HeadWatch using smartwatch technology with headset design


Yes you read the title of this post correctly, HeadWatch!

The HeadWatch is an Android based, touchscreen smartwatch that acts as a companion for your smartphone pretty much like every other smart-wearable device on the market today, it has a few nice features like a notification light strip and a temperature sensor built into the device.

Now comes the fun part, they don’t call it HeadWatch just for fun as it actually turns into a bluetooth headset with the aid of hook on the back of the device, you just pop the device out of its watch strap and stick it on your ear.

This is a similar concept to the Huawei TalkBand B1 that was announced at the Mobile World Congress late last month, the difference between the two is that the HeadWatch wants to be much more than just be a headset that will attach to your wrist along with giving you your daily steps like the TalkBand does.

The team at HeadWatch are looking for a minimum of $300,000 of cash through crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Does this type of concept interest you? Or are you thinking April 1st may have come early.

Source: Indiegogo


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