HTC Explain Ultrapixel and tease The All New HTC One


HTC are teasing even more about The All New HTC One (HTC M8), they have posted another video on YouTube (unlisted for now) regarding the Ultrapixel technology and what benefits it brings.

The video is intended to “dumb” down the technical terms and give it to you in a way that pretty much everyone can understand, it explains that Ultrapixel is a custom 2.0 micrometer image sensor vs the typical 1.1 to 1.4 micrometer sensors found on most other modern 8 to 13mp smartphones.

What does it really mean? Better lowlight photography and this is because the Ultrapixel sensor can get up to 300% more light vs other leading phone sensors, more light normally equals better pictures.

We’re very interested to see what improvements have been made with the Ultrapixel technology when The All New HTC One arrives on March 25th later this month.


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  1. I’m an HTC fan and I have to say the previous HTC One’s 4 ultra pixel camera is quite disappointing in my opinion. This time the HTC M8’s camera better steal the spotlight against Samsung.

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