BBM for Android battery drain continues despite update


After months of waiting and seeing some false starts BlackBerry finally released their messaging service to rival platforms that has since been downloaded by millions of users. Despite a recent update though we have found the BBM for Android app is still casing battery drain.

Like many mobile users I wanted to see what all the fuss was about the BBM app so downloaded the service to my handset. I soon set up my account and added contacts and used the app briefly but have not used it a great deal.

I have noticed though that the battery life on my Galaxy S3 that is still running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean I hasten to add, was draining down quite quickly, and this comes after the recent update last month to the app that was supposed to address this issue.

My device doesn’t always have the 3G or WI-Fi options switched on so yesterday I uninstalled the BBM for Android app from my device, and already I have seen a dramatic increase in battery life for my Galaxy S3 and considering I have made no other changes to the smartphone BBM must have been the culprit.

Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about BBM considering it’s easier for me just too quickly send a text message to someone, and I know of others you have uninstalled the service as well. My teenage daughter is a big BBM user and uses the service daily on her BlackBerry handset, but she has tried both the Android and iOS apps and really hates them.

Have you had this problem and stopped using BBM?


5 thoughts on “BBM for Android battery drain continues despite update”

  1. dom says:

    That was a funny story you just made up. I have a SG4 and use bbm with my other Android and iPhone buddies and none of us are having any battery issues. I think you need to drop your battery draining and outdated SG3 and get the sg4

    1. Shaw Nomura says:

      COME ON MAN! There is nothing wrong with the S3. I’m using the S3, running Kit Kat 4.4.2 and I have no problems. I’m definitely not a big fan of BBM but it certainly has not created ANY problems for me…

  2. MC Wong says:

    I have bbm on a nexus 4 and samsung S2. No excessive battery drain detected. Only after updating to kit Kat 4.4 and 4.4.2 was the battery drain excessive but not related to bbm. In fact kakaotalk n line consumes more juice. Bbm does hog ram growing from 20 mb to 150mb. Devices with 512mb ram may lag due to insufficient ram. Also sometimes the persistent icon disappears on the nexus 4 causing messages not received. The S2 with 768mb ram is more stable.

  3. Maverick says:

    Well…I too had the same issue on my S4. My battery had started to drain out very very rapidly. I initially thought it was because of the Android 4.3 update (incidentally i had installed BBM just after the 4.3 update) and started hating Jelly Bean 4.3 for ruining my battery backup, but thankfully I was wrong in assuming about the OS. I uninstalled BBM to check once, and lucky enough, I could see a significant (extremely significant) improvement in the battery life

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