Nokia X UI shown in detailed video


We’ve been bringing readers plenty of information on the Nokia X phone and most recently shared a video showing how to root the device and install the Google Play Store. Now we want to show another video, this time of the Nokia X UI in detail.

We’ll remind you that the Nokia X runs a special software platform based on Android, so this will give you a good idea of how the software is very different to the usual Android experience. The 20-minute YouTube video that you can view below this story comes from Fone Arena and gives a pretty comprehensive look at the Nokia X software platform.

It begins by showing the standby screen and lockscreen, opening the lockscreen and then revealing the start screen. The walkthrough continues by looking at the Fastlane notification center and default apps and showing how to find your way around the UI.

We cannot recommend this video highly enough for those who want a really good idea of the Nokia X UI experience. Will you be buying the Nokia X, or have you already purchased it?

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