iPad mini deemed most fragile gadget, iPad Air third


The iPad mini is a hugely popular tablet and many people may not even have considered its breakability factor. However, a new study has found the iPad mini is the most fragile of several top devices tested, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 second and the iPad Air coming third.

The research was conducted by insurance firm SquareTrade Europe, and durability testing looked at several factors such as design, weight, construction, water resistance and ‘grip-ability.’ Each device was also given a breakability score, which involved dropping the devices from a set height onto concrete.

Apple will not be thrilled that four of its devices were in the top 10 of ‘most breakable gadgets.’ After the top (worst) three places above, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was fourth, with the iPhone 5C fifth and Nexus 7 (2012) sixth.

The remaining top 10 slots were the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in seventh, iPhone 5S eighth, Nexus 7 (2013) ninth and bringing up the rear the Motorola Moto X in tenth. SquareTrade Europe managing director Kevin Gillan told how replicating various life situations with this sort of testing could help consumers make the best choices.

Unsurprisingly the insurance angle also came into it, as customers can also judge whether to cover their devices against accidental damage. We’d like to know what you think about the results of this latest study into device breakability.

Are you surprised by any of these outcomes, particularly regarding the iPad mini, Galaxy S4 or iPad Air in the top 3 places? Does your own experience of any of these devices reflect their positions in this research? Let us have your comments on this.

Source: Telegraph


4 thoughts on “iPad mini deemed most fragile gadget, iPad Air third”

  1. Andowsdan says:

    I work in consumer electronic repair, and none of the items listed here surprise me… I see and fix a lot of these devices in the top 10 quite a bit. Apple products in particular seem to always be fragile, but in comparison to their Android counterparts, it seems that Apple users in particular hate to put protective cases on their devices, which only makes it easier to break them.

  2. orytek says:

    Wy wife drove off with her new iPad mini on the bumper. She turned a corner and it apparently flew off. Found it 2 hours later in the middle of this street. It had been run over at least one time. There was an Apple smart cover on it, nothing more.
    It was dented on the back side but the glass didn’t break and it remains 100% functioning. Pretty amazing.

  3. isitjustme says:

    I wonder which is more important a product that gives the best user experience or one that stands the break test well but only so so in user experience.

    Let the buyer make the wise choice.

    One more thing the report didn’t say is after dunking which products are still workng.

    And which one die after a drop.

  4. Below$600AShareIsPathetic!}:-( says:

    People can simply buy impact resistant cases if they’re so concerned about keeping their Apple devices in good shape. Many people are just plain clumsy but accidents do happen and a tough case is an excellent solution as there are so many choices available. The Otterbox iPad Defender Series case is a good choice.

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