iOS 8 beta 3 release date in 2 days


Today, we just want to remind our readers about the iOS 8 beta 3 release date expected in 2 days time on July 8. Some developers might have expected the latest download earlier this week, although it didn’t go live with the normal 2 weekly release pattern and instead will be available after 3 weeks.

The above iOS 8 beta 3 date is still speculation following information from insiders. There’s one reason you should count on the above timeframe, and this is the fact that the prediction was proven correct when last Tuesday passed without beta 3 making an appearance in the Developer Portal.

What bugs need fixing with iOS 8 beta 3? Apple explained they had over 9 million developers at WWDC 2014 and if you’re one of these developers, what do you want to see fixed with the next preview build of iOS? Also, we know there’s a lot of public users getting access one way or another to the preview builds and if this is you feel free to list what needs changing before the public release in September.

During our tests we’ve experienced a lot of crashing and freezing, so it’s hoped this will be fixed when using native apps like Photos and Safari.

The screenshot below is from the iOS Dev Center just moments ago that reveals beta 2 is still the current download for iPhone and iPad. We’ll be sure to update Phones Review readers when the next update is live in the Dev Center, and of course publish any changes to the release notes.

Earlier today we published details about another update coming to iOS 7 before the next major software upgrade. You can expect to see iOS 7.1.3 during July at some point.

Update: iOS 8 beta 3 is now live a day earlier than we thought.


7 thoughts on “iOS 8 beta 3 release date in 2 days”

  1. Sam says:

    I’ve had a lot of crashing in Safari as well, this really needs fixing in beta 3. My iMessages freeze a lot and I hope this improves with the next iOS 8 beta release.

  2. DR234 says:

    Beta 1 & 2 haven’t been bad. Most annoying things are opening links that switch apps like an app to safari or Safari to YouTube app always crashes when I get to the second app. Also now on beta 2 iMessage and FaceTime keeps shutting off. Siri has been popping up as Voice a Control about 50% of the time. Then lastly in beta 2 the iCloud backup is down, I believe since their wiping cloud kit tomorrow so people are able to backup before beta 3. The bugs don’t bother me though because it’s beta and expected. Then when it will work in the future I can appreciate it more!

  3. Icrackyouridevice says:

    The only bugs I have seen in beta 2 is sometimes my keyboard will kinda come up from the bottom screen even at the home page at the very very bottom and when I lock and unlock my device some times it will take a few extra minutes to turn on spotlight search is buggy of course it’s a new feature other then that and battery life it’s been really smooth

  4. Gleesh says:

    Battery life better. Major crashing with apps other than native apps. These apps crash when I attempt to use alternative keyboards. Crashes when I watch videos via photos app. In most apps my keyboard doesn’t even show up. Freezing then leads to crash.

  5. Michael Pyro says:

    When i send a imessage there are time that the keyboard would disappear and then i would have to close imessage and reopen. I also noticed that every time i send a imessage the message would get stuck saying sending even when it already sent the message. Aside from that and the basic app crashing it working really well

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