AMC 4.0 Android app provides comprehensive security


IObit released the AMC (Advanced Mobile Care) 4.0 Android app update not so long ago, and even though it provides comprehensive security as much more a few users are not happy. Overall the application is stunning and works wonders, but a select few have issues.

The update provided 20 embedded improvements, this now brings new Android tools including Anti-Surveillance, added Call/SMS Blocker and a cool new streamlined interface. The AMC 4.0 app will detect security issues such as spyware, malware, viruses and suspicious apps on Android devices as well as boosting Android device speeds by 200% when cleaning junk files, tasks, large files, residual files, cache etc.

Main Features include: One-Touch scan, Antivirus that scans your SD card and apps, on the performance side of things the app contains a Battery Saver, Game Speeder and App Manager.

If you wish to keep your privacy private then you will be very happy to learn that the AMC app features a Call/SMS Blocker, Privacy Advisor and Privacy Locker. The application also has Anti-theft and Cloud Backup.

This app is compatible with the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Note and many more. It also supports with multiple languages — the app is great and has got a lot of great reviews, but a few have some teething issues.

A few Advanced Mobile Care Android app users said –

OK but….. As a battery saver, no match to DU. But I’m keeping this for the meantime coz of the other features.

Please change the power status icon back to the way it used to be, I can barely read what percentage is left.

Stupid update Please change it back!!!!! It was way better before and thousands of people agree with me everyone wants it back!! this is a stupid update!!!!! now this app is garbage all I’m saying is to change it back that’s all mobile care users want is to change it how it was

Worthless after update so each time this app updates my anti-theft is erased and i have start again? does that not strike you as a stupid and pointless anti-theft system?

Download the app right now via the Google Play StoreWhat are your views on the Advanced Mobile Care app?

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