BlackBerry with new physical keyboard imagined


The amount of new smartphones being made available with a hardware keyboard is shrinking all the time as most devices now rely on virtual offerings, but today we have a Blackberry design with a new physical keyboard imagined.

While Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry may have recently re-released the Bold 9900 and will be releasing the BlackBerry Classic later this year, the image that you can see on this page is a concept phone idea with a new physical QWERTY keyboard in tow.

The design is the work of Afshin Khademi Parvin that uses a hidden QWERTY keyboard along with a virtual offering that is normally seen on many touchscreen smartphones. The handset is built using a mixture of carbon fibre and aluminium, while the camera lenses are covered with a special area.

Users would be able to switch between the physical keys and the virtual ones so they have the best of both worlds, and on the rear at the bottom is an area that has some high quality black leather. You may also be interested in an earlier BlackBerry concept we had.

Do you like the idea of this concept?

Source: Concept Phones.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry with new physical keyboard imagined”

  1. Ryan E says:

    stupid manufacturers are so dumb they need to pull their heads out their you know whats. QWERTY is not dead. In fact, many IT people and tech people LOVE precision devices, a solid touch button unlike the lousy experience you get moving your fingers around on some dumb touch screen. screens get greasy , wet, broken, damaged, the other day I had someone trying to talk to me on live support chat VIA an IPAD , i wanted to jump off a cliff , it took them 25 times the amount of time it would normally take a normal human being if they didn’t hunt and peck on some giant 10 inch screen, it’s like the movie idiocracy everyday I live. People don’t know what they want , you think they want super high def screens well I want a keyboard that slides out so I can type wtf I am trying to convey in the quickest manner possible. IDIOTS

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