Nexus 5 vs HTC One M8, value or class


The Google Nexus 5 made by LG released in November last year and has been an enormously successful device, much of this down to the fact that it runs pure vanilla Android. The new HTC One (M8) has only just released and is already winning plenty of praise. Today we have a comparison video of the Nexus 5 vs. HTC One M8.

While it may not have the very highest specs of some of the latest smartphone contenders, the Nexus 5 certainly performs well enough and offers a great user experience at an affordable price. The HTC One M8 on the other hand, is the successor to the popular HTC One and is earning very positive reviews already. The YouTube video that you can view below our story comes from Phone Arena and shows how these phones stand up against each other.

The 13-minute comparison review begins by asking if the HTC One M8 offers enough of an edge to be worth the extra money over the affordable Nexus 5. It begins by showing the designs of the phones before moving on to many other factors including displays, software experience, processor specs, connectivity, camera capabilities, audio quality, battery life, and more.

Ultimately the HTC One M8 is felt to be the most capable device of the two, but this comes at a price premium. It shines in almost every aspect, apart from the camera performance, so has a considerable amount to recommend it. However, although the Nexus 5 may be outclassed by the new One in many ways, it still has plenty to offer and doesn’t fall too far behind in many ways. It also has the benefit of getting very speedy Android updates, all at a reasonable price.

After checking out the video below we’d be interested in hearing your opinions. Taking everything into account, would you be more inclined to purchase the value-for-money Nexus 5 or the classy HTC One M8? Let us know with your comments.


12 thoughts on “Nexus 5 vs HTC One M8, value or class”

    1. LionStone says:

      I have a Nexus 5 (2300mAh) and an HTC DNA (2020mAh), and the battery life is about the same! I’ll be getting rid of my N5 and getting the M8. Stock Android is nice but it’s not all that.

  1. Den72 says:

    I sold my HTC One to buy a Nexus 5. The camera and battery life on the Nexus is far better. Unfortunately there is a problem with the mic on my Nexus making phone calls. My friends say I sound muffled unless I hold the mic directly on front of my mouth. I have now pre ordred a Galaxy S5 as I never had any problems with my old S3. No more HTC or LG phones for me.

      1. Den72 says:

        Yes, I did sell it to buy a Nexus 5. The HTC one is a gorgeous looking phone with amazing screen and speakers, but I don’t listen to music through the speakers, and the camera produced awful results on my trip to Cuba. If you like the HTC one, good for you, it’s a great phone, but just not for me. I’ve wasted far too much money trying to find the perfect phone, and the only phone I could not find fault with (apart from night time photography) is my old Galaxy S3, so I’m selling my Nexus 5 and going to give Samsung a try again. I have no brand loyalty. I buy what I think is best for my needs.

    1. LionStone says:

      He may be talking about the M7? But still, I can’t believe it either, the 2300mAh in the M7 is the same as the N5? So something doesn’t compute?

      1. Den72 says:

        I am talking about the M7. I use it for email and web browsing. My Nexus 5 usually has about 80% battery after 14 hours on 3G with light use. My old HTC One usually had about 60%. I suppose vanilla android uses less power than Sense 5.0.

    1. Andres Galvan says:

      We’re talking about the NEW HTC One, the phone that just went on sale this week.

      Although I have had an M7 since the day it launched on AT&T, and its by far the best phone I’ve ever used. Can’t wait to see how much the M8 improves upon that.

  2. Sunnyside Dude says:

    After watching the video twice, I realized the reviewer forgot to take into account one factor. And that is the cute factor. For that, I’ve decided that I’ll pick the guy over any of the phones.

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