HTC One 2 Full HD reinforcement could dissatisfy


There is big anticipation for HTC’s upcoming new flagship device that will replace the HTC One. The HTC One 2 as it’s often referred to at the moment is also sometimes dubbed the HTC One+ or HTC Two and has the codename HTC M8 just to confuse us further. Whatever it is eventually called, there’s reinforcement today that the HTC One 2 will have a Full HD display and that could dissatisfy some people.

The HTC One 2 has been the subject of plenty of speculation and recently a rumor suggested it will release in late March. Many specs have also been rumored and one of the most consistent is that it will have a Full HD display, as on the current HTC One.

Now that has been backed up once more with news of leaked HTC One 2 wallpaper as shown in the image here. While the wallpaper itself isn’t too absorbing, what is of interest is that the original image shows 2160 x 1920 pixels, as hosted on Google Docs. This just happens to be the pixel resolution of 1080p Android smartphone scrollable wallpapers, which seems to seal the deal that the HTC One 2 will have screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Some flagship smartphones this year are expected to arrive with higher display resolutions of 2560 x 1440 such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3. Therefore some potential HTC One 2 customers won’t be as excited as they might previously have been, to hear of an upcoming flagship with Full HD display.

While the new HTC One 2 leaked wallpaper image cannot be verified just yet, it does come from one of the most reliable and prolific leakers around at the moment, @evleaks. Because of this we’re inclined to accept that a Full HD display will be making it way to the HTC One 2.

As well as this, recent leaked purported cases for the HTC One 2 offered a touch of intrigue. They featured cutouts on the reverse that seem to indicate either a fingerprint scanner or possibly dual rear camera sensors, a point that got many people talking.

We’d be interested to hear how readers feel about the upcoming HTC One replacement and this leaked wallpaper news. Will you be completely satisfied if the HTC One 2 has a Full HD display? Maybe you were hoping that the upcoming new flagship would step up to a Quad HD display with even higher resolution? Drop us a comment to let us know.


13 thoughts on “HTC One 2 Full HD reinforcement could dissatisfy”

  1. Matt Phillips says:

    I absolutely love my HTC one but if HTC can’t step it up to 2k screens and Samsung and LG do I have to go with the S5 :/ but if Samsung stays at full HD with HTC definitely going with the M8!

    1. No_Nickname90 says:

      I don’t think you truly realize what’s happening. HTC is giving us High-End specs that we could use and not hinder performance. You would need a super high GPU to use that resolution. Also, apps would have to he formatted AGAIN to utilize the higher resolution.

      People don’t know these things and 1-Star apps when they look bad on their phones. I would just want 1080p and will be just fine. I’ll be mad if some of my favorite apps look bad because of the resolution on my phone being too high.

        1. Matt Phillips says:

          Ya I stupidily jumped to conclusions.. I can’t believe I forgot how gimicky samsung is, and how they are more throwing a 2k res screen out there just for sales rather than their customers experience.

          1. No_Nickname90 says:

            A 2K screen won’t necessarily ruin customer experience. It’s more along the lines of saying that the phone is better because of all the higher end specs.

            Potentially, those specs could be use to compensate for each other. If that’s the case, you won’t notice a difference than using a phone with lower-end specs.

            However, since these devices haven’t come out yet, the tech could be good enough to where all the high-end stuff will make a noticeable difference other than just raw horsepower.

            Don’t downgrade yourself.

            BTW, a 2K resolution is ridiculous on a phone screen. A large amount of consumers won’t notice any differences. The only people that may notice are those with *special* eyes. LoL!!

      1. Matt Phillips says:

        Ya i guess I dont really know what I’m talking about. I did not realize that but I am happy to know now because I love HTC and will have no regrets with the new HTC One! Thanks for the info.

        1. No_Nickname90 says:

          Why do I feel like you’ve edited your comment? LoL!!

          My comment doesn’t make sense anymore. Heck, no one’s comment makes sense any more.

          Evil continues to walk this Earth.

  2. johnny maverick says:

    good I hope they don’t go higher res just yet. maby the next one. performance is more preferred at the moment by me and high dpi i wont really notice.

  3. Pete says:

    I think the push for higher resolutions amongst smartphone is getting out of hand. The human eye can’t discern the difference between 450ppi and 600ppi, so all those extra pixels are just going to waste and placing unnecessary load on the GPU. Given identical specs, I would rather a Full HD phone than a 2K phone because the frame rates in games would be higher, for no noticeable decrease in image quality. 1080P is a perfect resolution for a 5″ display IMO.

  4. Jonathon Fertig says:

    I am completely satisfied with my One, save for one thing. Battery life. Even if the Two kept the same specs as the one, but improved the battery life, I would be more than happy. Anything more is overkill. I have yet to experience any kind of lag on my One so why fix something that isn’t broke. Battery life is what everyone should be working on. Obviously, the Two will have better specs, but, mobile technology has gotten to the point where we really don’t need octa cores, and ultra HD displays.

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