Happy Propose Day 2014 continues as Valentines nears


Happy Propose Day 2014 was celebrated on February 8th, this happens once a year on the second day within the Valentine week. Propose day still continues after the set date and many smartphone users download apps to send loving things.

One great Android app that only went live on the Google Play Store is ‘Propose Day SMS Message Images’, which is free. The app requires Android 2.2 and up, the app is simple but effective – are you ready to get down on one knee to propose?

This app is perfect for those that live far apart from a loved one and cannot be with their love on Valentines Day, this could be an alternative for proposing in style, it is always better in person but not everyone has that luxury to be with their girlfriend on Valentines week.

The ‘Propose Day SMS Message Images’ app provides focus via SMS with Chocolate day SMS, Rose Day SMS and now Propose Day SMS, if you wish to propose to your girlfriend try and think about this new app just released.

Please do propose to your girlfriend in PERSON if you can, if you cannot and want to on Valentines Day then this app could be your savior.

Main app features include: Download HD Propose day wallpapers, share the Propose day wishes Images on the social media, share the messages (text) and send them to your friends etc, Download the images into SD Card and more.

Phones Review loves to share new apps, this maybe an app to download if you have no other choice, but personally if we was not with a loved one and wanted to propose maybe and just maybe video chat would be a better choice.

Would you really use an app to propose?

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