Flappy Bird copies rejected by Apple and Google


Each year certain mobile apps grab all the headlines for one reason or another and that has certainly been case recently for the Flappy Bird game that was eventually taken down by the developer. In the wake of this numerous copies have appeared but it seems as if Apple and Google are now rejecting these.

Just as the Flappy Bird game was taken down loads of similar games started to appear on the various mobile application stores, but it seems that now both Apple and Google have grown tired of all the Flappy Bird knock offs and begun rejecting apps that have the word Flappy in the title.

A Canadian developer called Ken Carpenter had an application called Flappy Dragon rejected from the Apple App Store, and the reason that Apple gave for the rejection was that according to the company “we found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app.”

Google also rejected the Android version of the game and other developers have also been affected by this change as Kuyi Mobile responded on Twitter saying they knew of three other developers that have suffered the same fate.

There are currently lots of Flappy title games in the app stores with users downloading them on mass, so maybe both Apple and Google decided enough is enough. It also seems that some developers are being forced to change the name of apps as Flappy Bee is now known as Jumpy Bee. In the meantime you may want to have a look at some alternatives we found previously.

Do you think this is a bit heavy handed by Apple and Google or a good move?

Source: TechCrunch.

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