iOS 7.0.5 before 7.1 public release is doubtful


Since iOS 7.0.4 was made available there has been a few problems since it was downloaded onto Apple devices.

A few Apple users have suggested to us that iOS 7.0.5 will come before the 7.1 public release, but we say this is very doubtful.

A few iPhone 5S users have complained that since they installed iOS 7.0.4 they are getting random reboots happening on their smartphone, and a few have mentioned that they are having problems with WiFi connectivity.

We have been using the iPhone 5S with iOS 7.0.4 and have not had any problems at all, since the new update we actually love it much better than iOS 7.0.3.

Apple has already released iOS 7.1 beta to developers and we suggested the public version to release somewhere between January 13 and 28, 2014.

iOS 7.1 will fix a few issues as well as providing new features, for those that believe Apple will release iOS 7.0.5 before 7.1 we would count this out now.

Many complaints come in from iPhone and iPad owners saying that iOS 7.0.4 killed their WiFi connectivity, with others saying it was their battery that suffered the most. They hate the fact they cannot go back to a previous operating system and once iOS 7.0.4 has been downloaded and installed there is no going back and the problems will have to stay just that until 7.1, this is why people are begging for a quick iOS 7.0.5 release before the 7.1 public release.

Would you prefer Apple to release iOS 7.0.5 before iOS 7.1 to fix a few 7.0.4 problems?


19 thoughts on “iOS 7.0.5 before 7.1 public release is doubtful”

  1. Candice says:

    I want apple to come out with a update that iphone4 can have feathers that iphone5 has like the iphone5 has volume boast I think that you can make volume when a call or text you can make volume 100-200

  2. kaveh says:

    my iPhone 5s model 1530 keeps showing “cannot determine location” on maps and other related apps , after i updated to 7.0.4 , checked everything , still no solution , restrictions , hard reset , ipsw restore …. nothing seems to solve the problem , really frustrating issue

  3. angel fantauzzi, jr says:

    i think they should have more things to do with the touch id i got the 5s becuase i thought we can play games with touch id but its just a password. hope you can expand on this feature and come up with new ideas. like gmaes or something new that you can make touch id better then just a password

  4. Lex says:

    I would like for my iPod touch 5 to have the battery percentage feature and I would also like the folders to have the password protect feature so that people can’t get into your social media accounts

  5. Pissed off user says:

    I want to be able to use my Facebook and not have it constantly crash in me. All of my internet connected apps are crashing. I had to totally remove google from my iPad 2 and when I re downloaded it , I didn’t get an app nothing will download or open now. Bring on 7.1 if it fixes all the crap my iPad is getting .

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