Microsoft OneDrive live, automatic Android photo backup


SkyDrive has walked out the door leaving its reins to a newbie called Microsoft OneDrive, this is now live and fully accessible and the new branding is here to stay and offer pleasure and new functionality.

The newly born Microsoft OneDrive retires the old SkyDrive, but this is brilliant news because if offers so much more such as automatic Android photo backup, this means that users will have peace of mind that there is an automatic camera backup for Android.

New features are being added and with OneDrive you will get the likes of real-time co-editing, video sharing and viewing is so much easier than before, users can earn an extra 3 GB of storage when you activate camera roll backup to save photos automatically, as well as new ways to earn and buy additional storage.

Watch the new YouTube clip uploaded today that shows of the new Microsoft OneDrive live and in full action, two of the features stand out the most for us and that is automatic Android photo backup and of course the ability to earn and buy additional OneDrive storage.

Have you got Microsoft OneDrive yet?

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