Apple iPhone 5S vs Motorola Moto X comparison review


The Apple iPhone 5S and Motorola Moto X are two smartphones that have arrived on the market in recent months. Both are significant offerings that have received plenty of praise in reviews, and today we have an Apple iPhone 5S vs. Motorola Moto X video review that offers a comparison of these devices.

One of the major differences of these phones is that the iPhone 5S is an Apple iOS device while the Moto X is an Android handset. This alone will be a deciding factor for some potential buyers but others who are open to the choice of operating platforms might wonder which would be best for them.

Both phones have been commended for the user experience, and the 5-minute YouTube video that we’ve placed below this story shows how they stand up against each other. The video begins with looking at the designs of the iPhone 5S and Moto X, with the premium build iPhone 5S being highly admired.

On the other hand the Moto X might not look as fancy but still has a good build quality while Motorola also makes a big point of the fact that the Moto X is assembled in the USA. The comparison then details the displays of both devices with the Moto X having a larger 4.7-inch screen as opposed to the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5S.

Performance is also delved into with processor information given, before the video moves on to the software experiences, features, and gaming performance. Then battery life is discussed before finally the pricing of these phones is given, with the Moto X being far cheaper in this respect.

The video will hopefully give you a good oversight into what these two phones offer and we’d like to know which of these phones most appeals to you. If you were buying a new smartphone right now would you opt for the iPhone 5S, the Moto X, or maybe another smartphone altogether?


8 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5S vs Motorola Moto X comparison review”

  1. iLynx says:

    I actually own both phones and switch between both often. However I keep coming back to the iPhone 5s mainly because of how well everything is integrated. Its a great ecosystem ESPECIALLY if you use a Mac and/or iPad.

    However the customability of the Moto X and all Android devices is second to none. Both are great devices and you cant go wrong with either one. Neither are perfect.

    1. Protagonist66 says:

      It’s really hard to believe people saying things like this are familiar with android at all. Yes you most likely have use it but actually know more about it. High-end android device like Moto X with decent configuration is the most integrated device you may own. You don’t have to own “Apple only” devices you may own ANYTHING with usb, bluetooth, wlan, nfc, etc.

      1. iLynx says:

        You obviously didn’t read my post thouroghly. Apple products are all integrated perfectly together. My Mac, iPad, and iPhone all talk seemlessly to each other right out of the box. I don’t need any other programs or anything. I take a picture on my phone and boom its on my iPad and Mac.

        I don’t care if you believe that I own multiple devices, both Android and iOS, and have an unbias opinion on both. I love both OS for different reasons. If I feel like messing with kernels, ROMS, and customizing everything I will use one of my Android devices, but if I just need something to grab on the go, I will always go for my iPhone.

        Also the Moto X is NOT a high-end android device, but it doesn’t try to be. Its a phone that caters to everybody. It doesnt try to jame the highest end specs into a phone because instead it adds practical things such as active display and touchless control. It got Kit Kat faster then some of the Nexus devices which is huge also. It is a great all around phone, but definitely not a high end device.

        It doesnt make one better or worse then the other. Both are absolutely great devices, Both OS are amazing in their own ways. Looking at all your other posts you are clearly an Android fanboy which is fine, but to say that I don’t know what I am talking about because I said the iPhone has better integration (which it does) is laughable. Prime example, go in any car with a factory usb port, plug in an iPhone then plug in any Android device running ICS or higher. The iPhone will be able to play anything on it (spotify, pandora, slacker also), while still using the radio controls to browse it. Android phones cannot do that because they switched to MTP in 3.x but everybody noticed on 4.0 with the GNexus.

        I am not trashing Android here, I cannot say it enough I absolutely love Android, my Moto X AND my iPhone. Yes you can have and love both.

        1. Protagonist66 says:

          Moto X with snpadragon 800 would be categorized as high-end device. Also I wasn’t saying you wouldn’t own both… What you’re saying on that example of car USB, I haven’t noticed such but that must be my fault cause I have been using custom roms from the day I bought my first android device, also been tweaking them myself.
          I’m not android fanboy sorry for my misleading comments it’s just lots of fun to provoke/troll/etc. on internet. I’m usually commenting on android related posts cause I’m quite familiar with it. 😀 I’m caught to conflicts mainly because I’m from Finland and still learning English and it’s really hard to make my point 😀

          1. Ms. Opp says:

            Protagonist66, you should stop. The author without any doubt what so ever showed incredible bias. Many of your suggestions were great but most biased authors can not follow them as they feel like they need to show their bias. Since the author is an Apple ecosystem user, he has been condition by Apple to be as technical as a piece of bread therefore they do not know the details of the specs as Apple never shows until they are better than everyone else ans once they loose they never showed it again until they are better.
            The Moto X has a bigger screen (4.7 vs 4.0) with more resolution (1280×720 vs 1136×640)), higher resolution front (2 vs 1.2) and rear camera (10 vs 8), higher frame rate 1080 video recording (60 vs 30), more system memory (2 vs 1), longer talk time (13 vs 10), higher spec processor (1700MHz vs 1300Mhz) in other words almost better specs all around. It is a high end product as it has high end specs. But instead of admitting wrong he will defend (like any biased writer) to be right no matter if Apple and Motorola send them a joint letter correcting the mistake.

            Are they the highest specs there is for all phones? No, there are phones with higher specs (as they are higher than the iPhone 5s which is a hi-end device).

            But they are high end device specs. When someone is biased they will defend their bias as non-bias. He did confessed he is an Apple guy. Except for claiming not to be biased he keeps proving he is extremely biased. He has a little over 1% chance no been biased when I read the article. 0.1% chance once I read his first comment, and 0.0000000% chance after that. This is an extreme biased article keep looking for less biased article (they all but there are some that have low bias, hopefully none will be anywhere as biased as this one).

          2. iLynx says:

            If you are referring to my post I said “The Moto X is not a high end ANDROID device”. Keyword is Android. Its not. Of all the flagship Android phones released in 2013 it had, on paper of course, the worst specs.

            Sure the resolution of the Moto X is higher, but the ppi is higher on the iPhone. 326 vs 316.

            The iPhone can do 120 FPS video recording also. MP in camera mean absolutely nothing, anybody who the least bit of knowledge on cameras will tell you that. Hell until the Nikon D800 came out in 2012 the D700 was a professional full frame camera with 12.1 MP. Pictures were stunning. The camera on the iPhone is leaps and bounds better then the Moto X. Its not even close.

            System memory is higher on the Moto X absolutely, but it also needs it since Android takes more memory to run smoothly, just like Mac vs Windows.

            As for processor you are leaving out one tiny tid bit of information. 64 bit. That is HUGE. In 3 years the iPhone 5s will still be viable were as the Moto X will be long obsolete.

  2. Protagonist66 says:

    Even though you’re pretty fast scrolling your fingers across both screens it doesn’t quite qualify you to make decent comparisons. This is one of the most biased comparison I’ve seen long time. Here’s some advises to your next comparison.

    First of all you really should get rid of those biased filler words and opinions “highly admired” etc. Also you should tell us exactly what phones you’re reviewing, Example: Verizon Moto X 32Gb, S4 Pro. Because there’s actually several editions.

    Next: What comes to the actual reviewing,you should have been using both OS so you’d know what you’re talking about. Also first you should give us facts and specs from both of them phones and even better some benchmarks to compare. Use text on your video.

    It’s really annoying to hear you praising iPhone and hardly mention Moto X without using any facts. Here’s basically you’r design comparison: “One of the best made, best looking, best feeling, best flying, best sparkling diamond and sapphire filled perfection and qualities top notch” versus: “It may not have all the fancy materials, but it has that quality other android phones has. As you notice front camera isn’t a perfect circle..”

    So what I’m saying is: Use facts try to keep everything at the concept and give your own opinions as opinions like saying: “in my opinion, I think it’s not/it is…” and use opinions only if necessary.

  3. YoPauly says:


    Let’s face it. Some of us LOVE Apples and some of us LOVE Oranges. Apple and Android are, well… Apples and Oranges. Both are delicious but completely different. Some of us love both (gasp).

    I have had more iphones and android phones than I care to admit. I actually had the Moto X twice and now I have the iPhone 5S. I’m either going to go back to my iPhone 5 or get the Moto X (again). If only I could morph the two phones together…

    I agree that there are a lot of biased reviews out there, siding for either Apple or Android, and there are a of comments bashing the authors. Let’s face it, very few reviewers are trained in unbiased reviewing and journalism, as it used to be, is all but DEAD! I used to love listening to NPR, but now all they seem to report is death and destruction all around the world… or maybe it just happens to be my luck when I am listening.

    Either way my point is… take most reviews with a grain of salt… finger flick comparisons, app opening speed with two different hands (laugh), “sleek, high-end, beautiful, revolutionary” comments…all opinions, not science!

    If you love Android, then stop watching Apple comparisons. If you love Apple, then stop watching Android comparisons. If you’re on the fence, watch lots of reviews if you want, but the best thing to do is go out with your 14-day trial period and try them both thoroughly. Or set up camp in your wireless store and play till your heart’s content. That’s what I do, and I’m STILL in search for the “perfect” smart phone. Would you start a two-year relationship with someone based on an their online profile???

    My conclusion… There ISN’T one best smart phone, but there are many that are close. Personally (as if you care) I’m sure I will continue to be lost in indecision.



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