iPhone 3GS battery expansion problem is serious


Smartphones go wrong, sometimes they have software issues and of course hardware problems occur as well — But when the iPhone 3GS battery-expanding problem occurred it came as a shock because this could have been very serious indeed.

We all know smartphone batteries can explode when left on charge overnight, so we all take precautions for this not to happen. But, looking at the photos shown here of an iPhone 3GS with its battery expanding like a balloon on the border of exploding is frightening.

There was a small case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery swelling up, but the battery ballooning to the extent of nearly exploding on the iPhone 3GS is super dangerous and could potentially harm somebody.

iPhone 3GS battery expansion problem is serious pic 2

Phones have bursted into flames because of battery issues, but it is even worse if one explodes. The iPhone 3GS you can see here comes via website writer over on Letem Svetem Applem, he said that he owned the phone since 2009 and had no problems at all, but then all on its own the battery ballooned right up to double its normal size, which cracked his iPhone 3GS.

Apple’s European office contacted the owner, investigations will probably get under way because this is serious to say the least. Phones Review has never seen a battery balloon like this on an iPhone 3GS.

Has your smartphone battery ever ballooned up like the one shown here?


6 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS battery expansion problem is serious”

  1. Namit says:

    Hey, I had the same experience just a month ago. The phone was ~3 years old. I had stopped using it just 3 months ago and was kept in the drawer. One find day I see the swollen battery and the back cover come apart. can I ask Apple for a repplacement?

  2. Old Steeve says:

    This happened to me yesterday on my way home from work. It was in my trouser pocket when I felt pressure in my leg and slight warmth. Obviously driving it was impossible to get to the phone so I had to pull over on the hard shoulder and when I took the phone out the screen burst out of the casing the logic board broke and a number of screws pinged all over the place. To say I was a bit shaken up was an understatement. I put the phone in the tyre well of the car and drove home and by the time I got home the whole phone was in pieces and the battery was like a foil balloon so have put in a bag and buried it in the garden.

    I have since read a few threads on this and it seems apple claim it to be a safety feature to stop the battery leaking inside the phone. Thanks Apple for putting a bomb in my pocket.

    It seems this problem is fairly indemic to the 3GS and normally happens after a period of dormancy.

    This really is dangerous and Apple should recall all these phones. Trading standards should also be investigating this phenomenon

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