iOS 7.1 battery life problems reported


Apple’s iOS 7.1 arrived a few days ago and many people have already updated their devices with the latest version of the mobile operating system. We often find that a few days after an update is downloaded we start to hear complaints about various issues. As has happened before with previous iOS updates we are now seeing reports of battery life problems with iOS 7.1.

We’ve heard from readers experiencing poor battery life on their iOS devices since iOS 7.1, and a look at Apple support forums shows plenty of examples of depleted iPhone battery life since the update. Comments about this imply it’s affecting different models, as we’ve seen complaints from owners of the iPhone 5S, 5C and iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 4S and some iPad users.

You can see some of the reports of problems at the Apple Support Communities source links here and here, but there are many more threads regarding battery life issues. Other problems spotted concern the 3G toggle, Touch ID and also random rebooting. The issues with battery life are also discussed at Gotta Be Mobile, where there are also some tips about how to improve battery life.

It’s worth pointing out that as far as we know, this problem hasn’t arisen for the vast majority of iOS device users. It’s also the case that there are plenty of examples where iPhone owners say the battery life has improved on their device since iOS 7.1. Nevertheless, this is certainly an issue as far as some users are concerned.

We’d really like to hear from readers regarding any problems noted since the iOS 7.1 update. Is battery life a concern for you, or have you noticed any other issues? It would be good if you could also tell us which device you are using when you are sending us your comments.


21 thoughts on “iOS 7.1 battery life problems reported”

  1. CanadaGirl says:

    I’m having problems with my 5s. I’ve been using my phone for things like Safari, Twitter and Facebook for about an hour and I’m already down to 90%. Before the update is probably still be at 95% or higher. I can literally sit here and watch the % go down. I don’t get too many phone calls, but I can only imagine those using their phones for work. I hope Apple sends out another update to fix this bug.

    1. nPod says:

      Major battery drain on my 5s. Same as others, I can watch it tick down every couple minutes. I lost 10% while the phone was in my pocket at a a haircut. I hope they fix it soon!

      1. ARUN says:

        hurrayyyyyyyyy i am in the league buddies. i have a iphone 5 and i am facing the same issue since the 7.1 update. i hope sleeping apple developers wake up from the sleep and fix this problem ASAP.

  2. Jeff says:

    I used to end a typical work day (10 hrs) with at least 70% battery life left on my iPhone 5. Since the update, it is below 50% after four hours and quickly becomes depleted from there. What gives?

  3. Tae-Ho Lee says:

    My one is iPhone 5c, recently updated to 7.1. Then, I got a severe battery issue; 1% drain every 1-2 minutes. Drain speed seems much much faster than light. Hooray-

  4. Qtmonster says:

    Yes my iPhone 5 is experiencing battery life issues…60% down in 3 hours, more than half the time on standby. I’ve turned off all apps except messages and whatsapp but it’s still pretty bad….

  5. Pher says:

    My iphone5, I used to double click the power/wake up button. Because sometimes the screen suddenly got black. I don’t know what’s wrong.

  6. Ryan says:

    Enough is enough .Apple charge extortionate prices for their product and I don’t expect problems with every single update that they release …but the problems are there without fail and now I’m sick and fed up with them.They’re taking the piss,and when my contract expires in June no way will I be getting another Apple device.

  7. Sophie says:

    my iphone 5 has major issues with battery lately. It lasts half a day on sandby. It’s ridiculous. I tried battery doctor app, but nothing changes.

  8. Jessica says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with their 4S that Siri’s voice is reading off everything on their screen for no reason. And once I lock my screen it won’t unlock Siri just keeps repeating the time and date over and over???

  9. Gary K. says:

    My IPhone 5S kept switching to Facetime or at least trying while I was chatting with a friend who also had an Apple IPhone and he was asking me if I was doing the asking as he got the same message.Don’t know which model or version he had. I was on a Bluetooth and the phone was sitting on my computer desk during these actions by the phone????? Anyone else??

  10. Arthur says:

    Updated my 4s from iOS 6 to iOS 7.1 a few days ago and the battery life absolutely tanked. Hence the Google search that led me to this article.

  11. Mar says:

    My battery life on 4s has totally diminished with this update. I used to get several days, now about 3 hours. Things seem to delay a second before opening. Messages don’t pop up or make sounds, and usually about 12 hrs delivery time…..

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