Cartoon HD app removal causes concern


The Cartoon HD app went live in the App Store allowing those that downloaded it free access to all the cartoons your heart desires, there are no in-app purchases and shows many movies such as Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Disney cartoons, Anime and so many more — but there is one downside that is causing concerns.

There are thousands of happy customers that downloaded the Cartoon HD app on iOS devices after seeing a message pop up on Facebook, the app was supposed to be around the £20 mark but it was available for free.

The app had cartons for the kiddies and even adults like Superhero movies and Despicable Me 2 etc, but Apple has since removed the app from its App Store.

The Cartoon HD app removal causes concern for so many that managed to get the application for free, and so many questions are popping up. Reddit is going ballistic with many comments and concerns that are well worth the read.

One question popping up more than anything is “Ok, so I downloaded this. If apple pulls this app, will I still be able to use this?

The answer to the question above is ‘YES’; Apple cannot delete an app that you have already installed on your iOS device. If you have deleted the app you should be able to restore via iCloud, as far as we know Apple cannot touch your iCloud backups — we believe that Apple can totally remove it from the App Store and iCloud if given enough reason to do so.

Did you manage to download the free Cartoon HD app?


65 thoughts on “Cartoon HD app removal causes concern”

  1. Jen says:

    It’s available as Cartoon HD Pro for $2.99. To find it in the apple store search “Cartoon HD Pham” it’s the same one 🙂 well worth the $2.99.

  2. kmichalec says:

    The real question is, is the app doing anything behind the scenes that it shouldn’t be? It would be a great way to get an exploit onto the device. Offer free movies and cartoons, which people would normally not get for free. Think of how many people have downloaded it and installed it. And where is it streaming from?

  3. Kayleigh says:

    I downloaded it for free but when I went to search for it again on App Store it wasn’t there but… Cartoons HD Plus is now available for £1.99 instead 🙂 still worth every penny the apps ace!

    1. Yourmama says:

      You have to transfer purchases from your device to iTunes. This saves the apps on your PC instead of backing them to the cloud. If Apple have stopped offering the app it won’t come back on from the cloud. I have the app saved on my PC and have put it from there onto a few devices since it was taken down

  4. helpplease says:

    I am trying to download turbo and save the movie to my ipad using cartoon hd. is this possible? the download starts and then stops… please help? ta 🙂

    1. Donut says:

      Yes. You are meerly streaming the movie from their database. You do, however, have the option to download the movie to your device. Once downloaded, it will no longer use your bandwidth.

  5. T says:

    Not the first app to dissapeare stellerium also got pulled paid for the app still have the app but not there on cloud or in store don’t update ios lol

  6. Lozziet5 says:

    I purchased it and it was removed last night, however the removal caused my iPad to completely crash and I had to restore the entire thing to factory settings to get it working again. Not happy…

  7. Michelle C says:

    I downloaded Cartoon HD for my autistic son and he loved it. Unfortunately he accidentally deleted it but I thought nothing of this as I thought I could reload it from iCloud, but this is not the case. When I tried to reinstall it I got ” the app you are trying to purchase is no longer available.” My son now thinks his iPad is broken because he cannot watch his favourite movies on his it.

  8. Jake L says:

    just a quick message to Michelle C, tell your son not to worry, my nephew deleted it off my phone and i thought i couldnt get it back, but i had a quick scour through the app store and discovered it again under the name CartoonWorld…. the logo picture thing is tom and jerry, just install it and your sons can watch all he’s cartoons again to his hearts desire…

    1. Craig Taylor says:

      They are 2 different apps completely, they do happen to have a lot of similar movies/cartoons, but this is to be expected considering the content type of the app.

  9. ashley cummings says:

    I have the free cartoon movie backed up on my computer and the paid cartoon movie hd it was 1$ to remove ads and if all goes downwards, i can reinstall the free one by using mobile go or syncios without iTunes inferring, iTunes to me is just a pain and I refuse to use it now after issues with syncing… though u need itunes installed to use one of the programs i mentioned.. and im glad i still got it plus the last update put a feature where all movies go into a certain spot so now everything is downloadable.. plus the app works fine and updates with new movies ive seen about every 2-3 days so im not complaining, i think its a great app.

  10. Squinky says:

    I have just upgraded my phone and restored from iCloud and cartoon had is no longer there!! Absolutely gutted :0( anything I can do to get it back.
    I have this on my iPad is there anyway of getting it from there to my phone?

  11. ihavecartoonshdnobiggie says:

    yeah i have it, its awesome…too bad u guys cant use it…..well off to watch lord of the rings series, harry potter series, south-park, family guy ETC,ETC have fun guys. 🙂

  12. Yasmin Zc says:

    THINK I’VE CRACKED IT! (Not really – this is only going to work if you already have it on one device and want to transfer it to another, but hey)
    I downloaded iTools off CNET and I’m now questioning as to why I didn’t have it before. Before you connect your phone though, make sure that your iTunes has been turned off automatic syncing. I managed to back it up from my phone to my computer in a few quick steps (it should appear in the ‘Library’ bit, not in the iPhone dropbar), disconnected my phone then plugged the device I wanted to install it onto in. iTunes will ask you to allow access and AS LONG AS YOU HAVE TURNED OFF AUTO SYNC ON ITUNES, it’s fine to press Yes/whatever the affirmative button was. You then have to tell your second device to ‘Trust’ this computer. Then, install (again – go up to the Library dropbar) – you do have to enter your AppleID and it seems that you can’t use anything but your own (the account that you installed Cartoon HD with). Once you’ve logged in, it works like a dream.
    I know there’s the whole thing of ‘Is it safe?’ etc so this is up to your own discretion. If you really are that cautious, then disconnect your bank account from your iTunes before doing so.
    Hope this helps at least one person here. x

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