Samsung Galaxy S5 build problem reported


One of the most dominant smartphones at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S5, an Android flagship device that has won high praise and a lot of fans. It has been available now for a couple of months and sometimes any issues with a device aren’t noticed straight away. Now a Samsung Galaxy S5 build quality problem has been reported.

Someone who is actually a phone reviewer, who felt prompted to issue a warning about the Galaxy S5 via a YouTube video, has noted this matter. We’ve embedded this below our story so that you can see it for yourselves. It comes from phone reviewer Adrianisen, whose videos we sometimes feature on this site, so it’s worth paying some attention to.

Part of his Galaxy S5 is actually damaged as one of the flaps at the bottom of the handset has broken off, and you can see this clearly shown. We don’t know whether this is a problem that many owners of the phone have encountered, and Adrianisen fairly notes that as a phone reviewer he may not be quite so careful with his device as other users.

However, he does stress that the phone wasn’t dropped and the flap was simply opened in the usual way. As the phone is only just over two months old we wouldn’t expect parts to be breaking away, although these pieces of plastic do look pretty flimsy. As a result of this damage the device is no longer waterproof.

To make it clear it’s stressed on the video that not everybody is likely to encounter this kind of damage with the Galaxy S5, it’s just something that you might want to take into account. However, we do note that in the comments below the video description there are some other users saying that this has also happened to their device.

We’d really like to get an idea of how widespread this problem is so if you have the Samsung Galaxy S5 we’d like to hear from you. Has your device remained in perfect condition or have you too experienced this breakage problem, or indeed any other issue? Let us know by sending us your comments.


154 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 build problem reported”

  1. joe says:

    When I first bought the phone, I didn’t like always having to pop open that flap to charge, so I simply took off the back cover and unscrewed the little Philips screw over the flap, removed it so I can save it and put it back in when I go to trade it in for the galaxy s 6! Voila! Problem solved, no broken pieces. ..

  2. Spade says:

    Mine just popped off afew days ago.
    What ever adhesive they used to keep it intact is very poor quality.
    If you look carefully, the black strip that’s slides in and out has a velcro like base.
    I guess Samsung didn’t spend hours testing this piece. Apperently, 200-300 times is all it takes to detach. So this s****, cause this piece is what makes the phone water resistant.
    I know maybe half a dozen others are having this same problem.
    Side note: another known issue is the front facing camera. Theres a ring between the glass and the lens that are covering up the view. Since the launch, I’ve came across 5

  3. kristen says:

    Mine I’d hanging off since first week was never able to secure it back. Also have so many glitches with my phone have to say worse then the iPhone for sure.

  4. locario28 says:

    My galaxy is in perfect condition not one problem I love my phone I’ve had all the galaxy phone and this is by all means the best.

  5. Timothy Criswell says:

    It just happened to me tonight. So pissed. Never had a problem with my Apple phone bit I wanted something different. Lasted 2 months. When they unleash the next iphone I know what I’l be buying. Talk about cheap…

  6. khan says:

    Sir, please Help me, I am using Samsung galaxy S5 G900F,, when i play it
    360p or 480p video, then it support full screen video resolution(mode),
    But when i play 720p, 1080p video, then it does not support full screen
    resolution video, How can i play 720p,1080p video at full screen mode?

  7. Frank says:

    My Galaxy S5 charging flap also just fell away within a week of the phone arriving !!!!
    Not impressed.
    I rang Samsung & they told me to send the phone to a repair centre .
    Its crazy you can actually replace it very easily with one screw for a new flap but Samsung don’t supply this part you have to send it to a repair centre.

  8. For those people saying that “It fell off or it broke, ” please just admit you ruff housed your phone! Yes, it’s plastic and opens a certain way, but so does a can of soda. I open this port 6 times every day to charge or transfer data from one device to another, yet I’m still mindful of how this port opens. Seriously, if someone has to put a video out as to how to open this port……
    Save yourself some trouble and get an IPhone!

    The only problem I have is the vitameo player not working at startup but that’s it. All I do is report it and keep on getting up. Besides that no problems, none. This is just too funny…someone says “mine also broke off”…. Ruffly translated: Ruff housed!

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          6. clarke 2.0 says:

            It’s fine Mark. I just belive in telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. PEACE.

          7. Dandelion says:

            How in the hell can you speak HONESTLY about someone from the internet that you have never met??? All you can HONESTLY say is that you don’t know NOTHING. You’re delusional if you think otherwise.

          8. Dandelion says:

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            “Y’all have taken a dump in this very informational post about my beloved S5!”

          10. Tim says:

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          12. Tim says:

            Honestly, I have not though about this stuff in over a year. .stuff really not thinking about it. I mainly deal with people on technology sites now.

          13. Tim says:

            Have not though about any of that stuff for a year. I still news on newsone but I rarely comment.

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            Wow, Yall called her…damn! Still I would like to read some of this. So what lead up to this coversation/need to confront her in the first place. I been knew who she and it seemed as if a lot of Yall were defending her, so I said he’ll with it. What I am getting at her is why the change…you can talk on kik for android if you have it installed on your phone. My I’d is Timsomor. I am interested in hearing more now. Plus, I like this guy’s tech site and don’t want to keep talking about a subject totally off topic. Have to give it to Marcus also.

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          21. EJErica says:

            It’s not that, I’m not home and on my phone and I have messenger downloaded on my phone. I can’t seem to download anything from my App Store on my iphone. It keeps saying my account needs updating but my info is correct.

          22. Tim says:

            Seriously, you gone bring up iPhone in an Galaxy S5 post!!!! Can’t believe this….lol. see if you have software updates for the phone itself. This is a S5 post, I am sending a fax right now on my phone while typing this response. Hahaha. ..just kidding. But I really am faxing and typing at the same time.

          23. EJErica says:

            Well, you do have a point! Lol. I tell you about all if these smart phones…..the reason I even went to the Iphone was because when I had the Samsung Galaxy that was current at the Time 2 yes ago, just having it for a year it went on the brink, and for the last 3 Samsungs I purchased, they would only last me for about year so I decided to go with the Iphone. Not too much satisfaction with this either being that Apple keeps itself isolated and doesn’t like to play with other accessories unless they’re by Apple.

          24. Tim says:

            It also depends on the variant or model of the phone you buy. Not sure of what model you had but that does make a difference. Galaxy S4 or s5 are trouble free phones. Also the HTC an nexus 1 are pretty good as well. Also I buy my phones unlocked and international so that mosdef makes a difference not being tied too a carrier. Plus the phones are straight from the factory no carrier mods. This is a more expensive venture but the phones are completely yours! Also reading up on your buy, be it international or carrier based is important a short ebook about any device you purchase is important. I have good short ebooks about Android devices, next time you buy one I can send you one. Usually when people say brink that means they dropped or damaged their phones without having proper protection etc…not saying you damaged them on purpose. ..read my original post about this article and read what people are saying about how they damaged their devices in this post. Again, not saying you did but maybe. ..lol. don’t be afraid of tech you tell it what to do. Still, an iPhone would be my last choice based on compatibility.

          25. EJErica says:

            Thanks! This was very informative. I would tell you if I dropped or damaged them. They just stopped working on me, the HTC phone did as well. These were from 3 yrs to last yr so I don’t know if the most recent phones are any better.

          26. Tim says:

            Lol…see you telling on yourself hahaha. …..but if you even get kik I will Dropbox you that book on how to do anything with an Android phone. It sounds as if you might need a good reference manual. It very short and explains with pictures and good writing. Still all devices show signs of failure, TV’S the picture not so bright or won’t turn on, washer and dryer, one won’t clean well anymore or will miss or skip cycles, the roller insider will grind in dryers, smart phones are mini computers so the will react almost the same. If Phones are warm it’s the battery or cpu, can’t make good calls or hold good WiFi then your antennas are going bad……etc. Everything shows a sign of when it’s the end. HTC early phones were crappie and they knew it now with Samsung making good products out of the box companies are saying to themselves let’s stop screwing the consumer and start helping them like those guys. Look around your home as you read this, there is a Samsung product running most of you electronics or appliances right now! Sure it may not say Samsung but it’s there. In fact, if you are viewing this on your iPhone the screen technology, preccessors, several chips are made by Samsung or were once made by them. I have never seen a phone like this S5 it makes me think the terminator will be knocking on my do looking for me real soon or something like that….lol. Sorry to go all nerd on you be it’s me. Don’t respond to this we will debate/talk later. Later Ms.Ej

          27. EJErica says:

            I had to respond when I read how you went on about Samsung. I love my Samsung television and stainless steel fridge. After comparing flat screens, I felt that a Samsung was the best(I purchased the fridge because of a nice markdown on it but was very surprised at how efficient it runs).
            I’m going to definitely consider going back to a Samsung phone. Thanks again. 🙂

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            ROTFL. You are a trip for that comment. I mean that in a good way. ;). I definitely respect your wit, humor, and wisdom on many subjects Dear.

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            Goodnight Dandelion. Enjoy your Night Dear Sister. You know that I care about you and I respect.


          43. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

            The topic is interesting. Technology is very cool! 🙂

            I had to one up you 😉 LOL.

          44. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

            Goodnight Sister Erica. 🙂

            Keep on showing your views and Bless You.

          45. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

            You’re Welcome Sister Erica.

            I heard of the documentary before, but I have not looked at all of it before. I do recommend it since many people don’t know about the peonage oppression against our people.

          46. EJErica says:

            I know just from my college years and finding info on my own. But it is always interesting to see a different directional footage about it.

          47. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

            I knew of this history recently too. In this generation, people want to use advanced mutlimedia as a means for human beings to convey truths. That documentary certainly has people talking.

          48. clarke 2.0 says:

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  9. al ramos says:

    I have the same problem, two weeks after purchasing Galaxy5 I unplugged the phone and the flap came off . Now would that be cover under the year warranty or is it consider wear and tear? We would have to wait and see what Samsung is planning to do.

  10. meemoo752 says:

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone had an issue with the flap. When I first bought mine I noticed that it might become a problem if I wasn’t VERY careful with it. So I am-so far so good. The issue I have is something another poster described… Overheating. When I am using Google maps and the built-in GPS to help get me to a destination the phone gets very warm, almost hot. Also, sometimes out of nowhere it starts getting hot. I have to restart it and it instantly cools down. I think these phone manufacturers try pumping out new phones before they are fully tested, especially by normal (or not so normal-whatever that means) users. Then we’re left to deal with these types of problems.

    1. es2pido says:

      I totally agree with the overheating. And im a power sns user (i practically tweet in hundreds and play high end games on my phone) . It was never an issue on my iphone.

  11. es2pido says:

    The first time i saw the flap and used my fingernail on it, i instantly realized that it’s not the sturdiest piece in the entire device. Unfortunately, that lil thing is crucial for water resistance (why didnt they build the usb as water resistant while the audio jack did). So i have been extreeeeemely careful whenever i flip that thing off. Imagine the agony of being extremely slow when i scrape that cover off like 2-3 times a day.

    2 months, it’s not yet broken. But i know it will give itself up soon despite my measures.

  12. dave says:

    Mine didn’t break off but wont shut. The grasp has worn flat after just 3 weeks, rendering the phone unwaterproof as I only purchased this phone for the waterproof ability then I’ve wasted a hell of a lot of cash

  13. Tina Power says:

    Yes I had the same problem with my S5 . The port cover snapped off less than three weeks after I bought the phone and I was being careful with it .

  14. David Green says:

    THe flap fell of my phone on day 3. No real pressure I just opened to charge was advised to take to my nearest samsung repair centre fir a quick and easy fix….neareSt seemed to be over 125 miles away! A bit of diy and superglue later it feels sturdier than ever!

  15. Justyn Pryce says:

    This flap has always made me a bit nervous and I stoppped using a charging dock as I was worried it would break. I chose a wireless charging solution in the end. The feel of this flap does not fill you with confidence and I can see a lot more people having this issue over the coming month’s. It feels weak and very flimsy.

  16. Elizabeth Castro says:

    Yeah, this wimpy flap has me So paranoid! I’ve had the phone for a month and it seems like it’s losing it’s grip. Not sure how much longer it is going to last. But I’m going to be pretty mad if it breaks off and there is some stupid warranty issue.

  17. astapelman says:

    I’m on my second phone after a few weeks. The flap didn’t stay closed because the little black tab on the underside of the cover had a tiny lip that broke off so the cover wouldn’t stay shut. Eventually the entire black tab totally broke off rendering the phone not water resistant. I’m now very careful to the point of paranoia every time I open and close the cover. Very poor design for a phone in this class.

  18. nisha says:

    I’ve had My gs5 for almost 3 weeks and mine broke off two days ago! Never dropped My phone;have a case on phone I’m very careful with My phone so this piece breaking off wasn’t a act of me neglecting My phone! It JUST FELL OFF ON IT’S OWN NOW MY PHONE IS NO LONGER WATER PROOF

  19. Aaron says:

    Waterproof? What a joke. I’ve watched a galaxy s5 go swimming at the BOTTOM OF A 3 FOOT POOL. My s5 sat in less than an inch of water for just a second and my motherboard got wet and shorted out. Which means that the phone will not work whatsoever. I can testify to poor build quality of Samsung’s best device. It is by far the best phone out. But they need to back up what they advertise in case of a factory defect like this. Now I’m waiting on Samsung to release parts so mine can be fixed. Great phone. Great company. EXTREMELY poor customer service.

  20. Phillip Creek says:

    My wife’s S5 waterproof flap broke off of her phone about a week ago, all she was doing was opening it to charge her phone and it broke off. We have had our S5s for about 2 months

  21. Shawn Dent says:

    Sweet!!! So I’m not the lone wolf after all!! Mine broke off after the first week of purchase. I’ve been calling Verizon and Samsung over the past two months and they seemed totally baffled. Stating this issue is totally uncommon so when I asked them to repair or replace it they only stated that since has not been determined to be a factory defect, they recommend that I file an insurance claim! Really??? After I just spent $200.00 on this phone. Don’t get me wrong! I really love the phone and had no desire to get a replacement because it it too much of a hassle cleaning off your old phone and reloading a new one. I just wanted it fixed!!

  22. Meridith Hatch says:

    Mine broke last month at 2 months two weeks old, while just opening it to plug it in. AT&T warranty will only replace it with a refurbished phone with a 90 warranty, yet I have to keep paying on the phone as if it’s still new. Nothing they can do at the local store. Ridiculous. AT&T stinks, Samsung stinks–the phone is not as advertised.

  23. Mazii says:

    My husband and I got our S5 phones the same day. My charger cover piece broke within 4 weeks, his within 7 weeks. From what I’ve seen others saying on various sites, it’s not worth it to try to get it fixed or replaced. I just ordered a replacement part from China, so we’ll see how that works.

    It just makes me mad when I see the tv commercials for the S5 about how it’s water proof. I usually end up yelling at the tv, lol.

  24. Mazii says:

    Also, I seem to see this issue with the white phones only. Could that be true, or are people having this problem with the black phones too?

    1. Sandy says:

      Mine is a black one. When you consider that the “colour” is just the plastic back that snaps on or off, the rest of the phone is the same!!

  25. Alyssagojo says:

    I have had the same damage occur on my new Galaxy S5 as well. It is less than 90 days old; I take very good care of my phone. It was even in an Otter case and the only charger used on it was the one it came with. Other than an issue by manufacturer there is NO reason this should have happened to my phone. Also my phone gets extremely hot frequently. I have taken it out of the case to see if that eliminates it or helps and makes no difference. Is anyone else experiencing this as well?

  26. Sorry to the writer of this great post, I never meant for this too turn into “Peyton Place, 90210, or a rejected showing of catfish,” but these people tracked me down because they miss my commentary even if they don’t admit it!

    Again good article on the S5 super phone! Also please stop saying it fell off or broke off. just say you broke it…..(referring to the tech article it self). That was for other posting talking about the tech article.

  27. Teexi says:

    can I ask how you guys open the charger flap on the bottom of your phone. its the most difficult thing to open ever, thus me using something to prise it open – only for the flap to now fall off after it being only 2 mths old!

  28. I’m extremely careful with my smartphones. I used a Galaxy S2 for over 2 years before I dropped it in water and it still works (after replacing battery)! Now I have had this phone for 2 months and the port flap isn’t broken it is just protruding thus, not water-resistant. Samsung has had these rubber ports before Apple came out with the iPhone, it is an old design. The purpose was to keep from losing the flap or “cover.” But with the water-resistance – I don’t think that should fly! Has anyone successfully got a new phone replacement because of the flap?

  29. Jogi Gomco says:

    I bought my s5 2 months ago ..the build quality it terrible ..the side plastic crome is chipping off . The battery charger flap broke off ..the phone feels of very poor quality ..and considering the money i paid for it !! Its not fair at all ..i feel cheated .. samsung ..i hope youre reading this ..p.s. ..im a doctor ..no rough use

  30. fifiB says:

    Mine just disappeared a few days ago and I found it under the alarm clock this morning?? It did fall off as I didn’t put it there and would not be using the phone when charging. It is only on the bedside locker at night. Only have my phone a few months so very disappointing !

  31. Kim says:

    I had my phone for about 6mths and it’s gold. At first my tab got loose and wouldn’t stay closed, then it just snapped off. I opened the tab to insert the charger and it just came off.

  32. Kayleigh Scott says:

    I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy s5 for 5 months now and my usb port cover has just snapped off. I haven’t dropped it or anything, I just opened it and it fell off. I’m quite disappointed really because I haven’t had any issues what so ever and actually really like the phone, however this is a bit of a let down.

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