HTC M9 design has quad speaker set up


The last two flagship smartphones from HTC has helped put the company back on the Android map again, with the latest model getting a lot of praise. Now today we have another HTC M9 design that has a quad speaker set up in its specs.

We have already seen a number of HTC M9 concept designs, and today’s one comes courtesy of Ross White, and features a 5-inch touchscreen display squeezed into a form factor that is smaller than the HTC M8 Mini.

This obviously means the device has virtually no bezels surrounding the display and as you can see the device has a quad front speaker set up. Also on the front between the speakers is a front facing camera for those selfies, and you would imagine the device to use the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with around 3GB of RAM.

There would also be expandable storage with the latest version of the Android operating system on board.

Do you like this design?

Source: Concept Phones.


5 thoughts on “HTC M9 design has quad speaker set up”

  1. bigbluejohn7 says:

    Not a fan of concepts but I do like this design! Glad to see that black HTC bar gone, and as an M7 user, enjoying the soft keys, I will get used to the on-screen buttons more quickly if this concept becomes a reality!

  2. Josh Cedeno says:

    Love this design… This is exactly what I was thinking for the M8 when I got my M7. Clean up the bezel and move the logo down… However, I never thought quad speakers, I always thought to use dual speakers on each end and do something similar to Bose’s wave system to not only split the sound between speaker holes but also amplify the sound a bit… Either way this is the perfect phone (at least from the front). Clean, minimal bezel, and centered camera. Perfect. Here’s hoping HTC does this!

  3. J Higgs says:

    this is, hands down, the best concept design for a new flagship! I was hoping the M8 would’ve been THIS, but that “HTC bar” is absolutely horrible. keep the logo, but move it out of the way. if a manufacturer made this phone now, even with an 801 chip and “only” 2gb of RAM, I’d buy it TODAY

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