Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM card error message continues


The Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be having a few teething problems with ‘SIM card not inserted’ message issues at the moment. The not so savvy will not know what to do or end up taking the phone back to where they purchased it.

Phones Review knows so many readers and of course friends, family that own the Samsung Galaxy S4. Many users have no problems at all and like The Droid Guy we have been asked a number of times about SIM card problems on the S4 Android phone.

There could be a number of reasons why S4 owners are getting the ‘SIM card not inserted’ error message, which leaves them only being able to make emergency calls.

If you have your SIM card in it would make sense to take it out and then restart the Galaxy S4, once you have re-started put the SIM card back in. If the problem persists it would be an idea to try another SIM card, and if that works there could be an issue with your SIM card.

The above is a simple way of testing the SIM Card, but a few users say that they have tried this and with no luck. OK, so try cleaning the SIM, make sure the SIM you are using is NOT locked to a specific carrier. The Droid Guy suggests you try starting the Samsung Galaxy S4 in SAFE MODE.

Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘SIM card not inserted’ error message?


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM card error message continues”

  1. kev says:

    I am getting this problem I have tried a new sim and have even sent the phone back to Samsung for repair under warranty the installed a new sim reader in the phone got it back and it still has the problem please can someone help ????

    1. cheesedoffS4owner says:

      Hi i had this issue sprung up after working perfectly fine for 8 months. The only thing that i was doing was that i had loads of apps and the phone was getting really hot. My daughter was playing loads of games and when i got it back from her it took a while to cool down. After clearing a load off i took it back to the EE store who couldn’t fix it so sent it off to Samsung for repair. Got it back really quickly with no indication of what they did other than a factory reset. A week later, I installed some games and boom problem back. So I’ve now just got the basics on and it ****seems**** to be ok.

      1. Brenda Whiteman says:

        I have the same problem. Took it to Bell store this morning and they removed the battery and sim card which fixed it – but only for 3 hours. Now the same problem again. This is really annoying.

  2. Awaisis says:

    I have the same problem when I insert SIM card it’s say no SIM card but when I insert my friend SIM card in to my galaxy s4 from same carrier it works but I also try couple other SIM card as we’ll none of them work still facing the same problem is any one know any solution about it

  3. Ankit Mehrotra says:

    Hi Folks, I am also facing the same issue. I have bought s4 just 5 days back and am not able to use the sim card properly on it. would request if you can help me out with this…please share your feedback.

  4. charlie says:

    I took my s4 back to the store with the sim error message. After resetting and trying new sim cards they phoned ‘tech support’ who did a reset over the phone. It worked fine for a few days and now back to the same sim error message. Contacted the store again today who have advised me that it is a common problem and have offered a replacement s4.

  5. Nitesh Patel says:

    My S4 has the no sim error restart phone problem. Its stock U.K. (BTU) and has never been rooted.

    1st occurrence within 3 months ownership but it got to a point, after a week, where it always read no sim even after restart. Samsung warranty repair changed mother/main board.
    Phone was dropping calls after the warranty repair so went back to Samsung. Warranty repair 2. Changed 2 wires, don’t know which ones. But now phone was working fine.

    3 Weeks after repair 2, the screen went black. I could still hear all tones etc but no screen so can’t answer calls (most basic function of phone). Samsung put new screen and another new main/motherboard. So now this is the 3rd mainboard. Phone came back on 2/10/14 after the repair. After 2 days I have again got message about 5 times at a time but restart is solving it for now.

    So I think the problem lies in the faulty mainboards Samsung are manufacturing. Why? Because my 1st board failed and eventually always had the message no sim inserted. The engineer report said main board was changed. If it was too do with a faulty sim tray then wouldn’t they have fitted one of those instead. 2nd board worked fine even though calls were dropping. This board was in phone for 3 weeks until screen got changed so I’m presuming had to change board along with screen. The latest main board which is apparently new has lasted 2 days. Like I said above its only happened a few times so far but I rather it happen all the time so I can send it in again.

    I have spoke to Samsung UK escalation and they said if I require another repair then they will take it higher up but even with an exchange what is there not to say new/refurbished S4 wont be faulty down the line.

    What is Samsung doing about this, absolutely nothing. My worst ever experience with a phone and I got a s 1,2,3 which all still work not even a glitch. Will buy another phone but keep fighting for a resolution with this one. Still has 17 months warranty.

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