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We’ve seen endless runners galore over the past few years, but how many endless skating games have you played? Transworld Endless Skater is definitely the first one we’ve come across, and after spending some time grinding rails and kickflipping our way around campus, we’re back to give you the skinny on Endless Skater.

Transworld Endless Skater takes the lane-changing mechanic from endless runners and throws in grab tricks and grinds for good measure. You can switch to a different lane with a quick swipe on the bottom left side of the screen while the other three corners let you pull off grab tricks, flip tricks, and grinds. You can tilt your device to rotate your skater, but that’s about it for the controls. Nice and simple.endless skater screen

You’re given one stage and a generic skater to start, and you’ll run through the course while attempting to complete challenges against the clock. The more tricks you pull off successfully, the higher your score will be, and you’ll need the points if you want to rack up coins at the end of your run. Once you get the hang of things, it isn’t hard to break off a 2-3 minute run, but you’ll end up face-first more often than not starting out.

There are six skaters in TES, and each skater has their own set of challenges to tackle. Some of them are pretty darned tough, and you can skip a challenge for cash, but it’s not cheap. Actually, nothing is cheap in Transworld Endless Skater, as you’ll have to pay to unlock the skaters, boost your stats, buy powerups or access the additional level. endless skater android

Good skateboarding games are few and far between on mobiles, and even with its hefty dose of IAP’s Transworld Endless Skater is a fun little game that’s going to keep you busy for ages. The game is about as ‘freemium’ as you can get, but you can kill the ads or grab a bundle to improve things a bit. If you like what you see, it’s certainly worth a few bucks.

If you’re ready to grind and kickflip yourself into oblivion, head on over to the Play Store and pick up Transworld Endless Skater for free.

Transworld Endless Skating


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