Oppo Find 7 pre-orders come with some nice freebies


The Oppo Find 7 was revealed earlier this month and at the time a release in Europe was promised to be coming next month, and now the Oppo Find 7 pre-orders will come with some nice freebies.

We told you a few days ago that pre-orders for the Oppo Find 7a would be kicking off on April 7th, and there would be some kind of promotion offered with the handset. Now the company has taken to its Facebook page and revealed that those pre-ordering the device will get a free Easy Style cover, and a spare battery.

The company has also announced that it will reveal another surprise on April 4th, but many consumers looking to pick up the Oppo Find 7 with probably wait for the QHD version that is due to arrive towards the end of April.

Previous benchmark results found that the Full HD version of the device slightly outscored the QHD model, which was put down to the higher resolution display. Update: The company has just added a 32GB microSD card to the free things being given away.

Are you going to get the Oppo Find 7?


5 thoughts on “Oppo Find 7 pre-orders come with some nice freebies”

  1. Skorp says:

    “Are you going to get the Oppo Find 7?”
    Yes, 2 each – one black, one white. Model 7a – I can’t see better than Full HD anyways 😉
    Unfortunately – I missed the extra battery deal, that would have been sweet – but the pre-release deal that I got was priced better anyways. Looking forward to my first Oppo phones – I have had other Oppo Blu-Ray gear in the past and been very impressed with build quality, etc.

    1. aeppacher says:

      Why can’t you see better than 1080P on a 5.5″ device? You know that apple 300 ppi is the max the eye can see is nonsense right? That’s if our eyes were linear instead of angular. The true value is closer to 550pp. You will definitely notice the difference on a display this big.

      1. Skorp says:

        My whole house is set up as “Full HD”. If I have to go higher than that, I would have to buy a gazillion new things! 🙂 No thanks… Full HD is enough in my lifetime (maybe some youngsters can look forward to “Ultra” this or that… with full sensory immersion, including smell).

      2. asdfghjkl says:

        My Nexus 4 is 768p, I have 20/20 vision and can still hardly ever see a pixel, and never enough to be even remotely distracting. I compared it to the galaxy s4 and I prefer the nexus screen, because once you reach resolutions this big, screen quality becomes more important than raw resolution.

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