HTC One Max, Mini US Android 4.4 update approaching


We always try to keep readers informed about operating system updates for their devices and today’s news is for US owners of the HTC One Max or HTC One mini. If you’ve been waiting for KitKat to arrive for either of these handsets then there’s some promising new. The HTC One Max and mini US Android 4.4 update is approaching, bringing with it the update to Sense 5.5.

Earlier this month we heard that Android 4.4 KitKat was beginning to roll out for the HTC One Max in Hong Kong. At the same time we noted that the update for the Verizon One Max seemed imminent as it had reached the certification stage.

This would usually indicate a release of the update pretty soon and HTC’s update status page now also shows the update has reached the same stage for the AT&T One Max. The AT&T One mini is also going through the certification process at the moment.

Now there’s some further news on this, which has come directly from the USA Product Team via Reddit. It’s stated that Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5 should arrive with the HTC One Max as early as March, so depending on whether that’s early or later in the month there might only be a couple more weeks to wait.

The team also state that the HTC One mini Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5 update should arrive in April. There’s also an indication that HTC is considering ways to enable direct updates saying, “this has definitely been in consideration and we’re always thinking about how we can streamline the update process.”

That sounds like very interesting news as this could mean that device owners might be able to get round waiting for carrier testing and approval for future updates. For now though, it does look as though US HTC One Max will receive the joys of KitKat in March with the HTC One mini following in April.

Are you an HTC One Max or mini user in the US? Are you pleased to hear the Android 4.4 update is nearing for your smartphone, or maybe you had hoped it would have already arrived by now? Let us know with your comments.


4 thoughts on “HTC One Max, Mini US Android 4.4 update approaching”

  1. G D K says:

    It’a already here for Verizon. I pulled down the 4.4.2 KitKat version with Sense 5.5 yesterday on my Verizon HTC One (Settings…Software Update…Check new). Downloaded it then got prompted later in the day to apply it. Changes are subtle in my opinion. I haven’t found any revolutionary enhancements yet. No problems, either.

    1. max says:

      This article is for the HTC One Max. Not the smaller HTC One. They released the update for the HTC One several days ago. The update for the Max is still being carrier certified.

      1. ponjap says:

        HTC One Max update already rolling up in Asia I think. i’m from the Phillippines and have updated my one max yesterday. there are noticeable improvements when you updated your phone to 4.4.2. say for example the battery icon on the notification area becomes white. The only drawback is that I notice the battery drains faster!!!! I don’t get it, this should be an improvement. Though you get to charge your battery faster but it drains too fast for me. I’m better of to charge the battery in about 3 to 4 hours before fully charged but in return, superb battery experience. Now I wanted to downgrade to 4.3. 🙁

  2. mastertech74 says:

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR OVER A MONTH THEY UPDATED THE ONE FIRSR ,THE GOOGLE VERSIONS and developers EDITION , UNLOCKED BUT for some reason they did not update every other HTC One max that’s on the carrier I think that’s a bunch of crap. I turned in my samsung galaxy notary because it was burning up to much data to get the h_t_c 1 max. because it was the latest and greatest. .now I have to continue to wait on the update that’s already been updated on several other phones trust me as soon as another phone comes out late this year that I want HTC from me is history and that’s kind of crazy because I’ve had 5 different HTC phones and I’ve had 3 different Samsung phones they’re both great photos but HTC is a better built phone Samsung just has more features if HTC would get off their ass and build a water resistant shockproof dustproof max phone or regular phone with awesome specs
    I just might stay with them for that I don’t see that happeningespecially not within the next few years anywayso if you engineers at HTC read any of these postings you definitely need to listen to the people I am and always have been a tech geek and you guys don’t ever listen to the people you just develop what you think is going to work if I had a job at HCC I have enough ideas for the baddest phone on the market but it is what it is I will have to just sit back and wait for you pencil pushers to keep trying to keep up with everyone else

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