Nokia Lumia 810, 822 Black update angers users


Verizon and T-Mobile customers that own either the Nokia Lumia 810 or 822 will be very upset indeed about the latest Lumia Black update news.

Even though this news comes via Reddit (Read their comments) we must stress this is not yet official, the news was first heard from a chat with Nokia’s Customer support, which means the official news will come but carriers such as T-Mobile and Verizon will not push this news out yet because they do not want the backlash.

Nokia apparently completed the Lumia Black firmware update for both of the smartphones, but for some reason the carriers do not want to push it to their users. Verizon still lists it as coming soon; please do not get angry just yet because no official news has been released.

No one knows why the update is not happening, but it does look like the carriers do not approve of the Lumia Black update. Amber looks like it will stay on the Lumia 810 and 822, makes us wonder if they will go straight to Windows Phone 8.1 avoiding the GDR3 + Lumia Black update.

The Nokia Lumia 820 (International) smartphone is getting the Lumia Black update — What are your views on the Lumia 810 and 822 missing out on the Lumia Black firmware update?


4 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 810, 822 Black update angers users”

  1. Billy Bob says:

    This was a rumor, and not even a very good one. The headline is even worse – more sensationalist linkbait BS. Less than a week after this was posted, and 822 on VZW is getting the Black update. Just updated mine, and downloaded the new Nokia Camera app – best of Pro and Smart Cam combined. Everything works fine, looking forward to 8.1!

  2. Saturn says:

    Nokia Lumia 810 owner here. I just tried to “upgrade” my phone since I’m not sure if I’ll be receiving the update. I’m not a big spender on phones, but I was very close to going all out and getting the iPhone. But, I decided I didn’t need it. So, I tried a budget Android phone. BIG MISTAKE! After only one hour of using it, I’m getting my money back. I’m not upgrading again. I’ve spent too much money and I finally got a phone that I like. Windows 8.1 or not Windows 8.1, unless Nokia and Microsoft bring me something sensational or this one conks out on me, I’m keeping my money in my pocket, where it belongs!

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