.”
    Tried Kies and it says you have the latest firmware.. what a pain. hate you Samsung.

  8. I like things says:

    People to make things clear if your device is unbranded the update will be available, however if you are not the carriers will do internal tester first of the firmware and it will be released sometime next week so no panic if your still on 4.1.2 like me as the 4.3 update doesn’t really bring anything amazing to the phone, infact those who rushed last time had there phones messed up. Be smart and just give it a week or two

  9. Tim says:

    this is my 2nd 4.3 update,done through kies,still rubbish,laggy home button and used 10% battery in 51mins,no settings changed,3 weeks ago the phone lasted all day with sensible use,now i charge half way through.Samsung haven’t answered any of my emails,bit peeved

      1. Tim says:

        no worries,i don’t think the update i did was actually any difference,the phone came up with an update pending,i thought this was to fix the 1st one,but know looking at the codes it’s the same version?i don’t mind having an issue,nothing in life runs smoothly,but no help or comunication sucks,fingers crossed it’s sorted soon

  10. Jed says:

    In the UK with an unbranded phone, having been a victim of the first 4.3 release I9300XXUGMJ9. As per other the OTA update just says “The software update service is not available. Max number of roll-out updates has been exceeded etc”. Trying with Kies just reports my firmware is current.

    Given that my phone has shown all the issues reported so far (laggy, home screen slow, freezes, reboots, terribly battery) I’m really hoping the new 4.3 update fixes this AND comes soon!

  11. Azel says:

    im in the same boat as jed still waiting luckily i only seem to have the laggy lock screen and one/two resets a day still peeved,come on samsung hurry up

  12. valeria says:

    Y have a Samsung Note 2 that TODAY had te Android 4.3 and it gets dead every time I open a Message or when I try to open an app.
    Y can´t use my phone!!!!! what can I do?

    1. steveq77 says:

      When I first updated my s3 to 4.3 I had the black screen thing when I got calls or texts so I disabled the lockscreen pin which only really helped a little bit, maybe see if any background apps are running that you don’t need and disable them ? might free up resources a little bit

  13. steveq77 says:

    I got the 4.3 fix yesterday and all seems fine, I have tried my best to stress it out to see if any niggles or errors show themselves but so far so good, samsung should have just taken a little longer to test if the 4.3 was solid and bug free but at least they are doing something about it now

  14. steveq77 says:

    by the way my battery usage was always around the 15-20 hour mark per charge on semi average usage, ie wifi,downloading one or two apps, emails, instagram, etc but today I have managed 24 hours life from one charge, ok an heavier user will easily eat away at the battery but thats a given for a device with a huge screen

  15. steveq77 says:

    to be honest I see no real world difference between 4.1.2 and 4.3, I dont use the gimmicks, I will probably keep my s3 unbranded until it dies now

  16. sean says:

    i m still waiting on t-mobile. i phoned sumsung and thy just we r rolling out now and should in a few days. i m still waiting when my contract is up i don t i ll be getting another samsung mobile phone from them,

  17. fjenn says:

    Just got the galaxy s3 update fix on vodafone Ireland. So far so good. No lag. All seems well and phone very fast again. This will prove to be a major disaster for samsung with regard to future sales. When my contract is up i cant see myself going with samsung again. HTC one looks a much better option

  18. mlrsparks1 says:

    2 days ago updated my Galaxy S4 with 02 wish I hadn’t phone keeps crashing & going into a loop, only able to switch on if I connect charger and battery jump up and down loosing 30% in 10 min wish I never upgraded

  19. TheSeeKerUK says:

    Got my update last night. Its rubbish. Will not stay connected to any of my wi-fi boxes at home, saying my internet connection it too slow, even though I’m on 40MB broadband. As a result of it constantly scanning for WiFi connection the battery has lastest aruond half a day even though I’m not doing anything. Avoid it like the plague is my advice

  20. fernley says:

    i updated my s3 to 4.3 about 5 days ago unaware of all the problems it was having and now i cant even use my phone its that slow! I keep getting error messages constantly, it looks like it has water damage when i scroll through pages and its struggling to connect to the internet! I am still waiting on a fix, does anyone know when it will be?

  21. skinny says:

    Updated before Christmas – hate it. Who tested this thing? Clearly they didn’t try the picture gallery cos it simply does not work anymore can’t see any pictures apart from thumbnails. Battery life is worse and it looks rubbish. Can I go back to previous version?

  22. Pal says:

    I just updated my S3 on Vodafone România via OTA and it took about 10 min including download and install and the headset it works greater than before. Great surprise, all my apps and icons remained , nothing was changed.
    Finally Sammy made a good job 😉

  23. zaid says:


    I just updated my S3 based on a message received on my screen promoting for a newer version of software availability, but after updating the phone is not staring again!! only i have the the SAMSUNG logo on screen and the phone is NOT starting.

    I restart the phone and nothing happended, i.e only the black screen with SAMSUNG logo appearing.

    I removed the battery and again same thing!
    please help

    i dont want to loose the photos and video and informations i have

    how to make my mobile work again? I need to make phone calls for the God sake!


  24. Sebilion says:

    My phone is alright, except the fact that it shuts down from time to time and the battery lasts less. But it’s an old phone and soon I am going to upgrade, so I don’t complain

  25. DP says:

    My phone has been screwed up since the update. Battery drains fast sometimes…..I constantly have to clear stuff off my phone several times a day which it says has downloaded…and its the same thing over and over and over again. Don’t know what I’ll do next.

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