Motorola Moto X2 design impresses


The Motorola Moto X has been around quite a while although some regions are only just getting access to the smartphone, while thoughts have been turning to a possible replacement. Today we have a Motorola Moto X2 design that impresses.

We often bring you some stylish concept phone designs and today’s one comes courtesy of Ramon Rivas, and is his vision of the Motorola Moto X2. The designer states that he is not happy with the placement of the rear speaker and camera flash and may reverse it.

As you can see there are no physical buttons on the front of the device, but the ones on the sides are coloured differently to make them standout. The display has extremely small bezels and looks to be around the 5-inch mark and you would have thought be Full HD.

Do you like this design?

Source: Google+ via Concept Phones.


8 thoughts on “Motorola Moto X2 design impresses”

    1. engid says:

      me neither… i think the design is already perfect as it is. A 5″ screen would make it as big as all other phones, ergo useless for me. Just improve the camera, maybe increase the storage options to 64gb and…. sell it in Switzerland too, so that I can buy one 😀

      1. Starmie says:

        5″ Phones from other manufacturers are so big because they have big bezzels. The reason why the moto x is smaller than most phones with a similar screen size is because the bezzels are tiny. If they keep the same principles then a 5″ moto x2 would still be reasonable small compared to most

  1. ingram1225 says:

    still made of plastic…. but will probably be 10x better than the Galaxy S5 for the mere fact that the UI overlay appears to be minimal.

    1. James says:

      Never understood the rabid fascination with metal. It doesn’t make the phone any better or more reliable. It simply looks a little nicer for the first week until it’s scratched beyond repair. There’s nothing wrong with a plastic case.

      Source: Owner an HTC one with such shitty build quality none of the panels lined up, the buttons didn’t work properly, and it broke after a few months forcing me back to my trusty reliable “Plastic” Nexus.

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