Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update reaches India


We always attempt to keep readers informed about software updates for their devices and today there’s some very good news for many readers in India. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update has reached India at last, news that should please plenty of owners of the device there.

When we’ve written about the spread of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 for other regions, we’ve received many comments from our readers in India asking how much longer it would take to arrive for them. The wait is now over and Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S3 in India is now rolling out as an OTA (over-the-air) update.

The update is 407.99MB in size and if you don’t receive notification you can also try using Samsung Kies to get the upgrade. There will no doubt be some users who are already wondering about the Android 4.4 KitKat update but at least 4.3 is now rolling.

Benefits of the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 include new GPU drivers, New S-Voice, enhanced Samsung Keyboard and importantly for those who want to try out the Galaxy Gear smart watch, there’s also support for that. There are also updated user interface elements, new lockscreen and screen modes and also a driving mode.

Other changes include an improved camera mode, notification centre additions, voice controls, and new Samsung apps such as clock, gallery, music and much more. Hopefully, those Galaxy S3 owners in India who have been waiting for this update will feel it was worth the wait!

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 in India have you already received notification that the Android 4.3 update is ready? If you have now updated, are you pleased with the changes and improvements for your Galaxy S3? We always appreciate hearing from readers so do drop us a comment.

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57 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update reaches India”

  1. tarun kumar singh says:

    Got it! Took almost 45 mins to install it through Kies. Performance seems to be improved. At least I can feel that the contact is opening much faster now. Layout of ‘Settings’ has been changed. Gallary, calculator’s UI changed. Overall good appearance!

    1. Hamir Madam says:

      you first go to service center and do factory reset and keep official 4.1.2 than update 4.3 and go early as after sometime no one will have 4.1.2 offical,if you have official 4.1.2 than and than you can update your device officially

  2. frenz forever says:

    Hi , I got the 4.3 update(mine is i9300ddemg2) but while downloading i cancelled it and after when i checked it again for re-dwonload, it says latest updates have already been installed. Can you please tell me what next?

        1. frenz forever says:

          Dude now i got a download option. it is because server is too busy in rendering the data.. Keep trying you will get it. But yet don know how good it is.

          1. Parker says:

            Same problem. Am not getting the update and Kies isn’t connecting to my device for some reason. Bloody hell :/
            Any suggestions? By when should I expect the notification?

  3. not to happy says:

    My phone is shutting off on it’s own for no reason in the middle of calls. The flash is flashing randomly. The battery is draining in a1/3 of the time. If I knew how to revert back out of the upgrade, I would. …

  4. Gunu says:

    Installed via kies. The update is awesome.. I love it. UI looks great.. Revamping most of the existing apps is really appreciated. thanks to samsung and its worth a wait..

      1. Neel Gupta says:

        Knox is NOT an application.
        Knox is Samsung’s custom “security feature” that voids your device’s warranty & notifies Samsung, when you root / backup / re-install OS.

  5. Richard says:

    i updated. all features working…initial lag was there..i hard resetted(home+power+volume up) the mobile. Now i feel the lag reduced, but battery getting hot,..all features are working after the update.

  6. Muzammil Shaikh says:

    updated to 4.3 via kies!! supa updated battery improve,camera,ui,ram management !!guyz i wud recomend to format ur fone before updating n after updating too!!enjoy 4.3 india finally out

        1. sh says:

          No need for factory reset. Just backup ur data thru kies and update. I updated my mobile same way. Works perfectly fine. U can always restore the data after updation if u have lost some data. I didnt need to since I didn’t lose any data.

          1. Anshul Ahuja says:

            Bro even I backed up everything and den uodated bt still if u dont factory reset after updating then components of both ur old JB and new JB wil clash making ur phone laggy. Even I d I nt lose anything but I still factory reseted my phone as its always advisable in case of upgrading a Phone to a newer version.

  7. tush says:

    Battery gets drains faster than old version (4.1), almost reduced 20% higher.
    How to go in developer Options? not found in new update…
    Any one can help me to resolve below issues???

    1. Anshul Ahuja says:

      Go to setting <more<about and Keep on clicking on build number for few times contionously and you are done!
      developer's option will be there. 😉

    2. Parth Sukhadiya says:

      Samsung has hidden developer options.. fisrt goto settings then in last tab More go down to the last option.. then tap it 7 times… u should see that options by going back…

  8. bhargav says:

    The phone is so much smoother!
    Slight lag when you unlock the phone… but.. phone works pretty well.. especially if the power saving mode is disabled! Overall, Samsung did not troll us with the 4.3 update!

    1. Anshul Ahuja says:

      Bro..seems like u hav updated ur phone just now so u r giving such review..let a couple of days pass and u will notice what all bugs r der in dis version. Even derz no share via option in music and video player for sharing it via various apps like whatsapp.

          1. Anshul Ahuja says:

            Same here!
            but downgrading ourselvs via odin will most probably increase the binary counter leading to void of warranty (tough it can b reset). so will go to service centre and ask dem to downgrade.

  9. Akshay Kulkarni says:

    Just updated Galaxy S3 to 4.3. The phone has become super slow, the RAM usage is nearing 790/831. Lockscreen takes 3-4 seconds after you hit power button, lots of apps crashing in behind. in Storage 14.36/16.00 GB is used and other class 10 32 GB card is almost full. Battery also draining fast. What do I do? delete all the data? Reset the phone?

    And why the hell they have removed “mute all sounds” widget, it was very useful.

    1. Anshul Ahuja says:

      Yup just press vol up+lock button+ home button all together and release them once u see samsung logo on screen..there u will see an option to factory reset ur fone..select that and set up ur fone frm beginning. .this will make ur fone smooth and fast..bt take backup of ur imp data first.
      but still this version has many other problems except this.

      it misses share via option in music and video player..no light effect and widgest on lock screen..lag on lockscreen..my phone goes to deep sleep once or twice in a day by itself which needs a battry pull out to solve this thing..
      will be back to 4.1.2 in few days for sure!

  10. Sonu Sharma says:

    phone is shuffling fast between the pages and is without lag. Camera is better. looks and feels good, but same old live wallpapers and battery is charging slowly and draining fast.

  11. vishu says:

    I have downloaded the update thru wifi, and during the download period I was browsing internet for the reviews of update. After reviewing the comments by other users, I’m not interested in updating right now. But package is already downloaded in my phone and it keeps asking to install. When I click Later, there is only 3 hrs postpone is possible. Please help me to get rid of this.

  12. Robin Danny says:

    I still didn’t get an update for 4.3 .. what the hell ? .. Baseband – I9300 XXEMA5 .. can anyone please tell me when will I be getting the update? .. Waiting for the update since November

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