iPhone 6 Pro has built in iStick stylus


Apple were once famous for their innovative ideas for the smartphone market but things have changed slightly in recent times, and the iPhone 6 Pro design that we have for you today with its built in iStick stylus would get them accused of copying Samsung’s S Pen.

The concept design video below this page comes courtesy of ConceptsiPhone and features a stylish looking iPhone 6 Pro in a video that is just under a minute long. The device features a 3MP front facing HD FaceTime camera with the handset measuring only 7.2mm in thickness.

At the bottom of the handset below the home button we have a notification light, and on the side of the device is what is being called the iStick which is basically a stylus that extends once taken out of the handset.

On the back is a 16MP UHD camera along with a heart rate monitor placed on the side which would also see Apple accused of copying Samsung.

Would you like to see any of these features on an iPhone 6?


One thought on “iPhone 6 Pro has built in iStick stylus”

  1. Gordy_87 says:

    I would love to see the iPhone, or iPad with a some sort of stylus. Just something for precision writing and drawing. That would definitely make me leave my Samsung Note products in the blink of an eye. I for the most part prefer iOS over Android….

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